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Bhagavad Gita

Life is eternal expansion


DATE: Day 43: Oct 10th 2011

Unless there is somebody in your life who brings the eternal truth into practical instructions, eternal truth into practical life, spirituality is not going to help you in anyway. You yourself cannot make it. Understand if you yourself are trying to make eternal truths into livable living reality you may be using the pirated version of the software. The problem with the pirated version is no service, no customer care. When you are in danger you are in danger; that’s all.

I have seen many people saying...’ehhhh what’s the need for a guru’. Come on! Still the coding system is with them… with the Masters. See the difference. See Arjuna is also talking the same logic. ‘Ehhh life is impermanent. Why should we kill them? I am retiring becoming sadhu’. But Bhagawan is completely talking something opposite. Actually it should be like this Arjuna should be saying come on I am going to fight and kill all these fellows and Bhagawan should be saying no, no see they are all your friends and relatives how can you kill them out of your greed for the land. Come on become a sadhu I will initiate you. You are my first goudiya sampradaya sanyasi, Krishna sampradaya sanyasi. That should have happened. But completely opposite is happening. See the fun. But Bhagawan is saying come on that is not right. Don’t try to escape. Fight!!

If a normal man who tries to read scriptures and try to make use of the spirituality to enrich his life by himself what he would have thought? Naturally any logical man will come to the conclusion why fight? Retire, be a sadhu; that is the solution you will come up with. That is why I am saying if you have come to that decision you are using pirated software. You are not using, you are not having original version.

Bhagawan is making the eternal truths into practical reality in Bhagawad Gita in Arjuna’s life. This word tasmad uttistha kaunteya yuddhaya krta niscayah  this is the smruti for Arjuna. All of you also have a powerful smruti. Please understand the practical instruction you are supposed to follow will be always powerful than the eternal truths because the practical instructions straight away works on your life. But everybody is happy with eternal truths. That is why 1000s of people go to temples and shrines of the dead masters but very few people go to live with the living Master.

See 1000s go to the Master’s shrines and temples where they are not physically alive but with a living Master very few go because the smruti - the day to day instruction will be too strong. See if you need to sit and listen ‘ehhh life is impermanent. You change the body just like you change the cloth’. If you need to sit and listen this it is not a big thing. You will be happy to do this whole day. But the next word ‘come on tasmad uttistha kaunteya yuddhaya krta niscayah . Get up oh Kounteya for war’ then comes the problem. The smruti the day to day instrution will be more powerful more strong than the smruti-eternal truths. That is where the problem comes. That is why nobody wants a living Master who will give smruti to them who will give day to day instructions to them.

Everybody wants shruti the eternal truths so that they can bend as they want. Everybody wants gold to make jewels as it fits with their body. But Masters always make jewelry and give you the readymade jewelry and tell you to change the shape of your body for jewelry. They say come on 17 inch biceps build it now. They make jewelry and give you and then tell you... ‘ehhh for this jewelry build your body’. That is where the problem starts. Everybody likes gold but nobody likes readymade jewelry; because now for this readymade jewelry you have to make your body. Bhagawan naturally makes only 30 inch odiyana and asks you come on bring your waist to 30 inch. But you want gold to make 60 inch odiyana; the waist band. You feel no, no, no give me the gold I will make 60 inch waist band. But Bhagawan says no I already made the jewelry, it is 30 inch waist band; come on reduce your belly, reduce your tummy. This is the difference between shruti and smruti the eternal truths and day to day life style.

With this verse Bhagawan ends giving instructions. One more truth you need to understand very beautifully Bhagawan says you will achieve heaven even if you die. What’s the meaning of that word? Let me be very honest. I do not believe if you die in a war even if it is a dharmic war you will have a special place where all the Rambha Menaka Urvashi will come in front of you and dance and give you the somarasa and all that. I do not believe. So what Bhagawan must be saying through these words hato va prapsyasi svargam jitva va bhoksyase mahim. If you are killed prapsyasi svargam you will achieve the svarga. See if you die in expansion process you will have such a deep satisfaction, even while you leave your body that deep feeling fulfilled is heaven.

Life is expansion understand; it’s eternal expansion. Understand I will constantly be expanding you. Your pattern or concept of feeling homely means ‘Nothing….Wow I don’t need to do anything. I can just stretch my leg in the easy chair and sip cup of coffee and there will be a worker to wash my clothes and dry it and iron it and even if I want they can put it on me. The idea of feeling home for you is different; the idea of real home is different. You see constantly I will be putting you in uncertainty and making you expand. When you settle with the feeling of unsettled, when you are feeling homely with the feeling of not feeling homely, when the expansion becomes your rest, when the constant running is the space you are having vacation, you are done!! Till then I will not let you feel, I will not allow you to feel the pseudo homely feeling; pseudo settled feeling...that will be pseudo moksha which Shishupala gives to all his wives, his dasis; not what Krishna gave for his gopikas.

Krishna never let his gopas and gopikas settle down. Every day some demon will come. If there is no demon he will poke at the Indra and make Indra to fight with the gopikas. Just because his gopikas and gopis loved Krishna and wanted to live around him this fellow has made all kinds of hell for them. Either some demon will come to kill this fellow, if there is no demon is coming everything is going well he will poke at the Indra and call him for a fight like I am poking many Indras now. And those fellows will come and shower heavy rain and create big trouble. Then this fellow will pick up the big hill and keep it under his small little finger and show his valor. What a drama!!!

Understand you should be flying in jet speed but your inner space should be in completely in rest, in restful awareness. Start resting; start relaxing in restful awareness, being highly creative and productive. That is your life. In the high speed running be in restful awareness, be witnessing, be a witness. Life is expansion. In the expansion process even if you die you will have the tremendous fulfillment. That is what Bhagawan says hato va prapsyasi svargam- even if you die you will achieve heaven. That fulfillment is heaven.

Decide even if you die, go through the proper direction-the direction of expansion, so that you will achieve the extraordinary fulfillment, which is heaven. I tell you this one word uttistha kaunteya yuddhaya krta niscayah;  this shows Hinduism, Vedic tradition is for life. It is not anti life, it is not against life; it is for life. I wanted all of you to carry this sacred secret as message of Hinduism, message of Vedic tradition, message of Bhagawad Gita, message of Bhagawan. We are for life. Even if death comes on the way to life you will have the fulfillment of heaven but life should not come on the way to death. Death should come on the way to life. Be always on the way to life. Sit with this one sacred secret; internalize this one sacred secret - life is for living. We are for life in every step.