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Bhagavad Gita

Don’t Believe, Just Experience!


DATE: Day 36: Sep 29th 2011

What is your belief? Belief is nothing but the words and ideas and truths put inside you. Whom you believe will not harm you. When some ideas, beliefs have been put inside you by your parents or friends or relatives whom you trust will not think bad for you, will do only good for you, those ideas are only becoming belief in you. That is why friendliness plays such a major component in teaching. But unfortunately after certain level friendliness cannot help in teaching. Please understand to make you comfortable in the same spectrum you are living is different, raising you completely to the different spectrum is different.

When you need to be risen, when you need to be raised completely to the different spectrum, the ideas which got into your system which was given to you by the deep friendliness by your friends or relatives or family will not be sufficient. Understand because they themselves, they may not think bad for you but what they think as a good itself has its own limitations. They cannot think even in the line of good, auspiciousness, right, beyond certain level.

If a beggar thinks all good should happen to you, what he will imagine? You should have enough food and a house to rest, nobody should ask you work. For a beggar this is ultimate, over! He is not going to think let you become enlightened. You go to a temple, you come out and on the way there is a beggar, you give him some 100 Rupees and suddenly he shocked by 100 Rupee because nobody gives him more than 1 Rupee and he sees 100 Rupee and this guy immediately want to give his gratitude to you. He blesses, let you have all good things. So what do you think he will be visualizing in the mind? Plates and plates of food and a comfortable house, freedom so that nobody will ask you to work; that’s all he can think. Understand he cannot visualize enlightenment and tell you “let you have enlightenment”, no. That is not going to happen. So the very thinking….. you see it is not that beggar wants any bad for you. He wants only good, even that he can imagine or think only to a certain level.

All your beliefs, ideas are nothing but people who think good for you but who are good for nothing. They think good for you but they them self are good for nothing. They are good for only to the level an ordinary logic can function. If he is little intelligent man he will say ‘all right not only food and the house, let him have health also, let him have little bank balance also, let him have good wife’. That much he can think. Not further. The beliefs, ideas you think good for you put by the people who are good for nothing is only now fighting when the Master tries to teach you something.

It is the remains of your parents and family and society and school which is sitting in you, is fighting with the reminder by existence. Master is a reminder to you by Existence. Come back home. For a long time you are out. Get back. He is a reminder to you from the Existence. Unfortunately remains of the society in you, fights the reminder. Here reminder comes down to the level of the remains of the society in you. Bhagawan is not even saying I wanted to impose something newly on you; let me come down what you feel as a good, what you feel as a right, what you believe, what has got into your system by the people whom you don’t suspect.

When your friend says ‘aey study well, get a job’, naturally he is not thinking, bad for you. But the fool can think only that much. Many time the ideas put inside your head by the people who don’t think bad for you does not mean always those ideas are good for you. Bhagawan says, all right whatever is said and done, all those ideas from the friends, family society has gone into your system and became a bio-memory, like a calculus, it has settled in your system. Now it may be difficult for you to clear that. Let me come down to your level. Whatever ideas you already believe which is put inside you by society, let me work with those ideas and liberate you, give you the truth.

Oh Bharatha! All life forms are un-manifest initially. Very beautifully Bhagawan is using the word ‘life forms’. He is not using life, ‘life forms’. All life forms are un-manifest initially. Then in the middle they become manifest and finally become imperceivable once again. Then what lamenting can be there regarding this? Understand all of you have assumed your body with certain purpose. Nobody can destroy that purpose. Even if they try to destroy this body, the purpose is so powerful, it will assume one more body and do the job. All you need to do is stop grieving. There is nothing to lament.