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Guru Purnima 2016

Date : Jul 19, 2016
Location : Bangalore Aadheenam, Bidadi
Registration :
Contact : mailto:[email protected] / +91 80 2727 9999


Gurupurnima Schedule


9.00 am* - Welcoming His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda at Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple


9:30 am - Pratyaksha Padapuja with Maha Mangala Pancha Arati


10:30 am - Guru Purnima special Satsang by His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda


11:30 am - Thulabharam






*Kalpataru Darshan


*Maha Rudrabhishekam



*Chariot & Palanquin Procession to Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple


*The culmination of the  Guru Homa at the Temple Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple

        ** Devotees offering Rudrabhishekam are requested to gather at Vaidya Sarovar by 4 pm

        * Devotees are requested to gather at the location at least 30 mins before each event. Start timeing of events will be followed by previous event.





What is Bhiksha?  

Why do we offer Bhiksha to the Master?  

Bhiksha is a disciples offering to the Guru. It may be anything - flowers, fruits, money, rice, sponsoring for ashram activities, offering puja, precious items, anything…. The material gifts one gives are symbolic of the 'ahamkara' (ego) of the disciple; which is the only thing the guru asks for - the limited identity of the disciple, so he may leave it behind and grow into the limitlessness of the Supreme.

But how many know the way?

In the external act of placing what one considers important to oneself at the guru's feet, one gives a bit of oneself to a Higher Source. In giving one feels lighter within, less limited. Those whose identities center around their wealth, keep money before him. Those who identify with their emotional selves give him their tears, those who identify themselves as being ritualistic perform the rites as in the shastras. Everyone gives a bit of themselves in the external act of Guru Bhiksha. 

This is the only day the Master accepts anything that’s given to him! This simple act of giving is said to burn many lives of accumulated karma. Just like sunlight can burn a piece of paper if we place a magnifying glass in front of it, ones karmas can get burnt away in the presence of an enlightened master who is the bridge between you and the universal consciousness that we all call God! 

Offer to the Master and be blessed It is said that whatever we offer to the Divine comes back to us a thousandfold. Guru Poornima is the most auspicious occasion to make an offering and receive the blessings of the master.


Pratyaksha Pada Puja 
offering gratitude at the feet of the Master 
PADA PUJA is an ancient Vedic ceremony of offering to the Guru. "Pratyaksha" mean "in the presence of", and hence "Pratyaksha Pada Puja" is a very special puja done in the physical presence of the Guru. When done in his physical presence the power of the puja is amplified - the participant is in tune, and mirrors the inner space of the master - burning karmas and making the experience of Advaita palpably stronger.  



    • Spend 21 minutes in the space of the Guru 
    • Deeply experience the space of Advaita (Oneness)
    • Be showered with Divine love and blessings
    • Dissolve incompletions and karmas of lifetimes
    • An opportunity to directly talk to Swamiji and express your gratitude


You can offer the Pratyaksa Pada Puja

at the Bangalore ashram, India by 

  • contacting: +91-7022031773 

or email: [email protected]





                                     Guru Mantra Deeksha

           Directly from the living representative of Adi Guru Sadha Shiva


Receiving the Guru Mantra Deeksha from a living enlightened master is equivalent to doing Japas for 40 Janmas. It also breaks the cycle of birth and death. It will help everyone to live prosperous life and express Siddhi, manifesting the powers.



Kalpataru Darshan

Manifest your desires with Master's Initiation

Kalpataru Darshan initiates you into the science and energy of possibility. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to make anything you want as reality in your life, lighting the fire of possibility and creation. Once lit by an Enlightened Master, your fire of possibility will burn forever.


When an Enlightened Master directly transmits the experience of truth, it is called initiation. When the Truth is experientially transmitted, you can straightaway have a powerful spiritual experience that is beyond logic. Nithya Kaptaru Darshan is nothing but awakening that fire in you – remembering the truth of possibility and ejecting impossibility from you.




Offer Bhiksha Online
The only day the Master unconditionally accepts anything given with gratitude

BHIKSHA- An Offering of Gratitude This is the only day the Master unconditionally accepts anything that’s given to him! Bhiksha is an offering of gratitude to the Guru. It may be anything - flowers, fruits, rice, money, puja - anything offered with devotion. The material gifts one gives are symbolic of the 'ahamkara' (ego) of the disciple which is the only thing the guru asks for - the limited identity of the disciple - so he may leave it behind and grow into the limitlessness of the Supreme!

When it is offered directly to the enlightened guru, it will help liberate you from karmas and negative patterns that are blocking your success in this life.