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Bhagavad Gita

Death is just like a change of clothes!


DATE: Day 32: Sep 23rd 2011

Let us enter into today’s satsang. I will speak on 2nd chapter 22nd verse in Bhagavad Gita chapter title Saankhya yoga.

vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro parani
tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi || 2.22

As a man discards the old dwelling place that is ruined and moved into new one likewise the embodied one discards the old dwelling place - this body and moves on to new dwelling place - another body. As I said Krishna is enjoying the sincerity of Arjuna and Arjuna is literally drinking Krishna. See in the Gita stotra it says that Gita is the essence of all the Upanishads. It’s like a Upanishads… see Vedas are cow, Upanishads are the milk and Gita is the butter. You don’t need to get a cow and take care and you don’t need to milk and then put little curd in it and make curd, then churn it and get butter out of it. NO. Bhagawan does all the job. You just eat.

Arjuna must have been in ecstasy. I tell you unless disciple is in ecstasy these highest words cannot be uttered by a Master continuously. See for last few verses continuously Bhagawan is speaking the pure truth without mixing. When the disciple is not in ecstasy you may be able to tell one word, one verse; not more than that. Only when the disciple is in ecstasy, receptive mood, joy, joy of learning more and more, joy of imbibing more and more, joy of getting fulfilled; only then Master can go on talking these extraordinary truths these extraordinary teachings.

First time an example has been used. Understand Krishna is using an example means he is in a casual mood. He is very relaxed. He is more in the mode of restful awareness than a tensed teacher who is supposed to impart certain syllabus. Please understand with syllabus there will not be similes and examples. Only when you are free to transmit the knowledge the examples and similes and stories and jokes go on pouring out of you. Without stories, jokes, examples, it will be almost like atheism - nonprofit organization. Theism is nonprofit organization atheism is nonprofit organization. Just to talk bluntly you don’t need a profit only to talk intelligent, to transmit the restful awareness, to transmit the truth, you need a profit, you need an incarnation, you need a great Master, Jagadguru like Mahadeva Bhagawan Krishna.

He says as a man discards the old dwelling place that is ruined and moves into a new one likewise the embodied one discards the old dwelling place - this body and moves to a new dwelling place - another body. What an explanation! God! I tell you exactly you feel, after death there is only one suffering. You will suffer ‘oh god it is such a simple thing! Why did I suffer my whole life thinking that this will be a suffering?’ That will be the only suffering. You would have taken many decisions thinking your death is a suffering. Because of that fear you wouldn’t have lived many things. That will be the only suffering you will have when you leave the body. When you leave the body - ‘oh god such a simple thing! Tchhe! Missed my whole life thinking that this will be a huge suffering!

It’s like a…. you know there was a huge treasury in a cave and but you have been misinformed that entering the cave will be highly dangerous. You may bleed unto death and all that. But suddenly somehow by mistake you are lost in the forest and you walk this way that way and finally you cross a thorny bush get scratched all over the body but small wound not dangerous not like death; or huge thorny bush and here and there your body is scratched and you will have a little bleeding and but you reach that cave. What will you think...Oh god only this few thorns... what a foolish idea I was in. I thought I will literally die if I reach this cave. But now I realize it’s only just few thorns nothing more, nothing else!

It is such a big difficulty only in mind. I tell you when you cross death you will have this exact wound. Now you have too many ideas misconceptions. You are misguided death is huge happening in your life. You have been misguided marriage is the huge happening and you know it after 16 days how you have been misguided. Same way you are misguided death is a big happening. Within 16 seconds of your death you will know O God such a simple thing why was I given such a wrong ideas and concepts and misleading misguiding informations?

Understand you are searching for a secret treasure. Two close friends, one who knows the secret is telling the other one and you over hear it. How you will use it? Use exactly in that same tune tone this truth. This one understanding from Bhagawan is enough to liberate you.