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Bhagavad Gita

Say NO to Suffering


DATE: Day 34: Sep 25th 2011

Krishna enters into the next spectrum. He says the self is said to be unmanifest, unthinkable, unchangeable; knowing this to be such you should not grieve. He is giving a practical instruction. Do not suffer nanysocitum arhasi . Please understand you may say yes we know soul is beyond joy, beyond pain, beyond suffering. I understand. But I will not have pleasure, I will not have joy, why should I not suffer. Please understand always all the highest philosophies can be connected completely the opposite way it should be connected. I can say this should be the statement for all of you. Take this as a direct message from Bhagavan. Don’t grieve for anything.

I tell you, you don’t need to do anything else in your life. You don’t need yoga, you don’t need meditation, you don’t need pranayama, you don’t need kriya, you don’t need devotion, you don’t need anything; just take this one vow ‘I will not suffer’; that’s all. Do not allow any suffering in you; physical mental psychological emotional. Don’t allow any suffering whenever a suffering is forced on you. For example physical pain - look into it and don’t allow that idea ‘pain’ settling in you. Please understand all your ambition, action; everything starts when you accept life is pain, which is not, which is not the truth.

I tell you nothing else is required in your life not only to achieve enlightenment…. you see you don’t need to do anything in your life if you want enlightenment, health, billion dollar; not million…. billion…. billion dollar and beautiful relationships, everything, all the auspicious things you aspire, all the auspicious things you think you need in your life, I give you. See please understand when I say something I will be really, really practical. If you get into a coal mine or the place where they keep the charcoal bags, if you go in and come out naturally the black dust will be on your body. Same way, just decide this one truth ‘I will not suffer’ that’s all. Enlightenment will sit on you like a dust. I tell you enlightenment is nothing more than a small dust for a person who has decided nanysocitum arhasi. Don’t grieve even if it is based on foolish logic.

See sometime people don’t grieve just because of the foolish logic. They say ‘ahhh its ok this is not there that is not there ok there is no suffering’. Even if it is from wrong logic, if you hold on to the understanding ‘I will not grieve any more’ I tell you, you will fall into the right logic because with wrong logic you cannot deny suffering for quite a long time. After few years at some point you have to come to the right logic if you want to hold on to that one truth ‘no suffering’. Don’t grieve for anything.

One small story about wrong logic; Young man completed his medical school, went back to home a small town to work with his father. Father also is a doctor. They went out the first day to make house calls. As they went in the first house the father said ‘now you watch me so you will know that… know what to do’. Both went inside. Inside a woman was in the bed and she looked terrible. The old doctor checked her out; he was making notes when he dropped his pen to the floor. He picked it up and told the woman she need to quit cleaning and working so hard in her house. She just needed rest. When they got outside the son asked how he knew that she was cleaning too much. The old doctor said that when he dropped his pen on the floor it was so clean that there was not a speck of dust anywhere.

When they arrived at the next house the father told his son now it is your turn go and examine the patient. Son learnt the lesson. He is now ready. He goes. At this house also the woman was in bed looking terrible. The young doctor took her blood pressure, pulse, asked few questions and made some notes and again his pen also dropped. He reached down to pick it up. After he got up he told the woman you are doing too much of church work. Too much of religion is the reason for your problem. Anyhow he told her keep away from religion. Both the doctors went out. In the car the old doctor asked the son 'how do you know that too much of religion is her problem?’ The young man said ‘well when I bent down to pick up my pen I saw the preacher under the bed’!!

Understand whether right logic or wrong logic if you decide ‘no suffering’; just decide clearly ‘no suffering’. Fanatically decide no suffering. I tell you even a moment of your breathing time is not worthy of suffering. Suffering is too small. Every moment you experience you are alive is too costly to be spent on ordinary suffering. Basically sat - the truth - the Existence is chit - consciousness and ananda. Sat and chit and ananda does not get separated, please understand. Existence, consciousness, bliss; all three of them never get separated. If you are suffering, those moments of your suffering you do not exist. Your life is blackout. That time is the time you go through the black out.

People ask me sometime ‘how can I stop suffering Swamiji. I am not able to logically understand I should be joyful’. Arey, with wrong logic when you can suffer so much why can’t you enjoy with wrong logic? Many time your suffering has no support but you continue to suffer. Many time you even understand logically it is wrong but you developed a pattern even if it is logically wrong you continue to suffer. Even if it is logically right you don’t want to enjoy, you don’t want to be in joy. The bliss, joy adds vibrancy to your life.

I tell you not suffering is the ultimate spiritual practice. If you can hold on to that one even enlightenment will be just a dust at your feet. How when you walk dust gathers around your feet the enlightenment will gather at your feet. I tell you the greatest way to have enlightenment is it should be offered at your feet; not that you will stand with a begging bowl for a long time and it will be dropped in your bowl. No. If it is dropped in your bowl anytime it can be taken away. You can lose it. You grow to the level where you don’t care about enlightenment. It is just a side effect of the dust rising while you walk.

Understand the spectrum where the enlightenment happens, the spectrum where the sadhana spiritual practices are happening, no way connected. It is like a all the frogs gather together and decide they wanted to migrate to some other country. They all realized how to go to some other country. They realized the only way is to catch a flight and get into the flight and reach to other country. So, all of them are planning how to catch a flight. One intelligent frog with a long beard says ehh have you not seen every day morning the flight goes over our forest. Tomorrow let us all stop the flight and get into the flight and go to the other country.

Next day they try to stop that flight. They all gather and shout, shout, shout. No. Pilot never heard. Then third day they all put a huge loud speaker and started shouting ‘ehhhh we are all here, we are all your passengers, please take us to the next country’. Pilot did not stop. Third day they decided we will do a strike. We will stop the flight on the sky. They all gathered all the threads they can and put all the threads together, tried to create a huge ladder. With so much of effort the whole country struggled. All the big, big frogs tried their best to bring all big, big threads ropes. Some of the frogs even built the body to build this structure. After 10 years of hard work they created huge rope bridge which is seven feet tall and aircraft is going in 70000 feet height; that’s all.

Can ever these frogs create a ladder and do a strike and stop the aircraft? No. All their effort to stop the aircraft and getting the attention of the pilot is useless. At sometime you don’t know the reason, suddenly pilot wanted to land in that forest for some reason. Even if pilot wants he cannot land completely. He can lower to certain level and drop a rope and tell the frogs come one by one. That is the maximum thing even pilot can do.

That is what it does when he almost comes down and drops the rope. The rope is called incarnation and asks the frogs ‘come on one by one get in’. I tell you there is no other way. All your efforts are just useless.