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Bhagavad Gita

Get out of peer pressure


DATE: Day 41: Oct 6th 2011

Small story: A woman was letting her husband have it with just a touch of more venom than usual. She was shouting, “You are an idiot, you have always been an idiot, you will always be an idiot, if they had an idiot contest you would come in second.” The guy was shocked, he is asking, “Why would I come in second asked the husband?” Wife replies “because you are an idiot.”

Do not bother about what people talk. People who go on passing opinion cannot achieve anything, cannot do anything. People who have capacity to do, does not waste their time in passing opinion.

Akirtim capi bhutani kathayisyanti te vyayam |
Sambhavitasya cakirtir maranad atiricyate ||

kathayisyanti that is a key word. Bhagawan says people will talk if you are afraid of others words that is much worse than this fear. I tell you, greatest liberation in the life is liberation from others words. Our scriptures say ‘yogasya prthamam dwaram vaangnirodaha’. The first step for yoga is controlling the words. Always people have interpreted this controlling your words. I give you the right understanding, the sacred secret in this sutra. The first step for yoga is not just controlling your words; controlling that others words don’t affect you.

The uttered words, does not penetrate you and disturb you. You not uttering word, you reducing your words and others words not affecting you - both put together is yogasya prathamam dwaram vaangnirodaha. Standing with your integrity, standing with your clarity is life