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Auspicious CHITRA POURNAMI full-moon day celebrations in Swamiji's birthplace - Arunachala

Date : May 04, 2015 - May 05, 2015
Location : Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam
Registration :
Contact : Phone: +91 94 98 028199


Invitation to auspicious full-moon day celebrations in Swamiji's birthplace - Arunachala



The holy city of Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai) is a powerful energy field, and home to thousands of yogis and enlightened masters. It is also the birthplace of our beloved Swamiji.

It is the historic spot where Shiva assumed the form of a huge light shaft , to give enlightenment to the gods Vishnu and Brahma and bless them with the experience of the ultimate consciousness, Shivoham.

This is also the place where Shiva appeared for Devi and blessed her with the space of Advaita with Himself.

Every full moon day, thousands of seekers, saints and devotees gather to circumambulate Arunachala and offer their worship to Lord Shiva.

The next full-moon on 4th may 2015 is CHITRA POURNAMI, a specially auspicious day when more than  Millions will visit Tiruvannamalai to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is also very special day for our sangha, as SWAMIJI'S BIRTH-STAR IS CHITRA, so on this particular full-moon day His energy will be expressing at its peak and showering blessings on all.

On this auspicious occasion, we will be offering ANNADAAN  (consecrated food served free to all) at the Tiruvannamalai ashram for 48 hours  continuously, day and night, serving lakhs of visitors..

All devotees / seekers are welcome to join us for the celebrations, and also to donate towards the annadaan, which is described by the scriptures as the highest form of charity which can dissolve many lifetimes of karmas.

For more information, call +91 94 98 028199 or mail [email protected]



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Maha Rudra Homa on this auspicious day

Rudra Homa is the sacred powerful way of prayer in which oblations are offered to the chant of Sri Rudra. Rudrabhisheka is the sacred bath to Lord Shiva – Nithyanandeshwara with many different items along with the chant of Sri Rudra.

Rudra Homa is performed to invoke the grace of Rudra, one of the many energies of Shiva. It is an ancient and powerful Vedic fire ritual for cleansing the system of all deep-rooted disorders.


Homa is a Vedic ritual which helps us connect to the fire element, one of the five major elements in Nature.

Homa is performed by lighting a sacred fire using certain selected sacred materials. The Cosmic energy is invoked in the homa fire through prayer and visualization. The fire is energized by the chanting of mantras, allowing the energy to spiral upward and outward into the surrounding environment. Performing a homa cleanses and rejuvenates the environment by allowing an abundant inflow of prana (life-force) into the atmosphere. The fire (agni) of the homa helps awaken the jataragni or inner fire present in each of us, which is responsible for proper digestion of food and dissemination of food energy. The siddha-ayurvedic herbs offered into the homa fire set off vibrations which directly reach our deeper energy layers. Interestingly, the smoke from a sacred homa can heal diseases like asthma which are categorized by a very low tolerance to atmospheric pollutants. The sacred ash from a homa acts as a repository of energy, and can heal a range of diseases when applied on the skin.

The human body has over 72,000 subtle energy channels known as nadis. The nadis are closely linked to the functioning of the nervous system. Negative energies can block the full flow of prana (life-force) in these nadis, resulting in many ‘incurable’ or so-called ‘karmic’ diseases, including nervous and mental disorders. When performed with devotion and awareness, the energy of Rudra Homa can directly penetrate our deepest energy layers, energize the nadis and flush out the negative samskaras (engraved memories) which influence our health and mental states. Most importantly, the high consciousness pervading the atmosphere in an energy field put us naturally into a meditative state. Mediation directly activates the self- healing mechanism of the body and acts as both a curative and a preventive remedy for disease. Meditation leads to unity with the creation and creator, and ultimately realizing the divinity within ourselves and the entire creation.

Please  call +91 94 98 028199 or mail [email protected] to find more details and register your name to be chanted during the Homa