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Fortune Webinar

Worldwide Webinar - Global timings to be published
Date : Jun 21, 2014 - Jun 22, 2014
Location : Online
Registration :
Contact : [email protected]


If you’ve ever wanted to create wealth while doing what you LOVE to do? Then this webinar is for you.


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June 21st / 22nd, 2014
Join this FREE Live Webinar and Guided Meditation, conducted personally by Swami Nithyananda to help you rewrite your financial destiny.

In this FREE webinar Nithyananda will focus on:

  • Rewriting your fortune and financial future to make it as you want
  • How to create abundance in your inner AND outer world
  • How to create a mentality of abundance
  • The role of action/inaction in creating wealth & abundance
  • Clearing myths about money that preventing you from attracting it
  • Understanding how society uses wrong ideas about money and wealth to control people

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For list of local center in a city near you. Click here to get Satsang Center locations & contact details


Rewrite Your Fortune

Webinar with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

(telecast at 2 different times as below)



1 – If you are watching from the Americas, or from Europe

 Your telecast Starts in ..



If you are from Americas or Europe; Please see below for telecast timings in your area:

London (United Kingdom – England)21-June-2014 (Saturday)06:00:00 PMBSTUTC+1 hour
Los Angeles (U.S.A. – California)21-June-2014 (Saturday)10:00:00 AMPDTUTC-7 hours
New York (U.S.A. -NY)21-June-2014 (Saturday)01:00:00 PMEDTUTC-4 hours
Paris (France)21-June-2014 (Saturday)07:00:00 PMCESTUTC+2 hours
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil – Rio de Janeiro)21-June-2014 (Saturday)02:00:00 PMBRTUTC-3 hours


2 – Timings for telecast in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia:


If you are from India, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia or Australia; Please see below for telecast timings in your area:

Bangalore (India – Karnataka)22-June-2014 (Sunday)8:30:00 AMISTUTC+5:30 hours
Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) & Singapore22-June-2014 (Sunday)11:00:00 AMMYTUTC+8 hours
Sydney (Australia – New South Wales)22-June-2014 (Sunday)01:00:00 PMAESTUTC + 10.00 hours