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Talks from Morning Satsangs on 29th March 2012 at Bidadi ashram,India. In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) discusses how to motivate personall and corporate relationships. The pivotal key to creativity at work and fulfillment in personal life is to foster a mood of celebration. When we celebrate our inner existence and enjoy what we are, our creative urges naturally overflow. When we celebrate the existence of our partners as well, we spontaneously open a space for their moods, ambitions and talents. This gives fulfillment at all levels of the outer life.
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Is transparency necessary in corporates:

Question 1: In what ways might extreme transparency preserve and promote the highest purpose of an organisation?  Tiger clark, Montral, canada

Swamiji: Tiger Clark, First thing, the extreme transparency  is not the way for outer world life.  Be very clear, only when you are working with an enlightened being,  for enlightenment,  you need extreme transparency.  That also,  with the root of the  patterns, you may need to open up some of your past thoughts, present actions, future plans, to see the route of the thought pattern.  But otherwise, for the outside organization, a corporate company or an organization, extreme transparency is not the basic value, because every moment you are changing, you have so much of mood swing.  Understand, in an organization, others need to respect that you are a stable person. With master,  whether you are stable or having mood swing, both need to be open.  Only with an enlightened being, when you are working in a spiritual sangha,  towards enlightenment complete transparency is required.  Otherwise,  in a normal organization, no need for it, because, morning you have one mood swing, by evening you have another one mood swing, by night you have another one mood swing.  In organization, you don’t need to make all this transparent. Because, then no one will trust the other one, it will become completely unstable.  The stability will be lost.  Only with the spiritual work, master needs to know, your stable instability and instable stability.. Some people are established in instability,  very stably.  Some people are established in stability,  unstably.  Whether you are constantly unstable or constantly stable,  or constantly unstable only once in a while you become stable, or constantly stable, only once in a while you become unstable, extreme transparency may be required only with an enlightened being for you to become enlightened, only so that he knows the route of the thought pattern, he can clear it.  Only in the highest purpose of individual, and guru disciple relationship, extreme transparency is required.  In organisations, outside, like corporate companies, it is not required.  Because, you yourself are not clear to know what you are, then what will you show to others? Morning you have some idea, and evening you have some other idea, night you have some other are just a chaos, so which side of the chaos you will show to the other person, which side of chaos, you will be transparent.  For example now you are depressed, if you tell everybody you are depressed, that is transparency, no, even that idea you are depressed is not complete.  One side of you will say, no I will come out of it by tomorrow morning, if you tell everybody, you are not depressed, that also may be true, because that part is also there alive in you,  only with an enlightened being you need to open completely,  I feel depressed, I also feel, I may come out of it, I also feel one moment its all useless, I also feel, depression is very thick.  This kind  of an extreme transparency is required only for enlightenment in the guru disciple relationship.  In the outer organization, you dont need an extreme transparency.  The totality of you, how finally it gets perceived by you and others, if that much transparency is there, it is enough.  That is enough, nothing more is required.  Tiger clark, only in the individual’s  higher purpose like enlightenment and guru disciple relationship you need extreme transparency, not in the so called social organization or coprporate organisations,  and the transparency is dangerous in political organisations.  In political organisations, transparency is not going to help, very dangerous.  Social organisations, it may not be dangerous, but it is not going to help you much. But in the guru disciple relationship, complete transparency may be very helpful, very powerful,  for you to become enlightened.  I tell you, just by being completely transparent with the guru, you will never loose anything, it may appear like you may loose, you will never loose anything.


Question 2: What kind of incentives and measurement systems could we devise to encourage internal enterpreneures and nurture a varied portfolio of opportunities. Radha Chandra, Ireland.

Swamiji: It is a very beautiful question,  Radha Chandra, create  an ambience, where knowledge and creativity is celebrated. I tell you this can happen.  This can happen only a person,  who owns and takes maximum responsibility of the organization itself is celebrating knowledge and creativity.  You see,  I myself celebrate conciousness,  and conciosuness in unique ways like  deities.   Because I myself celebrate,  whoever is inspired, impressed by me, they also start celebrating, otherwise I know thousands of our  devotees,  started bowing down to the deities after connecting with me.  Before that,  they will go to the temple to see, not to worship.  Only now, deity means something real to them in their life,  because I celebrate in unique ways,  in certain ways I see people who are  inspired by me are also celebrating.  Same way a person who owns the place, who takes the responsibility, if he celebrates, then the creativity, the internal enterprenures,  the varied  portfolio opportunities, it will all start expressing.  Radha Chandra, many times people try to encourage these things just by incentives and money.  I don’t think,  money always plays major role in this, the very mood of the lifestyle plays the major role.  Mood of the lifestyle. Just yesterday I received the information,  five of our brahmacharis are going to Madurai adheenam, to help the sannidhanam  to help Madurai adeenam for some work,  I myself spoke to swamiji also.  And,  He was  so happy to see modern day youngsters so honestly,  so authentically following the spiritual traditions.  Swamiji was telling, I was really shocked when he told me.   He said , “Swamiji, I can not understand, how humble, honest, truthful, spiritual all the five sanyasis you sent.”  But one thing, before these guys went, I told., “Aye,   it is Meenakshis palace, you will hear Meenakshi’s  anklet sound,  jasmin’s smell,  have her darshan.   All brahmacharis had.  All the brahmacharies.  All the fellows.  They are saying,  “Sometime it is frightening, because late night  three-four hours all of us are able to hear, not just one.  And if we close our eyes, we  see the tall form, greenish color”,  these guys are describing.   Hundred years atleast, see hundred years, more then hundred sixty years the period meenakshi was in the body, atleast hundred years she lived in the palace.  Because fifty sixty years went around in travel, and she went to all the countires and war and all that.  Atleast hundred years.  The present adheenam area was the palace and the present garbhamandir was the darbar,  rajya sabha where she used to sit and conduct the court.  The present adheenam area, that area was the bedroom, where she used to stay, meenakshi only was running the whole kingdom.

See,  the very ambience I created,  has evolved the standards.  Constantly reminding,  constantly celebrating, because constantly the tapas is celebrated here, constantly, the serving is celebrated here.  sacrifice is celebrated here, that kind of ambience is created.  See here,  I have created this whole ambience, by the way of life, otherwise, no other thing can make this into reality, the posiibility.  Radha Chandra, no other incentive or measurement system can help encouraging internal enterpreneures or nurturing the varied portfolio opportunites.   Only way of life, only celebrating the inernal enterpreneures, and celebrating the varied portfolios.  Only celebrating will help. .  Nothing else.

Question 3:  Are Phobias, result of some evil happening in the past life, since they have no basis in the current experience, how can we get over them?

Swamiji: Irfan, two- three things you need to understand, 

First thing, there are some phobias, result of some evil happening in the past life, not all phobias.  Second, anything happened in the past life if it affects your present or future, it is evil happening. But,  anything does not affect your present and future, it is not evil happening.  Third, you are saying since they have no basis in current experience, how can we get over it?  Irfan, the only way to get over the phobias is, untiringly reminding them  that they have no basis in your current experience.  See it is like , phobias are like mood swings, when somebody comes to me with mood swings, I don’t keep quite, I remind, remind,  remind,  remind.  Sometimes people around me ask me, swamiji, what is there to advise them..all the words they already know. I tell them, “ No, now they don’t know.  Remind. Now they don’t know.  Remind.”  Even the basic truths, in guru disciple relationship, he boils you, like a potato, potato tries to jump out of the pot, please don’t do it. Wait, your mind will say,  “Oh,  then can I just suppress, suppress, suppress and kill this, how can I kill this suffocation?” Only by suppressing,  it dies, never by making decision along with the mood swing.  Basic truths, like a for apple, b for brinjal, c for cat, again and again and again reminding.  Irfan, all phobias are nothing but mood swings.  When mood swings are strengthened it is called phobias, when phobias are in the initial level, it is called mood swings.  If you are strengthening your mood swings, by taking actions alongwith mood swings, you are entering into a strong phobia. You are creating a strong phobia.  You see,  phobia or mood swing,  only one thing, whether  they are able to repeat in  more no of frequency,  or you are able to repeat with more number of frequency.  They say,  life is bad, life is bad., life is bad.., you say life is good,  life is good, life is good.  Whether they are able to repeat 100 times per minute,  or you are able to repeat hundred twenty times per minute.    That’s all .  So, powerful antidote for phobias is ajapa japa.  The more no of times,  the phobia repeats itself, you repeat the mantra, that’s all.  What is phobia, it is telling you constantly, “Oh, I have this fear this fear,  this fear, this problem,  this problem, if it is same thing  allowed, I will have nervous breakdown, I may suffer, I may suffocate, I may sacrifice my life ..I will die ,no I cannot tolerate this I cannot tolerate this, it is too much, this… this..” it goes on.. Then you say, “Om hreem nithyananday namah, Namah Shivay,  Namah shivay,  Namah shivay, Namah Shivay, that’s all.  Whether you are going to repeat more number of times, or the phobia is going to repeat more number  of times, is the game.  If your Phobia says,  “I am afraid, I am afraid, I am afraid” , you say,  “I am not afraid, I am not afraid,” or you say that. “I am beyond everything, I am beyond everything, I am beyond everything,”  that’s all.  Don’t say, “I am not  afraid”  as that fear engram,  that word gets engraved deeper, just say, “I am beyond everything, I am beyond everything, I wont listen to you, I wont listen to you”, that’s all or just the mantra, that’s it.  For all phobiasand mood swings, one and only solution is ajapa japa.  Do not decide alongwith phobia.  Do not decide alongwith mood swing.  But stand with ajapa japa.  Sometimes people ask, “ if we have surrendered completely to existence, how can we make decisions, how can we make, what should we do?  He comes and  gives suggestions, always suggestions should be heard, suggestions will be put in your ears, it will be put in your ears, after that he gives ou the freedom.  

Understand, all phobias are frozen mood swings.  The only solution for mood swing or phobias is ajapa japa.  Even if you have the phobia of flight, closed space, when you are having that phobia attack, do ajapa japa, you will see the phobia just settles and dies. 

Question 4:  Andrea williams, turkey.  I am planning to get married soon.  What is your advice on the role of male and female in a marriage?

Swamiji: Andrea williams, whether you are male or female, your role in marriage is sharpening your capabilities of compassion.  Compatibility and ability to accommodate more people into your fear and greeds,  goals, ambitions, ability to accommodate them in your inner space, ability to keep them feel connected to what you want, and ability to connect with what they want.  I tell you,  marriage is nothing but one life guru disciple relationship.  Guru disciple relationship is eternal, life after life after life after life marriage.  Ofcourse, marriage has lot of wrong components, I am not talking about those components.  Marriage has many of the wrong  understandings and meanings.  I am not talking in the legal marriage you understand.  Anyhow,  let me put it in a very simple way, let me not take it to the higher levels, let me explain the way you understand. 

Andrea, only when your ambitions, goals find place for the other person, and the other persons’ ambitions  and goals find place for you, you will be homely, you will be fulfilling your role in marriage.  Other than that, no other way. One more thing I want to tell you, you cannot have completely, union of mind.  For that to happen,  both person should be in no mind space.  The union of minds never happens.  Atleast,  be very clear. Both of you, find place  in each others’ ambitions and goals.  See to it,  you find place for the other person,  and same way in other person’s  goal and ambitions, you should be finding a place.  That is the only way, you will be fulfilling your role in marriage.