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THE Nirahara Samyama - 21 days in the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Date : Oct 07, 2012 - Oct 27, 2012
Location : Tiruvannamalai
Registration :
Contact : [email protected]

Congratulations! Welcome to Nirahara Samyama THE LEVEL starting on Oct 7.

  • Explore and discover the extra ordinary possibilities in you. Experience the freedom from food and thousands of food related patterns.
  • Awaken your bio-memory to go beyond the need of food and water..
  • Get ready for break through health recoveries, energy, excitement and more that all that living in the presence of the Master, the Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda for 21 days.
  • Get your systems cleansed through Pancha Kriya, make your body more flexible through exciting Yoga sessions, explore your think through and actionable capacity and capability with a chance to work with Swamiji's 2012 projects and the most of all enjoy direct sessions with Swamiji and the powerful Energy Dharshans.


Get your bio memories awakened to the higher intelligence.

Become a Yogi, Niraharee and Walk out like a God on planet earth.


Eligibility: Should have successfully completed 2 days of first level, 7 days of second level and 11 days of third level Nirahara samyama. Current Nirahara Samyama batches can make advance booking.



1. Please get your medical check up for the below mentioned tests and bring your Medical reports on your arrival to the Ashram

            Pre-Requisites :
            12 Hours fasting before going for test
            Blood :
            Complete Haemogram/CBC
            Peripheral Smear
            Lipid Profile
            Liver Function Tests
            T3, T4, TSH
            Iron Level
            TIBC (total Iron binding capacity)
            Ferritin Level
            Vitamin D3 Level
            Vitamin B12 Level
            Folate Level
            Urine – Protein, Sugar, Microscopy
            Ultrasonography – Abdomen

2. Please bring the following things along with you
            a. Your laptop (if you have one)
            b. Panchakriya set (enema, eye cleansing cup, nethi pot and the tubes for nose cleansing). They are also available for sale in eN-Store in Ashram
            c. Guru Pooja Set (Also available for sale in the Galleria)
            d. Yoga mats
            e. Prayer wheel
            f. Comfortable clothes for Yoga

3. Dress Codes: All THE samyama participants are required to follow the below dress code during their stay in the ashram:
            - Women wear White saree (shades of white, cream ok, any texture is ok, color blouse ok)
            - Men to wear dhoti in the style of Yoga vastram and Deva kacham (like how brahmacharis wear).

              If you don't know how to wear, you will be taught in the ashram. Come prepared with saree / dhoti

4.  Accommodation in dormitory is charged Rs.500 per night per person. Payment for 21 days has to be made at the Welcome center on the day of your arrival to the ashram.

Room accommodation can be given based on availability (after accommodating all IA participants). Will know exact availability only on or after 8th october.  You can decide to shift to room at that time. Kindly enquire at the welcome center. Cost of room accommodation per person is Rs.1000/- per day. 

5. Laundry service is available charged at Rs.10 per cloth. 

6.  Please fill in the travel planner for us to know when to expect you in the ashram (especially if you are coming at odd hours).

If you need taxi to ashram, go to the 'Meru Taxi' counter and give them the ashram address. They should bring you to ashram. Cost will be less than 1600 rupees(Indian currency)


"There is no airport pickup facility for THE samyama participants."

7. If you are carrying foreign passport, please bring 5 copies of the passport photocopy with you.

You will be assigned to different 2012 projects to work on during your stay in the ashram. Please fill in the below form to let us know your volunteer work preference and your skill set.

Kindly fill your details in the following link

~~~[][]~~~ Fasten your seat belts for a remarkable journey of your lifetime ~~~[][]~~~



Please fill in the registration form in order to participate in THE Nirahara Samyama

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