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Date : Apr 20, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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The perfect way for protection from negativity

  • Are you struggling to break out of any pattern?
  • Are you stuck because of negative influence?
  • Are you awaiting a favorable verdict in any lawsuit?
  • Are you haunted by unknown fears?
  • Do you want a strong protection for your family from all negativities?
  • If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, then Karuppar Abhishekam and Puja is exactly the solution for you.

Karuppar is the guarding energy of Lord Shiva which destroys all our patterns, negative influences from our life and fills the space with Lord Shiva’s energy. Karuppar is the deity who is determined to establish honesty and authenticity in all human beings. He guards the noble and transforms the evil by teaching them a lesson.
Karuppar holds a huge sickle and a mace in His hands and has a white horse as His vehicle. With the sickle He destroys all our sufferings and protects us with His mace. His white horse stands for the speed with which He removes our suffering.

Karuppar is also called as Karuppanna Swami. He is worshipped as Karuppar in the South India and Kalabhairava in the North India.
In Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta ‘s Bidadi Ashram, under the 600-year old sacred banyan tree Karuppana Swami deity is installed by Swamiji. Every new moon night after all the pujas in the main shrine are over a special abhishekam and puja to Karuppar is done  as a mark of gratitude for protecting all of us.

The benefits of Karuppar Abhishekam and puja are:
  • Removal  all negative influence from our lives
  • Gives us a strong protection from all negativities
  • Removes all our patterns
  • Bestows success in all lawsuits
  • Removes  all fears

The next new moon day Karuppar Abhishekam will be performed on 20th of April
Now you can receive these benefits from wherever you are by offering Karuppar Abhishekam and Puja