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Taking You to The Next Level of Consciousness
Date : Dec 16, 2017 - Jan 09, 2018
Location : Bengaluru Aadheenam
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Contact : [email protected]

You Will Experience

State of Sadashiva Unclutched state, the Nirvikapa Samadhi – Complete Completion. What you call as the space of fulfillment – Purnatva.

Powers of Sadashiva Everything Sadasiva manifests is Powers, Shakti Extraordinary abilities like remote vision and body scanning.

Space of Sadashiva The software with which Sadashiva operates. He Himself uses the word for it - Agama.

Dimensions of the Universe Larger than what you know about life exists. Get introduced to other worlds and access those other dimensions.



[email protected] / Call: +91 080 2727 9999