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Bhagavad Gita

Five levels of Learning


DATE: Day 33: Sep 24th 2011

nainam chindanti sastrani nainam dahati pavakah |
na caiman kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah || 2.23

If you just see through the verses….. see we are divided of five layers- Annamaya, Pranamaya , Manomaya, Vignanamaya, Anandamaya. Let me describe in English. Annamaya means the physical layer; Pranamaya is the air movement in you, prana movement, the life air, life energy, life breath movement in you - that is Pranamaya; Manomaya- words, thoughts in you; Vijnanamaya - the emotion, the intelligence, the Buddhi which makes decision that is Vignanmaya. Anandamaya is the pure bliss, joy.

All teachings need to happen to Manomaya, Vignanamaya, Anandamaya. Then automatically they will heal, express themself through Pranamaya and Annamaya. Please understand all teachings have to be given to your mind and the higher frequency mind that is what I will call as Vignanmaya. Even the word emotion is small word. What you believe as you that is Vignanmaya, kind of a mixture of pure consciousness and mixture of some of the ideas you have about your lower self, these two put together only you will have certain idea about you. The idea you carry about you can be considered as Vignanamaya. Anandmaya is the pure you. Not the idea you carry about you, the pure you.

All teachings has to be given to your mind and it has to penetrate to the level of what you think as you and finally reach what IS you. That what IS you, that area the bliss layer, that is where the explosion happens. Once the explosion happens there, the pure consciousness fills all the five, all the five layers. Any philosophy will be successful philosophy only when it can penetrate all the three, your mind, your concept about you and finally you and only if it can explode in the space YOU, Anandamaya, bliss layer, that can become a successful established philosia, guiding humanity towards the higher Existence, higher self, higher realizations. 

Unfortunately many religions did not allow this complete penetration and explosion and expression. See after the explosion in Anandamaya, the expression, that is what comes down to the physical layer and life breath layer; that is what is celebrations, festivals and rituals. All rituals are consciousness expressing in physical layer, all celebrations are consciousness expressing in life breath layer, pranic layer. Any religion or philosophy does not have the possibility for all these five. Penetration into mind layer, into  what do you think as Self that layer and into the Self itself and that explosion which happens in the Self should express itself in life breath and physical layer.

All religions, all philosophies, all successful ideologies, all successful theologies, all successful spiritual concepts should be able to do this penetration of 5 layers. Only then it can become an established spiritual tradition. Fortunately the Vedic tradition allowed this five layer penetration again and again and again. That is why when every Master happens he creates so much material it can be considered as a independent intelligent religion. The Vedic tradition has not just given the techniques to penetrate this five layer, they have given the pattern itself. Any Master can pick up the pattern, add his experience to the pattern, it will become reality and what he teaches will become a independently intelligent tradition. It can lead people from the lowest level to the highest level independently without the help of support of direct indirect assistance of any other tradition from the same religion itself.

First he started using concepts to break Arjuna's mental layer, mind. Then he is entering into the Arjuna's space, what Arjuna thinks as Self. Then he is entering into the Arjuna's Self itself, filling Arjuna, filling Arjuna's Self. Awakening, enriching, enlightening, inspiring ultimately exploding in Arjuna's Self; What Arjuna experiences as himself. See when something goes to that level, then naturally it explodes and expresses throughout all the five layers as a action.

Whatever expresses as a overflowing from the Self will always be worshipped. When Arjuna takes a bow and puts the arrow and kills Bhishma, he is worshipping. When Arjuna kills Drona, he is paying guru dakshina. Please understand, the action happening out of explosion of enlightened energy cannot be judged, looked upon, understood, interpreted, commented by an ordinary mind. If an ordinary mind tries to do anything with enlightened action, it will miss it and mess it.