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Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam

Date : Apr 07, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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DOORWAYTOALL POSSIBLE AUSPICIOUSNESS Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam To Swamiji’sUtsava Murthy 07 April 2012 Register for Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam
Swamiji's Utsav Murti decorated beautifully to mark the start of Nithyanandotsav

Chitra Nakshatra is the birth star of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Snapana tirumanjana is the special abhishekam  - SACRED BATH. On every  Chitra Nakshatra, Snapana tirumanjanam will be offered to Swamiji’s Utsava Murthy in the Nithyanandeshwara Temple. The Master is a living Kalpataru – the boon-giving tree. Master is constantly showering His choicest blessings on us and of course is always showering the energy to make our wishes a reality. It is actually we who need to receive the blessings of Master.
Feeling connection, the devotion, the love for the Master is the umbilical cord through which the energy showered by the Master is received by us. Only through this Cosmic umbilical cord, the wishes that we have, get power and become a reality in our lives. It is this feeling connection through which even the highest spiritual experience becomes possible. That is why strengthening the feeling connection with the Master becomes so much important.

Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam is a perfect, mystical-yet-direct way to receive all possible auspiciousness in life by  strengthening the feeling connection with the Master. Register for Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam

On Mar 11th 2012 – the day of Swamiji’s birth star – Chitra Nakshatra, a special sacred bath would be offered to Swamiji’s Utsava Murthy in the Bidadi Nithyanandeshwara Temple. Offering a sacred bath on this day can strengthen our feeling connection, relationship with the Master which is the single pipeline connection for all the auspiciousness that can happen in our lives.

Actually the Master does not expect anything from us to shower boons on us except our receptivity, our feeling connection with Him.  Chitra Nakshatra – Swamiji’s birth star - is the perfect time to reinforce the feeling connection with  the Master and open the DOOR TO ALL POSSIBLE AUSPICIOUSNESS.

    • Offer Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam!
    • Reinforce The Master-Disciple Relationship!!
    • Receive All Possible Auspiciousness!!!
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