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Inner Awakening Level -1

Date : Jul 01, 2013 - Jul 10, 2013
Location : Bidadi, Bangalore
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Contact : [email protected]

Inner Awakening Level 1 : 

Experience completion with yourself and with life resulting in better physical, mental and emotional health & transforming the way you relate with life and respond to life.


In this course you will:

1. Discover the root cause and root pattern of all suffering that exists in your life

2. Learn the secret formula to deal with any situation in your life with power

3. Be initiated into practice of the four fundamental truths of life that will empower you to deal with all aspects of your life with fulfilment - Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibitily and Enriching.


The program will include:

· Sessions on the 4 tatvas : Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enlightenment

· working on identifying and completing with your root thought patterns which are the fundamental cause of any kind of suffering that exists in your life and which also form the basis of the way you relate to and respond to all aspects of your life

· Techniques to complete with yourself and with others - Sva-poornatva and Poornatva kriyas which will connect you to a deep space of completion and empower you to live your life with power and spontaneity.

· eNRelationships- Rediscover the joy of relationships

· Every day darshan for 10 days (if you are physically in Bidadi)

· One question answered per participant during Akashik reading - Kalabhairava darshan (if you are doing the program online)


Program dates: jul 1 - jul 21



10am - 10pm IST


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