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Date : Apr 13, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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Tune your energies with the Cosmic change

April 13th of 2012 is the Vedic New Year’s day. On this day the Vedic New Year called “Nandana” is born. “Nandana” is one among the sixty names of years which the Vedic Hindu Astrology lists.

The Sun’s travel across the twelve zodiac signs create twelve months. Sun entering the first Vedic Zodiac sign – Mesha Rashi – is observed as the Vedic New Year’s day. This year on April 13th the Sun completes its one cycle of motion across the twelve zodiac signs and again enters the Mesha Rashi. On this day the Kali Yuga becomes 5113 years old.

In the Vedic tradition, time is always described to be circular. Time is depicted as Kala Chakra –the Wheel of Time.  In the Vedic Hindu Astrology, time is said to be ruled by the nine planets which are called the “Nava Grahas”.  The nine planets that rule our lives, that are responsible for all the happenings in our lives, take different positions and responsibilities as King, minister, etc and rule the Cosmos each year. Each planet possesses unique qualities and powers and is worshipped as a Deity in the Vedic tradition. When planets alter their positions and responsibilities in ruling the Kala Chakra, there is a drastic change in the energy levels and the course of happenings in the Cosmos, which in turn has a very significant impact on our lives.  

In order to minimize the negative effects and to maximize the positive effects of the new planetary energies and to tune ourselves with the new change that is going to happen in the Cosmic level, the nine planetary energies are propitiated by performing the Nava Graha Homa.

On April 13th a Nava Graha Homa will be conducted in the Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta’s Bidadi Ashram where the Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda lives physically.

Nava Graha Homa is a scared Vedic fire ritual that allows us to tune our lives with the planetary energies so that we experience an obstacle-free, positive and favourable year ahead. In the Nava Graha Homa each planetary energy is invoked in the Yantra, Kalasha (sacred water pot) and in the Homa Kunda (scared fire receptacle) and powerful Vedic chants to get the best out of each planet are chanted and oblations are offered into the sacred fire which is the medium through which the oblation reaches the planetary energies and the benefits reach those who offer the Homa.

When this Homa is done in the living place of an Avatar, all the planets bow down to the Avataric energy radiated in that place and deliver the best benefits of the Homa.

Benefits of Nava Graha Homa on Vedic New Year’s day:

·         Tune your energy levels in sync with the Cosmic energy

·         Have a favourable year ahead

·         Experience an obstacle-free life

·         Sow the seed  for a boom in your professional life

·         Have harmony in your family

·         Clear the blocks in your spiritual life

Now you can offer the  Nava Graha Homa and receive the benefits and eNrich your life and have a great, favourable and prosperous New Year.

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