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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANGS ON 4TH APRIL 2012 AT BIDADI ASHRAM,INDIA In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) demonstrates how to integrate our short-term productivity with our long-termcreativity. The two are unified by our inner attitude. When we understand that every action is an opportunity to enhance the lives of others and thereby also raise our own integrity, we spontaneously move toward increasing our excellence in every task. We become completely honest in our work because perfection is our natural inclination. Once all our work is infused with this principle of expansion, the long-term results likewise reflect our authentic creativity.
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Questions and Answers with Paramahamsa Nithyananda



Q:  How might we rebalance compensation and measurement systems to provide incentives for long term value creation along with short term performance?

A:  The first thing. There is no such thing separately.  See Your questions says:  Long term value creation and the  short term performance is two separate.  No.  Please understand.  Being is long term value creation, doing is short term performance.  That’s all.   If there is problem in doing, there is a problem in being.  If there is a problem in being, there will be a problem in doing.  These two are not two separate things. 

What is long term value creation? Understanding and internalizing, spiritually realizing the importance and the method of the short term performance is long term value creation.  Understanding, internalizing philosophically realizing the importance of short term performance is long term value creation.  Why you should perform in short term, why you should immediately deliver, why you should be productive.  I tell you again and again and again human beings suffer with the concept why should I be productive responsible working. This is what way going to add to my spiritual life.  Array you don’t understand, only when you perform, when you create, take the responsibility, your own understanding about you raises.  Your own idea about you raises.  There is no other way.  

Only when you take the responsibility, contribute and make difference in others lives, either directly or you do actions which makes differences in other life, you have a right understanding about you.

What is long term value creation?  It is nothing but creating the right understanding and internalization. I can give you 100s of examples, where if the right understanding, philosophical realization is not there, the delivery also won’t be there.  Even a small action like morning you get up and make coffee for yourself or for your family, have philosophical internalization.  Even the reason for that very small act, think and philosophically internalize.  Why should I do?  What is the need?  If you understand that naturally as a basic natural evolution process, your mind will start saying,  how better I can make this coffee.

Understand, by nature you are a person expanding.  If you are not expanding, you are not philosophically convinced; there is something seriously wrong with your inside. 

Long term value creation is nothing but philosophically internalizing, understanding, realizing the short term performance. When you philosophically internalize, and realize every action you need to perform, simply the long term creation will also happen and the short term performance will happen every day by your nature will ask how can I better my short term performance?

It is nothing but non-internalization and continue to live with a hypocrisy of non-internalization.  I tell you, if you philosophically internalize the necessary for the short term performance and build the long term values, even if you are not part of the sanga, any fear and greed, that also you will not compromise with that.  You will go on performing.  Because performing is life.

The other day I was teaching, Jothish Sutras. The Astrology rules for close group of Ashramites.

See in the Nava Grahas, the nine planets, the nine energies which influences your life, two Gurus, two shadows, 5 planets. Two gurus are the Deva Guru, Bruhaspati means Guru of Gods, Guru of Demons, Sukra, two shadows are Rahu and Ketu, 5 planets – Sun, Moon, Angaraha, Buda, and Saturn. 

The two shadows are Rahu and Ketu.

Ketu will always lead you to the thought trend of expansion, expansion, expansion.

Rahu will always lead you to the thought trend of Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. 

When you are cornered, when you are in very critical position, when you are questioned, if you feel how can I become fortunate to be fit in this situation, how can I expand, how I will be successful here, you are possessed by ketu.

If you are feeling Oh, what is there all these things, kick-it out, let us go to something else, let us go for some other option, what is there…if not here, there - then you are hold, you are possessed by Rahu. 

Devaguru, the master of Gods will always put you from Rahu to Ketu means negative pattern to Positive pattern.  He will always be pushing you.  “Hey Listen. This is not the exact right pattern.  Move, move”.   He will always be pushing you from the Rahu to Ketu.

Asura Guru, Sukra, will always be pushing you from Ketu to Rahu.  He will always push you from the positive pattern to the negative pattern. 

How these 5 planets act. These 5 planets act based on their association with Deamons Guru or Gods Guru – with Brahaspati or Sukra.

This whole thing can be nullified by one energy - that is constant performance.  If you are constantly performing, the influence of planets on you, gets nullified. You may ask how. Constant performance raises your frequency more than Ichcha sakthi more than the desire energy and knowledge energy, your creative energy expresses.

Please understand all the 5 planets impacts only your Ichcha Sakthi  and Gnana Sakthi. 

If you unclutch your creativity from your desire and knowledge and push it independently it means whether you feel like or not morning waking up, whether you feel like or not performing.  

See planets can interfere only as suggestions while you perform. When you ignore those suggestions and start performing, suddenly you reach a space where the planets are no more able to affect your mental set-up or life style and not only that please understand internalizing necessity of the short term performance puts you completely stable with Ketu, even one small act like morning making a coffee or tea connecting it so strongly and internalizing it, it is directly towards life mission -  enlightenment.  If you wake up and make this tea, and drink this tea, your body will be fresh, you can continue with awareness, your ajapa japa, unclutching and you will be moving towards enlightenment.  Even a small act philosophically realized, internalized connected with your life’s mission liberates you from all the evil effects of the grahas. That understanding philosophical internalization is what I call long term value creation. 

Sit and do this as a  home work. Do this home work for 5 days.

A typical day of you how your day is spent, what are all the action you are performing form morning waking up to night, understand and internalize how every action is directly connected to your very core. What you believe as your life mission integrate all your actions authentically with your life’s mission, with your life’s purpose, internalize.

The moment philosophically you realize morning you making a cup of tea and drinking is directly fullfilling your life’s purpose – enlightenment.  Next day naturally you will start thinking, how better I can make tea, how better I can do this job.  Unfortunately neither you have patience nor you spend time philosophically internalizing all your actions. Morning in the office you sit and shout at your subordinates, get the beatings from your boss. This is your every day actions for short term performance.  But if you internalize how this directly helps and supports fulfilling your life’s mission what you want to achieve in your life.  If you can internalize that, next day you will automatically start working how better I can perform without bulldozing my subordinates, how better I can offer what my boss wants without provoking him. 

It will be your natural tendency. Understand by your very nature of inhaling and exhaling your expansion.  As long as you are inhaling and exhaling, you are expansion typed person.  Only when you stop breathing, expansion stops.  If you are still breathing, be very clear, you are bound by the law of expansion.  Of course, even after your stop breathing, your being takes another body and from there you start expanding, constantly expanding. Understand - life is not going to leave you, you cannot hide or escape.  If you escape from one office to another office, life is also going to come back, come behind you in the form of another one boss. 

Life is not going to leave you till you realize you are the boss, you are responsible, till you realize..  Because, life is so compassionate.  Till you actualize and realize yourself, it doesn’t leave you. It has given a boon.  Till you achieve the state I will be there constantly reminding you, constantly awakening you, constantly asking you to wake up.

Understand - when you philosophically internalize every action you perform for the short term performance, you will not have any pain or suffering to take up the responsibility. To run when you don’t philosophically internalize you  will have lot of suffering.  That’s all. Nothing else. Not little. A lot.

I can see very clearly people who can philosophically internalize, understand the necessity for short term performance build the long term values.  Long term value is what:  Building a beautiful mental pattern, the right mental make-up to go on living is what I call “Shiva” - No death for you, No question of shrinking. Only Guru and Ketu.  No Shukra and Rahu.  When you are centered on Guru and Ketu, Saturn becomes your servant, Sun and Moon become your eyes, vision, Mangala becomes your life style, Budha becomes your body your very earth on which you are operating.

Understand this idea of short term performance and long time term value creation – these 2 have become different things because you neither have intelligence nor have patience to internalize every action’s reason. 

Integrity is what is 'you' - whether you are going to have joy in life or suffering in life, first you need to live. Life itself will happen to you only with integrity. After that you can start working for avoiding suffering or having joy.  But even when the integrity is not there, any joy you bring will only be a depression.  Any suffering before even it comes it will provoke depression  in you.  Even your sufferings you will go with your understanding and knowledge, even your suffering will add strength to you.  What for I am alive - to teach to people.  I will do that till I am alive.  I will do this even after I leave this body.  I am very clear. 

Understand - honesty and authenticity brings the long term value. It does not disturb your short term performance.  It only increases your short term performance.  If you feel your short term performance is not allowing you to create long term values both are contradicting, you are cunning. If you feel both are not contradicting, both go hand in hand, may be I can call you as little honest.  Only when you realize long term value creation is expanding your short term performance, both are enriching each other, I will call you, you are authentic. 

Neither honesty nor authenticity... I tell you even in your company, if you feel people are honest and trying to move towards authenticity, run the department, otherwise shut it down.  Because, it is going to be dangerous for you.  I teach you what I practice.  I practice what I teach.  Understand this corporate decision which I am giving you is a very important decision. 

Do not even respect human beings who have not come even to the level of honesty as human beings.  All of you take up this as a home work. Sit and associate every action you perform to the core of your life’s mission honestly.  Understand if you can honestly connect and able to believe the short term performance every action is directly connected to your long term values, you will not only be blissful inside, your performance will just explode.  When there is direct connection of long term value creation is not there, not only your short term performance does not happen, you become cunning, you start cheating on life.  When you cheat on life, you lose the life itself.  Cunningness is cheating on life.  It is like you steal from your own house.  When you steal from your own house and destroy your life, you are doomed.  Nothing else. 

Unable to connect the short term performance with the long term values means cheating on life. Nothing else. Dishonesty.

I tell you never ever believe the people, their words, their actions who cheat on life.  Who cheat on life is the worst fellows, can do anything.  They should neither be trusted nor be believed or be respected as human beings.  

People who cheat on life are chandalas, because they don’t even have respect on their own life.  Aligning short term performance and long term value creation is inner awakening.  Integrity is your life.  The word you utter, the commitment you make is your life. Die to keep up that.  Even if you die nothing wrong.  You will live.  Understand Cosmos will remember you only as your integrity. The life will remember you only based on the strength of your integrity.  Nothing else.  Die to keep your integrity alive. Nothing is wrong.  How many bodies you sacrifice to keep the integrity alive, it is worth.   But, whatever you sacrifice to keep the integrity alive, but you sacrifice the integrity for any reason to keep your laziness, coziness, non-thinking, cunningness, anything alive, you will be destroyed. Then only Kalabairav’s Thrisul tool to relate with you, nothing else will relate with you. 

Integrity is life. Dishonesty is death!