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Bhagavad Gita

What is Real Heaven?


DATE: Day 39: Oct 4th 2011

The translation oh! Partha, joyful are the warrior who have obtained by chance a battle such as this which has opened the door to heaven. Partha, happy indeed of the kshastriyas warriors who are called to fight in such a battle without seeking. This opens for them the door to heaven.

Two key points- the war was not the option - choice by Arjuna. It was forced on them. They were ready to settle just for five house, not even five village or five street, five house but Duryodhana was not interested. First thing war was forced on them. Second, the word, this word should be understood “which has opened the door to heaven.”

I wanted you to understand this word in a deeper way; normally traditionally they interpret something like Veeraswarga; if somebody dies in the war and he reaches heaven. No. I do not want to attest that concept. I do not want to support it. Here I am going to give the true understanding of this line which Bhagawan says “which has opened the door to heaven.” This war has opened the door to heaven.

Let me describe clearly. Let me give you word by word translation.

Swarga dwaram apaavrtam-wide open this is the key word I wanted to interpret. I wanted all of you to understand. swarga dwaram apaavrtam. Please understand heaven is nothing but living your bio-memory, living your conscious pattern. Please understand patterns forced on you, imposed on you by society, parents, religion, relatives, friends, is different; the pattern you love, you cherish, you enjoy, you assume is different.

The pattern given from outside always people resist, when the pattern comes from inside you feel fulfilled living the conscious pattern. I can give you thousands of examples, thousands of examples. Man who lives his pattern, conscious pattern. I wanted to use the right word. You have the pattern imposed on you by society, by different, different elements which have vested interested on you, which have reason to exploit you; pattern given by them are really, will really be creating conflicts in you. But the conscious pattern with which you are comfortable, you are living, you are flowing; I can say that creates heaven.

Arjuna suddenly says I will leave everything and become a sadhu but his conscious pattern is not sadhu pattern. His conscious pattern which he enjoyed throughout his life is a warrior pattern. This sadhu pattern is forced on him by the society now. Because of the social situations he wants a decent burial to his old pattern; he wants a decent burial for his problems. Please understand there is no such thing as decent burial. Anything you try to burry always crips up and says “aey I am here.” There is no such thing called decent burial. You can’t burry anything. How much ever you try to bury anything decently it will be there like a peeping tomb. "I am here". Even if you bury in all sides he will pop up from your heart in the form of guilt. It will pop up and open his eyes and say "c'mon I am here" .

Arjuna was expecting a decent burial for his problem. He was using retirement, becoming sadhu as a technique. Vivekananda very beautifully says "Wherever this fellows non working, non doing, using religion as a shield, gathering or jumping and dancing, take a stick and beat them. That’s the extreme he is going. He goes to extreme of saying that….. in the north you will see many places in villages these fellows will not do any work, they will not plough their land, do agriculture, do nothing. They will just gather in small, small gathering and sing Hare Rama Hare Krishna Govinda, Govinda, singing and jumping.

It is not that they have devotion so they are practicing. They just want to escape but where will they get food? Always in the bhajan mandalis they will get a good free food. They are there for free food. Vivekananda says don’t ever forgive them. Take a stick, round the whole group and see that not a single fellow escapes and beat them. Even I was shocked how Vivekananda is giving such a strong instruction “beat them.” But I feel these fellows, this non doers using the religion to give a decent burial to their lifestyle of non doing is a crime. All over the world millions do it; millions use the religion as the shield for their non doing.

They have references in every religion. They will pick up some word from Vedas they will pick, then from Bible they will pick up, from Quran they will pick up, from Buddha they will pick up, from Mahavira they will pick up. They are so intelligent; they are more intelligent than any other incarnation. So any incarnation's word they can take it and make their own interpretation. It is called lazy bum vartika, lazy bum bashya; Bashya written by the lazy bums. For any scripture they will write a bashya . See each book will have its own bashyas, Shankar bashya, Ramanuja bashya; different bashyas. Like that these fellows also have their own bashyas; lazy bum bashya. They know how to twist all the statements of all the Masters and make it into a lazy bum theology. They can go on talking, justifying why they are non doers. Why they don’t move their body. Why they don’t create. I tell you heaven is flowing with your natural pattern and expanding.

Here Arjuna’s natural pattern is warrior. Let me tell you how to find out your natural pattern, which makes you feel you are something more than what you are, adding to you. I have seen sometime when you take up some difficult project and complete it, when you bring it you feel wow I have done it. I did it. That feeling is heaven. The feeling of fulfillment which comes to you after tremendous creativity, expressed through you by your natural law of expansion. Swadharma means natural law of expansion