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Bhagavad Gita

Catch the Logic behind the Law


DATE: Day 4: Aug 25th 2011


In the first chapter of Bhagavad Gita 4th verse Arjuna vishada yoga - atra shooraa maheshvasa Bhimarjuna samayudhihi yuyudhano viratascha drupadascha maharathaha. Here Duryodhana is describing the courage, valor, glory of the other side army. ‘Here in this army there are many heroes wielding mighty bows and equalent military prowess to Bhima and Arjuna, Yuyudhana, Virata and the great chariot warrior Drupada.’ Duryodhana now points out all the great warriors fighting for Pandavas, ready to lay their life for Pandavas.

See when the fear comes enemy looks too powerful; enemy strength is your fear. Suddenly Duryodhana is praising the whole Pandava army. He says here in this army there are many heroes wielding mighty bows and equivalent military prowess to Bhima and Arjuna. He raises the Bhīma and Arjuna to a level where he sets a standard based on Bhima and Arjuna. He says Bhima and Arjuna are the standard and to their level there are many heroes – Yuyudhana, Virata and Drupada. Shooraha; he uses the word shooraha - heroes.

Please understand when the ego is mixed with the depression it expresses as fear, when the ego does not mix with the depression it expresses as a withdrawal feeling. If you are just depressed and your ego is not supporting it, you will feel like withdrawing. That is what Arjuna felt. When Arjuna had depression he was withdrawing, he is not describing all the glory of the opposite army. He says very clearly we can kill them but what are we going to get by killing all of them?

Please understand the whole attitude. Here the reason for Duryodhana’s depression is the fear of failure. How can we kill all these heroes…. big fellows are there. But the Arjuna’s depression…. the reason for the Arjuna’s depression is - why should we kill? What are we going to gain by killing all these fellows? See the big difference; depression supported by ego, depression not supported by ego.

If your ego does not support the depression even depression leads you to the right direction. I tell you if Arjuna did not have depression….. there would have been war. Naturally Arjuna would have won the game because Krishna is there. But Arjuna would not have become enlightened. But here his right depression and the right decision to approach the right person...

Arjuna could have gone to Dharma - Yudhistra when he was depressed. I tell you if he has gone to Yudhistra, Yudhistra would have been convinced by Arjuna and they would have withdrawn from the war. He could have gone to Bhīma. Maybe Bhima would have killed Arjuna ‘You fool, at this moment you are trying to torture and disturb the whole process; better let you die’. He could have gone to Nakula and Sahadeva. How they would have handled we don’t know. But fortunately he went to right person – Krishna.

Right depression, right approach, right person was approached. That is why not only Arjuna won the game of the war; he won the game of the life. Sometime your individual ego costs too much in the life. I can say it can cost sometime lives, not just one life, lives.

Atra shooraa maheshvasa Bhimarjuna samayudhihi yuyudhano viratascha drupadascha maharathaha. Duryodhana then pointed out the great Pandava warriors such as Bhīma and Arjuna who two were students of Drona as well as a number of other great warriors fighting for the Pandavas. If you do the psycho analysis of Duryodhana you can see the tremendous overflowing fear, arrogance, ego and unable to take the responsibility unwilling to take the responsibility, the shivering; shivering internally and externally.