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Bhagavad Gita

Straighten out your Consciousness


DATE: Day 40: Oct 5th 2011

Atha cet tvam imam dharmyam sangramam na karisyasi
Tatah svadharmam kirtim ca hitva papam avapsyasi

The translation: If you will not fight this righteous war then you will incur sin having abandoned your own duty and you will lose your reputation. On the other hand if you do not engage in this righteous war having abandoned your own natural expansion you will gain guilt, gain sin.

Now Bhagawan is coming down to Arjuna’s level. See Bhagawan is not leaving a single stone unturned. First he spoke in the highest spectrum of consciousness, then he spoke in the level of bio memory, then in the muscle memory. Finally he is coming to the level of engram. Even in the engram level this war is the right thing for you to do. He comes to the level of engram and says literally Bhagawan is playing even with fear and greed of Arjuna. I tell you, for an incarnation to come down to this level, it is a tremendous compassion.

Understand, when an incarnation showers love or shakes you with fear, both happens by his tremendous compassion. He comes down to the language you talk. It’s like one day I go to Gurukul and all the kids are sitting and fighting to share some candy. I also sit with them and have the same fight. A normal man can never grasp, foolish logic can never grasp. You can exploit and abuse this whole verse, this whole situation saying  ‘Krishna exploiting Arjuna, threatening him saying ‘ehhh do this war otherwise you will incur sin’ and poor Arjuna fought’. No!

If you see every time how Krishna protected Arjuna, every time how Krishna stood by Arjuna, you will see very clearly Arjuna is not needed for Krishna mission. If Krishna’s mission is all about having this war and killing all these fellows and reducing the population negativity on the planet earth, he does not need Arjuna. It is Arjuna’s fortune, Krishna’s compassion, he comes down even to the level of ordinary fear and greed. Only when you look at from this angle you will understand the compassion of Krishna. He holds the hand, goes to the lowest level of Arjuna and says ‘ehhh you will go to hell. Do what I am saying’.

I tell you, for an ordinary man his greatness is based on how big he raises himself, poses himself. For an incarnation his greatness is measured how low he can come down. Krishna is the first Master who went to the extreme, the lowest valley, to express the love or fear. I tell you that is why he is purnavatara. He is a perfect incarnation. He is a complete incarnation.

Rama would have maintained his grace. See when the Ravana was standing without any weapon, see the grace Rama behaves ‘Go today. Come back tomorrow with weapon’. But here, Krishna, that poor Karna, he is not having any weapon…. lifting the chariot wheel which is stuck in the slush, goes to Arjuna and says come on shoot! Finish this fellow! I tell you for a common man it will look like what a low level. But only an insider knows Ravana story is different, situation is different, Karna’s is different. And not only that all the punyas of Karna was protecting him at that time. Any arrow Arjuna sends goes and falls on Karna as garland.

Then he goes to the next lowest level. He takes a different form, goes with the makeup of a Brahmin, begging Karna. He is almost lying half dead.

He goes and begs ‘oh Karna I have come to beg. I heard you never refuse anything. Oh my unfortune, you have nothing to give. Sorry I am going’.

He is exactly poking at Karna’s ego. Karna built his whole personality based on one statement. I will give at anytime anything anybody wants. Karna comes back to life. It is like when a snake is half dead if you just put the stick on the neck of the snake it will raise the tail almost equalent to its height. Before death he will jump using his last power and energy…..before going fuse the bulb will flash.

So his ego comes out ‘how dare you tell that? Ask what you want. I will give’.

Then Krishna says ‘Now you don’t have anything. You have only all the punyas you earned by giving daana. All right if you can give me that...’

Karna says ‘Take it. It’s yours’.

He did not have water to give daana. He just removes the arrow, his own heart blood he pours in the hand of Krishna and gives daana of all the punya he has done. 

I tell you the highest, greatest, happening happened on the planet earth is this scene; Greatest giver and greatest receiver. This receiver is not an ordinary man. He is not receiving for himself. He knows unless Karna comes out of all the good karma he will not become enlightened. Krishna does not want Karna to be sitting in heaven. He wants Karna to be liberated. That is why when Vyasa describes each person’s death, when it comes to Karna he says Karna moksha. He does not say Karna vadha. Neither for Drona nor for Bhishma or for Duryodhana; for nobody Vyasa uses the word moksha. Only for Karna Vyasa uses the word Karna moksha. That chapter he calls as Kaana moksha; greatest giver greatest receiver.

Now when it is established Krishna is an incarnation, all this are glorified, celebrated, enjoyed; but when he was in the body, even Arjuna would have suspected. I tell you for whose sake Krishna did this, even that guy in the corner of the mind would have thought ‘if he can go this cheap level with Karna then better let me be careful. He can do this same to me also’.

Understand, knowing this all is possible he comes down to that level. This is the greatest sacrifice.