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Ganesha Chaturthi Brahmotsavam

Date : Aug 23, 2011 - Sep 01, 2011
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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Tap the Kundalini at its source!!!


What is Ganesha  Chaturthi  Brahmotsavam?

Ganesha Chaturthi Brahmotsavam is the celestial celebrations of the avataric birth day of Lord Ganesha. This day falls every year on the fourth day from the new moon day of the Bhadrapada month of Vedic  lunar calendar which usually falls on August-September months.

This year Ganesha Chaturthi falls on the 1st of September. The Brahmotsava begins by hoisting of Mushika flag by Paramahamasa Nithyananda on 23rd of Aug and culminates on Ganesha Chaturthi.

It is the time when the consciousness and energy of Ganesha can be tapped in the best way. It is also the time when the Kundalini energy can be harnessed unalloyed at its source.

Schedule of ganeshaChaturthiBrahmotsavam




Ganesha on MushikaVahana – (Mouse Vehicle)


Ganesha on SimhaVahana – (Lion Vehicle)


Ganesha on HamsaVahana – (Swan Vehicle)


Ganesha on IndraVimana – (Plane of Indra)


Ganesha on RishabhaVahana – (Bull Vahana)


GajamukhasuraVadha – (Destruction of Gajamukha)


Abhisheka(Sacred Bath) and Ganesha on MayuraVahana – (Peacock Vahana)


Ganesha on Naga Vahana – (Serpent Vehicle)


Rathotsavam – (Car Festival)


GaneshaChaturthiMahaGanapathyHoma and Teerthavari (Float festival)


Name of the Offering

Offering Amount

SahasranamaArchana (Daily)

100 USD

Ganapathy Upanishad Parayana (Daily)

50 USD

MahaGanapathyHoma (on Ganesha Chaturthi day Sep 1st)

400 USD

GajamukhasuraVadha (on 28th Aug)

150 USD

Abhisheka – (on 29th Aug)

300 USD

Mantra PushpaSeva (Daily)

250 USD


**The above offerings are donations for the conduct of the Homa/puja. The names of the sponsors will be recited at the commencement of the homa/puja

Who is Lord Ganesha?

The legend of Ganesha:

Ganesha is the elephant-faced god of Vedic tradition. He is the son of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. Once Devi Parvati – the Cosmic Mother - decided to have a personal bodyguard for Her. She made a ball of sandal paste and did the PranaPratishtha – installation of life energy to it. Immediately the ball became a small boy and He was named Ganesha.

Once Lord Ganesha was safeguarding the entrance of the chamber where Devi was taking her bath.At that time Shiva wanted to immediately meet Her. But Ganesha stopped Shiva from entering the chamber. Shiva got angry and immediately chopped the head of Ganesha.

Devi came out and got angry seeing Her son’s head chopped off. She urged Shiva to give back life to Ganesha. Shiva then sent Vishnu – the god of sustenance to find a suitable head for Ganesha. Vishnu gave Enlightenment to a white elephant and released it from its body. He brought the head of that elephant and Shiva – the Mrityunjaya – the conqueror of death,  fixed that elephant’s head on Ganesha’s body and gave life to Him.

Shiva blessed Ganesha that the latter shall be worshipped in the beginning of any new venture for destroying all obstacles and He would be referred to as the God of success.

Mystical expalantions about Ganesha:

In the school of Yoga, Muladhara chakra – the energy center in the root of the spine is the seat of Kundalini energy – the extraordinary potential energy in all human beings  through awakening which human beings experience success, mystical powers, leadership qualities, health, and above all Enlightening consciousness. The personification of this Muladhara energy is Lord Ganesha. The Agamas and Tantra shastras explain Lord Ganesha to be the Lord of Muladhara chakra – the seat of Kundalini.


How does Ganesha look like?

Ganesha has an elephant face with one tusk broken, a huge belly, four hands with pasha, ankusha (a noose and a goad), a bowl of modaka – sweet dish and an abhaya hasta – blessing hand. He has a mouse as his vehicle.

What is the significance of the form of Ganesha?

Last year Swamiji on the day of beginning of GaneshaChaturthiBrahmotsavam unraveled the sacred secrets about Ganesha. The following is the gist of Swamiji’sspeech:

“Ganesha is a powerful form of the Cosmos.The pasha on His left upper hand is the rope that does not allow thoughts to become engram. The ankusha  or the goad on His right upper hand is a small instrument to control a huge elephant. It represents “Unclutching”.Read More….With this ankusha even the thoughts are removed. His upper two arms represent His pure inner space.  When Vyasa wanted Ganesha’s to pen down the great epic Mahabharata that was overflowing through Vyasa, Ganesha did not find anything to use for writing. Immediately He broke one of His tusks and used it for penning down. The broken tusk represents spontaneous decision-making capacity, courage to sacrifice for the cause. The modaka – sweet balls on His left lower hand represent that life will be sweet if the above mentioned qualities are there. His elephant face represents extraordinary awareness and sensitivity (elephant has an extraordinary power of sight and smell). His pot belly represents the whole Cosmos. Indeed He is Cosmic intelligence. The mouse represents playfulness. The cobra on His waist represents He is the source of the Kundalini energy.”

How can I harness the Kundalini energy at its source during this GaneshaChaturthiBrahmotsavam?

The Vedic Tradition has some specially designed formulae for tapping the Kundalini energy at its source.  There are special rituals which when done in the presence of an Enlightened Master in an energy field – Kshetra opens all possible gates to experience prosperity, success, health, healing in relationships by tapping the Kundalini energy at its source. Read More…..

These rituals are performed by trained and ordained priests in the energy field in the presence of a rare living incarnation – Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Through these rituals, intense energy is released into the Cosmos. In order to tap this energy into you and experience prosperity, success, health, healing in relationships and Enlightened consciousness, you can offer these rituals. If you offer for any homa/puja (as given in the list), the names of all your family members will be chanted in the Sankalpa mantra – the mantra for conscious resolution to transfer the benefits of the rituals to your family.

Indeed this is a rare gift that you can give yourself and your family….

What are the rituals that I can offer and gift them to me and my family?

You can offer SahasranamaArchana for Ganesha, MahaGanapathyHoma, Ganapathy Upanishad parayana, Gajamukhasuravadha, Abhisheka and Mantra pushaseva to Ganesha.

What are these rituals? What is the difference in them? And what is the benefit that I gain out of it?

SAHASRANAMA ARCHANA (for power of intuition)Read More….

Sahasranama means thousand names. In the SahasranamaArchana the thousand names of Ganesha will be chanted and the puja will be done to Ganesha.

How is this SahasranamaArchana special?

The Vedic scriptures say that your bio-memory imbibes that particular Enlightening aspect of God when the worship to God is done with a specific aspect of Enlightenment. The devotee and His family who offer this will start experiencing the thousand aspects of Enlightenment which shall fulfill all their desires.

Benefits Increased intelligence, awakening of the power of intuition, the ability to convince people with your ideas apart from health, prosperity, leadership qualities and Enlightened consciousness.

MAHA GANAPATHY HOMA (for mystical and spiritual powers) READ more….

MahaGanapathyHoma is a fire meditation. The energy of Ganesha is invoked in the sacred fire and powerful mantras are chanted and oblations are offered into the fire to awaken the Kundalini energy.

How is MahaGanapathyHoma special?

Homas work in our system in the fastest possible way because the fire into which the oblations are offered directly kindles the fire of Muladhara which when awakened awakens the Kundalini energy. The awakened Kundalinienergy  itself has the power to paint your life the way you really want. With each single offering of oblation the possibility for you to experience all the aspects of Enlightenment which range from the basic need of health and wealth to extraordinary spiritual and mystical powers,  is opened.

BenefitsMystical and spiritual powers, intense Kundalini awakening, success in the desired domain of life, apart from health, prosperity, leadership qualities and Enlightened consciousness.

GANAPATHY UPANISHAD PARAYANA (for intense clairvoyance) READ More…

Ganapathy atharvashira Upanishad aka Ganapathy Upanishad is the most loved chant by Ganesha. Chanting of this in a puja is called parayana.

How is theGanapathy Upanishad Parayana special?

When the ordained priest of Nithyananda order chants the Ganapathy Upanishad, the vibrations of the same travel through the ether – the akashik way and reach your Vishuddhi chakra – the throat center.

BenefitsIntense clairvoyance required to take crucial decisions especially in business and stock marketing, the awakening of Vaak Siddhi i.e., whatever you tell comes true, apart from health, prosperity, leadership qualities and Enlightened consciousness.

GAJAMUKHASURA VADHA (for destruction of negativity) read more….

A demon named Gajamukhaonce tortured all people. Ganesha out of sheer compassion destroyed him and turned people’s misery into happiness. Vadha means destruction. Depicting this leela – Divine play of Ganesha, the Gajamukhasura Vadha will be reenacted on the sixth day of Ganesha Chaturthi Brahmotsavam.

How is the GajamukhasuraVadha special?

Lord Krishna in the Bhagawadgita says, “Whenever there is a decline in the positive energy, I manifest myself to destroy negativity and restore positivity. “ When Swamiji hoists the flag of Ganesha Chaturthi , He brings  the energy of Ganesha down to the earth. So Ganesha destroys the negative energies in your family members’ life when the GajamukhasuraVadha is offered  in your name.

BenefitsDestruction of all negative forces in your life, Removal of black magic and evil forces apart from health, prosperity, leadership qualities and Enlightened consciousness.

ABHISHEKA(for favourable benefits from all nine planets)u Read More….

Abhisheka is the offering of sacred bath to Ganesha. This Scared bath is offered with 16 different materials along with chanting of Vedic mantras.

How is the Abhisheka special?

In the Vedic tradition all the scriptures proclaim the greatness of abhisheka. It is because the Deity is nothing other than the Cosmos. Offering Abhisheka to a Deity cools down all the planents whose position in the space affect our lives.

Benefits – Navagraha Shanti – Nullifying the negative energy radiated by any planet because of its planetary position and for making all nine planets favourable for you. Navagraha Shanti clears almost all problems for which you are searching a solution. Apart from this the intense Kundalini awakening happens.

MANTRA PUSHPA SEVA :(For harmonious relationships)Read More….

Mantra PushaSeva is the offering of beautiful colorful flowers and floral garlands along with chanting of powerful Vedic mantras.

How is Mantra PushpaSeva special?

Flowers represent sweetness and peace. In all the rituals flowers are a basic necessity. Offering the flowers with powerful Vedic mantras bestows sweetness in all the relationships in life and family. The Muladhara Chakra the personification of which is Ganesha gets locked due to fantasies and also relationships breakdown only due to our fantasies about our partner and life. This Seva cleanses the Muladhara and dispels the darkness of fantasies and gives a clear picture of reality thereby healing all relationships.

BenefitsHealing of relationships, Sweet harmonious relationship in family apart from health, prosperity, leadership qualities and Enlightened consciousness.