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Nirahara Samyama Level -1

Date : Oct 07, 2012 - Oct 08, 2012
Location : Tiruvannamalai, Join through 2-way video Conferencing
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Contact : [email protected]


Within each human being lies the collective memory of the cosmos. Anything that has occurred in the universe is part of our potential. Because we carry the bio-memories of fish and birds, we also have the potential to swim and fly.

 The process to awaken this potential is called in Sanskrit as “NiraharaSamyama”.

 Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduces devotees to NiraharaSamyama, a yogic meditation whose benefits are numerous, being free from hunger and thirst being some of them.

 Niraharasamyama awakens our capability for absorbing all the nourishment we need from the air and light around us. Photosynthesis is only part of this process. Most of our energy comes from prana, the life force that infuses our surroundings, even the apparently "empty" space. As we learn to draw in our sustenance without consuming anything from outside, we release thousands of beliefs, ideas and engrams attached to eating and food. That is the true purpose of this yoga practice: to re-program our bio-memory and cleanse our inner space.


Date: 7th and 8th Oct' 2012


Register: send an email to [email protected]