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Bhagavad Gita

Power of Initiation


DATE: Day 31: Sep 22nd 2011

I can say this is the most sweetest space to exist for Arjuna and for Krishna; because here both these fellows…. one is telling kill, the other is going to do the killing; and this fellow is saying ‘how can the eternal one will be cause for killing’. Arey you are telling him to kill and he is going to kill and you are saying ‘how can the eternal one be the cause of killing?’ I can say very clearly the highest spectrum of the Existence – atma - soul is touching the lowest spectrum of the practicality - physical action.

Please understand the highest spectrum of soul - the Existence - consciousness without losing its purity, without losing its formula of existence… see neither killing nor getting killed is the way of existence for consciousness. But that ultimate truth, without losing its ingredients…. see the consciousness has many ingredients - many kalyana gunas – the auspicious qualities. In that one quality is neither getting killed nor being a cause for killing means achala - unmoving - not being cause or the effect of anything which is happening. So that pure spectrum of Existence, that pure presence landing in human action without losing its grace and the formula of existence.

Let me try to give you some example like a man who is really, really rich; the richest man without removing any of his suit costly dress and the diamond rings and watches with full make up… full… fully dressed coming down to the sewage and cleaning it without losing his grace, but cleaning the sewage. Understand his highest spectrum of Existence without removing any of his paraphernalia or his qualities expressing his grace and wealth coming down and cleaning the lowest dirtiest place. 

Krishna without losing his way of existence, his components of existence, his formula of existence, he is bringing his pure presence into the lowest action. Lowest action on the planet earth is killing somebody; the panchama patakas. Killing is the first sin worst sin the lowest action; especially killing your teacher – acharya; forget about guru, Acharya. Acharya droha itself is considered to be the…one of the worst killings. He is bringing the purest form of Existence to the lowest level of action. Please understand, through this, only action is getting purified. Presence is not becoming dirty. There is a big difference.

Sometime the richest man comes with all his jewels watch and everything, gets into the drain – drainage; he becomes dirty and goes out. He does not clean the drainage. So that is totally different. Then you should say drainage made richest man dirty; not that rich man made drainage clean. So here Arjuna tried his best to make Krishna dirty when Arjuna gave all his dharmic logical arguments. How can we live after killing these fellows? Come on let us become a sadhu and beg and eat. If Krishna says yes, yes oh Arjuna you are such a great dharmic person. I forgot all the things I learnt from Santibani because I was all the time remembering about gopikas. Anyhow you reminded me and now I learnt the lesson. come on now let’s turn the chariot and go back. Then you can say drainage has dirtied rich man. But now it is not the case; the pure Presence without compromising its existence, its anantha kalyana gunas - auspicious qualities, landing to the lowest action and purifying it.

I tell you beautiful incident from Ramakrishna’s life; one guy who is addicted to alcohol, extremely addicted can’t live without it. His body will start shivering if he doesn’t drink. One drunkard who can’t stand without drinking, he goes to Ramakrishna and says Bhagavan ... one great thing Ramakrishna was respected as an incarnation even while he was in the body. Very rarely few people I know who have been respected at least by their disciples as incarnation; Swami Narayan, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharishi. Not the whole society accepted; whole society can never accept. Whole world can never accept. If that happens then satya yuga will come and what will happen to kali yuga.

Anyhow this… this guy goes and begs ‘Bhagavan please somehow liberate me. I am a sinner caught in this drinking unable to escape’. Ramakrishna says ‘All right, from tomorrow before drinking, take the bottle pour little in your hand and offer it to Mother Kali. Do the offering then drink the bottle.’ This fellow got little confused and he says ‘What do you mean? You mean to say I will be I will stop drinking, I will not be able to drink just by this act? That’s all is the solution, something great then. You are the best master for me’. That fellow one side can’t believe it can help. The other side he thought such a simple solution! Great! Come on let us enjoy then! But after two days that guy comes and falls at the feet of Ramakrishna and cries ‘Bhagavan I am not able to drink I don’t know what you have done.’

One of the main things human beings do not know is power of initiation. When a Master puts certain words into you, when those words start working in you, you do not know what all is going to happen in you. I can say the one liner for initiation is ‘Expect the unexpected’. Expect the most unexpected is the one line introduction for initiation.

Somebody goes to Sharada Devi. That guy is a womanizer. Womanizer very dirty guy; not only mentally even physically, perverted guy. Sharada Devi was very beautiful lady. If you see her first photograph it is taken at the age of fortys, after Ramakrishna passed away, left the body... but you won’t feel she is forty. You will see very clearly because in that extraordinary sensitivity and grace. She puts her head down in shyness in shy feeling. She will look less than 25. She looked just like Rajeshwari Devi. The moment this fellow enters her room Sharada feels uncomfortable and just covers herself. Then this fellow understood that his eyes are not proper, the way he looks is not proper. That’s why mother is covering herself. He just falls at the feet and asks ‘ma free me from this lustful eyes and my womanizing habit. Sharada Devi had a betel leaf next to her. She takes one leaf and puts it at her feet…. the right thumb she puts that leaf and just takes that leaf and gives it to him and says eat this.

The reminiscence says… that guy writes the reminiscence after 22 years of this incident. He says ‘I forgot whether I am a male or female from that betel leaf; over. Forget about womanizing, I did not go near even my wife. I stopped even going near my wife. I don’t know what has happened to me. He writes after 22 years ‘now when I am writing the incident only I even remember 22 long years passed without having women in my life. He says two night is the maximum gap; but now 22 years ….just one betel leaf!’

Understand the power of initiation. Whenever you receive certain words don’t come to conclusion without living these words, practicing these words. If that guy thought ‘ehh ordinary betel leaf, that also she put her feet on it, dirty betel leaf. How can that clean the dirt in my mind?’ Then you can be sitting for your whole life. And at least this is a betel leaf. Ramakrishna’s solution just a word hmmm pour it in your hand offer it to Kali and again pour it and pour inside over. Oh Ma Kali Oh Ma kali oh Ma Kali and drink; over. What is this? What kind of solution? But power of initiation!!

When the highest Existence lands to the lowest action, the lowest action is purified. I promise Arjuna did not kill anybody in the war. Krishna did not cause killing in the war. Because such pure presence!!!