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Bhagavad Gita

Why we repeat our mistakes


DATE: Day 42: Oct 7th 2011

You need to know some of the deeper secrets about samskara. A samskara can be suspended temporarily if the people related are not any more part of your life. For example; you are having certain fear about somebody, you are having lust engram about somebody, you are having jealousy engram about somebody, you feel jealousy towards somebody, you feel lustful towards somebody, you feel angry towards somebody; if those persons are not seen by you, they are not any more part of your life, there is no communication ……ends abruptly…………...

These are the three moments three ways life can be infused into engraved memory. Please understand your whole life is nothing but your engrams. You wake up as you are programmed, you brush your teeth as you are programmed, you take bath  as you are programmed, you have your food as you are programmed, you do all your day to day activities as you are programmed, you go back to bed as you are programmed. Your programming can become alive with three things. As I said if you are acting on the programming, for example addiction to coffee, alcohol, smoking; if you are again and again acting on it, that engram will become alive strong in your life.

Acting on the same memory can strengthen your engram - bring life to your engram or the same person’s time place, that can bring life to your engram. For example; you are jealous of somebody, you have lust for somebody, your anger for somebody; usually you will have all the three with your spouse. That is why that relationship is too strong to be broken or to be lived with. You have these engrams with somebody…. you are not acting upon it, you are just sitting, but that person is crossing your life, your breathing space; immediately those engrams in you will become alive. The pattern in you will become alive. Life will be infused into those patterns.

Third; during the leaving the body all the engrams will become alive. Here Bhagavan is using the second technique second secret. First he warned Arjuna ‘ehh people will continue to talk about you in an ill way’ kathayishyanti. I think Arjuna is too much in delusion even that kathayishyanti is not working. Now Bhagavan is making it more visual. He is describing ehh all these Maharathas; Maharatha means mainly Karna. Karna is the direct enemy of Arjuna. Arjuna cherishes strong enmity, jealous towards Karna. Just the memory of that person can awaken all the engrams related to that person. Bhagavan is trying to bring Karna to the memory of Arjuna saying  ‘ehh all these days you were always winning Karna…..’ because of whom….. Bhagawan!!

This Bhagawan who cheated, conspired, did all cheap things to make Arjuna win just because this fellow is a devotee. What to do? Bhagavan has done everything possible. He has done the highest act of giving enlightenment to the lowest act of cheating people for the sake of his devotees. Devotion is almost like emotional blackmail to Bhagavan. If you just have that you can get anything you want. That feeling connection is so powerful.

I tell you... I can tell you from my experience. I will do anything for the people who have feeling connection for me….. who have feeling connection with me I will do anything. Bhagavan has gone to any.... I can say the lowest possible levels. As I was describing the other day to kill the Jayadratha he covers the sun. To kill Bheeshma he brings Shikandi in the front. To kill Drona he tells a lie. He creates a beautiful conspiracy and he lies literally and not only that, he lies through a proper person who will be trusted.

He calls Yudhistra and says ‘ehh everybody trusts you will not lie. You tell what I am saying’.

Yudhistra says ‘No I will not tell a lie’.

He says ‘ehhh you tell Ashwathama ada kunjanaha - elephant named Ashwathama died. Ashwathama the elephant died’.

This fellow says ‘no, no, no it is a lie. Drona will understand Ashwathama is dead and he will not fight, he will stop fighting. I don’t want to tell a lie’.

Then Bhagawan says ‘ehhh technically you will be right. I will kill a elephant named Ashwathama’. He catches the elephant names it Ashwathama and kills it. Now tells Yudhistra ‘ahhh come on, you go and tell’. It is technically right but dharmically wrong.  Vyasa describes, whatever is said and done it may be technically right but as consciously it is wrong the Dharmaraja’s chariot always used to be two feet above the ground level. It fell one feet down! Yudhistra lost his grace by that one lie.

He has done every cheap possible things; sometimes I feel much more than Indian politicians for the sake of disciples. Please understand but till the end he has not done even one small wrong or so called wrong for himself. No. After the war he could have become king! Who is going to ask him? He did not get coronated. All the pancha pandavas would have served his feet if he wants. NO. That is Krishna.