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Bhagavad Gita

Mystery of Grace


DATE: Day 37: Sep 30th 2011

Greatest gift to the humanity from the Vedic tradition is concept of soul. I can say science of soul, discovery of soul, description of soul, describing at least it is indescribable. Please understand even the description it is indescribable is a description because if you don’t give that description many fools would have started describing and started diverting the people.

One of the greatest contribution to the humanity from the Vedic tradition is concept of soul. I can say; unless you understand the science of soul, unless you understand what Krishna is trying to teach in this second chapter saankhya yoga, you can neither have life nor have peace in life. Krishna is an extraordinary Master who is putting the essence of this whole tradition, knowledge of soul.

This one concept…. actually this truth of about the ocean is like a….. truth about the soul is like a ocean. All your engram, all your suffering, all your conflicts, everything is like a small salt doll. It can just disappear in this ocean. Blessed are those who knows the technique of dissolving all components of them into the ocean of the knowledge. See you have many components. Some are your ambition. You are I can say….. all this put together only is you...your ambitions - what do you want to become, what do you want to do, immediate ambition, long term ambition, then your capacity. Please understand your capacity is unlimited - what you believe as your capacity.

If you just prepare your body, whole world is your house; you can live anywhere you want. It is just little bit of preparation. If you can handle the basic heat and cold, that’s it; whole world is your house now. People say I left my house in the young age itself. I tell you, No! I left my house to make the whole world as my house. Now… please understand, because I left my house in the young age and started travelling, somehow body and mind got accustomed. Anywhere if I stretch my leg I fall asleep. If I stretch my hand whatever falls in my hand I can eat; now the whole world has become my house my home. Expanding the capacity to lie; that is what I did….expanding my ability to live.

Tapas, your capacity, that is also part of you; what you believe as your capacity is part of you and what you believe as threats to you, your insecurities. I tell you, you don’t have any insecurity; you don’t have any threat but whatever you believe as your threat that is also part of you. All this put together is you. Please understand human bio memory, bio memory of human being can experience only two signal; one is love another one is fear, that’s all. All other signals are converted to this love and fear and experienced by you. Human bio memory is not capable of experiencing jealousy, it is not capable of experiencing ego, it is not capable of experiencing worry. If you de-code, if you go down, worry – jealousy- ego all this will get decoded, will get converted. Finally it will get boiled down to the binary of love-fear, love-fear, love-fear; that’s all. 

Any program you may write everything finally boils down to the binary 0-1, 0-1, 0-1. Same way any emotion you can create finally everything boils down to fear-love, fear-love, fear-love, love-fear, love-fear, love-fear. Everything boils down to fear and love. You do not know any other experience existentially. All other experience, all other emotions are psychological but this love and fear is physiological. Your limited love, unlimited fear, all this are components of you. Blessed are those who can dissolve these components in the ocean of knowledge. 

Sit and list all your components and tick one by one what all you can dissolve with this knowledge of soul; the science of soul. For example if you write 50 components of you, if you can dissolve even 10 or 20, you can easily call yourself as a seeker. If you can dissolve more than 60%, around 30, I will call you, I will surely give you the title you are living enlightenment. If you can dissolve above 40 even if there is 10 remaining I will really call you as radiating enlightenment because those 10 will not have power over you.

Understand when you cross the level of 40 components of you dissolving in the knowledge; what will be the remaining 10? Some temporary ambitions or the foolish vision or the mood swing; only these few will be left un-dissolved in the ocean of knowledge. I can tell you those few things un-dissolved; if it is only 10% or 20% you don’t even have to struggle to dissolve that. Just neglect it, carry on with your life with the confidence ‘ehhh I have dissolved more than 80% get out’. Simply by your confidence the other 20% will run away; dissolve. They will just disappear. They don’t want to live with you. Surely they won’t like to be with you.

This great knowledge ‘the soul is indescribable’, I can interpret this word ascaryavat pasyati kascit enam in three different ways. One; some tries to visualize whatever way they can but till the end they will never be able to visualize. Some tries to verbalize whatever way they can but till the end they can’t verbalize. Some wonder by reading and listening and meditating; but yet none know it at all…. so one way. There is other way you can more sacred secret. Some people see it with wonder when it lands in the human body, some people speak that as a wonder, some other people hear that wonder. Even if you hear, see, speak about it, no one can understand it at all. You can be awestruck but you can never struck the truth of His Being. 

How much ever you describe the consciousness it is not possible to describe because the very spectrum is different. It’s like a frog which was born and brought up, lived throughout his life in the well in a remote village, is trying to describe the ocean. One day unfortunately as an accident ocean frog fell into the well.

The well frog invited the guest and asked you are from where.

Ocean frog said ‘I am from ocean’.

Well frog said ‘what do you mean by ocean is it a bigger place than mine’.

Ocean frog laughed and said ‘no, no it is a too big place’.

The well frog jumped from one corner of the well to other corner and said ‘ehh is your ocean bigger than this or what’.

Ocean frog could not control the laughter and said ‘yes, yes it is bigger please leave it. It is ok’.

That fellow jumped diagonally from one side to the other side and said ‘don’t tell a lie. Is it bigger than this?’

Ocean frog said ‘its ok you leave it. Don’t struggle much, it is bigger’.

Then the well frog started shouting, ‘You liar how dare you tell there is some more water other than my well in the world’.

That frog which was living in the well is called atheist. Frog in the well do not know the existence of eternity. Like well frog trying to fight with ocean frog, well frog can never understand, same way most of us can never understand which is beyond our logic.