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Bhogi celebrations 2012 and Sudarshana Homa

Date : Jan 14, 2012 - Jan 16, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram
Registration :
Contact : [email protected]
The schedule on Bhogi Jan 14
4am - Burning of old things

4 pm - Sudarshana Homa  

The schedule for Makara Sankaranti Jan 15
10 am - Pongal preaparation
1 pm - Surya Puja
11.30 - 5 pm - Abhishekam to Swayambhu Linga - open to all for free
The schedule on Ananda Nandi day Jan 16
3 pm - Mattu Pongal

1:30 pm - Chitra Nakshatra Abhisheka for Swamiji's Utsava Murthy

Register for Chitra Nakshatra Snapana Tirumanjanam
5.30 pm - Ananda Nandi Puja 

On Bhogi – the day of rejuvenation
14 Jan 2011

  • Do you want an over-flowing high energy in you?
  • Do you want to experience a boom in your business?
  • Do you want a perk in your career?
  • Do you want to hit upon break-through solutions to challenges in life?

If your answer is YES to any one of the above questions,
SUDARSHANA HOMA is exactly for you!!!

Sri Sudarshana Bhagawan in Srirangam temple

What is Sudarshana Homa?
Sudarshana Homa is the sacred fire ritual done in which the energy of Sri Sudarshana Chakra – the sacred disc of Lord Vishnu is invoked.
The Sudarshana Chakra is itself a deity in the Vaishnavite tradition.
Sudarshana is the Deity who creates freshness, rejuvenates and destroys all negativities in life.

This powerful Sudarshana Homa will be performed on the day of Bhogi – the day of rejuvenation. Bhogi is the day before Makara Sankaranti/Pongal. The Bhogi day naturally has the tendency to burn off the past and crete a new space for future.  
On this day specially, in Bidadi Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple there will be a traditional ritual at 4 am when old things are burnt to mark the burning away of the past. Later at 4pm the powerful Sudarshana Homa will be performed.
Sudarshana Homa Destroys All Negativities of Life and Helps You Experience  a  Freshness  in  Life.

The speciality of Sudarshana Homa  on Jan 14th in Bidadi temple is :

  • This Sudarshana Homa will be performed in the presence of a rare living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
  • When a Homa or ritual is performed in the presence of Swamiji, Swamiji Himself looks into the lives of those who offer the Homa and sees that maximum auspiciousness is created in the participant’s life..

Isn’t time you START LIFE AFRESH?
Time and tide waits for none. So don’t wait until new life happens.
OFFER SUDARSHANA HOMA in your name and Start life Afresh?