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THE Nirahara Samyama - 21 days in the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Swami will be initiating 3rd batch, 1st level Nirahara Samyama.
Date : Aug 21, 2012 - Sep 10, 2012
Location : The Samyama in Sterling Valley View Resort, Kodaikanal
Registration :
Contact : [email protected], [email protected]

THE Nirahara Samyama


Awaken your bio-memory to go beyond the need of food and water. Spend 21 days in the physical presence of The Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Also break all food related patterns in the presence of Swamiji.


Eligibility: Should have successfully completed 2 days of first level, 7 days of second level and 11 days of third level Nirahara samyama. Second batch can make advance booking.




Dates: Aug 21 2012 to Sep 10 2012


Venue: Sterling Holidays Valley View Resort, Kodaikanal


Address: 75, Pallangi Road, Attuvampatti, Kodaikanal 624101


Syed Abbas: 07373055501


For more details contact[email protected]


Swami will be initiating 3rd batch1st level Nirahara Samyama.


How to Register: Submit your request along with the details using the link


Accomodation Details:

1. Sterling Holidays Valley View (Same Resort where Inner Awakening is happening)

Rs. 900/- per day on a triple sharing room

Rs. 1000/- per day on a double sharing room


Juice/Buttermilk/soup will be provided for THE samyama participants.

Laundry included in the room rates

Heater available in the room

Towels will be available in the room.


If you want to opt for food, Cost of (3 meals + 2 snacks) per day is Rs. 480/-

Payments for accommodation in Sterling Holidays Valley View can be made online. Details for online payment can be obtained by sending a mail to [email protected]


2. Green Roock, Kodaikanal (Low-cost option.)

Walking distance to Sterling Valley View resort.



Cost per person per night (3 ppl /room)

Cost per person per night (2 ppl in a room)

No. of rooms available

Royal suite

2 bed rooms + 1 living room

upto 6 people can stay in this room

Rs. 300

Rs. 400


11 (Totally 22 bedrooms)

Deluxe cottage

1 bed rooms + 1 living room

2/3 people per room

Rs. 250

Rs. 350


Deluxe room

1 bed room

2/3 people per room

Rs. 250

Rs. 350



Food and laundry had to be paid separately

Hot water is available.

Room heater is not available.

No laundry available in the resort. Dry cleaners take the clothes to Dindigul and dry clean it. The clothes will be dispatched after two days.


Pant & Shirt-Rs.55/- for a day
Saree-Rs.45/- for a day
Chudi-Rs.65/- for a day
Inners per piece-Rs.20 for a day.

Restaurant is available in the resort itself.
Tariff for the 21 days stay to be paid while booking itself.

The payment of each and every person has to be informed to the head office Green Roock Resorts(P)Ltd through email [email protected] or through the telephone number 9962619777/26262777.

Bank Name: IDBI
Branch: Anna Nagar
A/C No: 0777102000000240
A/C Name: Green Roock Resorts(P)Ltd

For further queries contact @9962619777/9962646777/26262777 

Bookings to the above two places are made in a first come first serve basis.

You can make your own arrangements for the accommodation as long as you are available for the THE samayama initiation every day. Volunteering activities for 2012 project will be available throughout the day.



Please fill in the registration form in order to participate in THE Nirahara Samyama

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