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Bhagavad Gita

It’s all in the Game!


DATE: Day 30: Sep 21st 2011

Please understand there is a part of you which goes on changing. For example; at the age of 7 who were you; you are not the same at the age of 20, you are not the same at the age of 50. The part which is changing is continuously dying. You don’t need to worry about that. The part which does not change will never die. It is there forever. It is going to be there forever. Please understand the part which changes and part which does not change. You assume yourself as mixture of both. You assume yourself as mixture of both. 

na jayate mriyate va kadacin nayam bhutva bhavita van a bhuyah |
Ajo nityah sasvato yam purano na hanyate hanyanmane sarire ||  

There is part of you which never dies and that is real you. But you have freedom to associate yourself with the part which dies also and suffer; no problem.

See there is some utility for you, immediate utility for you when you associate yourself with the part which changes. Life looks more colorful. You can taste rasogulla, you can taste green chili, you can have little fight; you can have little so called love. You can play with all these games. I tell you, I am telling you exactly sacred secret from my experience whether a taste or a sound or smell or seeing or touching; exactly this is what I feel arey it’s just a joy, play. You also entered into this play only like a casual choice. It is not that you are interested in getting bound and suffering with these 5 senses and being tortured, no! How I am playing that is the way you started; you just forgot it is the play you started in between the play, nothing else. I am still remembering aey arey I started; if it is not there ok go… next.

My association with the perishable part of me is casual, non serious, not a committed relationship, a casual flow. In your life it is so unfortunate. It is really, really, really unfortunate, your relationship with your perishable parts, that perishable dimension has become serious commitment. Let me be very honest. When I had the fracture in the hand, all I did just only one thing, aey if it can be perished, if it can be destroyed, it can never be useful for me because my mission is to be with something which can’t be destroyed, to awaken that something which can’t be destroyed in everybody. So for that only this whole play. So naturally if something is going to be destroyed, that is not going to be useful for me. Forget about it.

And I saw there was no suffering because of something which can be destroyed. I am not saying, in one hour immediately body got healed. No. of course it got healed in 50% of time. Doctors expected and they said usually this kind of fracture takes at least 6 months but within 3 months it got healed. That is different but all I am trying to tell you even that healing is not a main effect I wanted to share with you. I wanted to share with you one thing, that perishable cannot bring suffering for you. Don’t take your relationship with perishable objects as a serious commitment. It is not committed relationship. It is a casual.

Again and again you forget there is some part of you which does not perish. Any action you do, any decision you make based on this understanding, the part of me is non perishable is tapas. The more and more tapas, more and more expansion of your existence, more and more you are expanding this great truth like it is not killed when the body is killed. Understand when Krishna says aey you don’t get killed, there was never a time I never existed or you never existed, there will never be a time both of us are not going to be existing. Keep quiet and fight. Means what? He is directly giving you the initiation. Even if you don’t realize that now, you don’t worry. I am doing what needs to be done. Go ahead.

He is initiating, giving assurance. See I just know all your suffering that you have not become enlightened also is useless. All your suffering because of your non enlightenment, please understand there is a two thing. Because you are not enlightened out of your ignorance, you do some foolish things. Only those things are dangerous but if you have the intense yearning and suffering that you are not enlightened that is useless, that is not a big thing, that is no need for that; just one assurance from a master can remove that. Krishna is first removing that suffering. Aey even if you think you are not enlightened don’t bother. When this whole body is useless for you, all the engrams which are obstructing you from enlightenment, they will also become useless. That time I can just take all these things out and give you the enlightenment.

You need to know the context and this fellow, this Krishna has kidnapped a girl for Arjuna and got her married to Arjuna and Arjuna has done all possible things to get girls for Krishna. This kind of a relationship and these 2 fellows know each other thoroughly and I don’t think Krishna will have any doubt that Arjuna is a womanizer. Of course naturally Arjuna can never have any doubt. This word womanizer may be hurting us but the truth is truth. We have to tell that. And both the fellows are this close and suddenly one friend is telling the other friend aey “ na jayate mriyate va kadacin nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyahand even when your body gets killed the atman does not get killed. Don’t worry. arey to utter this word to your friend who knows completely all about you, it needs kind of a certain sacred platform.

I think Krishna got the confidence that there is a sacred platform by the Arjuna's devotion and dedication. The way Arjuna is listening. Otherwise Arjuna would have told directly Krishna aey I know what all cunning play you do in your life and how many fellows you cheated in how many ways and don’t play with all these games with me. It’s my life and death question. Leave me baba I am running. Arjuna could have done that because Arjuna knows all the things Krishna does and Arjuna could have told Krishna aey you yourself ran away from the war when you felt you can’t handle. Actually Krishna ran away once. That’s why he is called Rannchor. He ran away from the war. In Gujarat there is temple especially for that Krishna who ran away from the war.

So Arjuna could have told aey don’t play all this game. Don’t talk all these big, big things. I know when you ran away. He knows but beyond all the actions of Krishna certain click has happened for Arjuna with Krishna. I tell you the unbroken Guru Bhakti can happen only when you start looking at me beyond all my actions. Please understand I do not do any action. Now I am saying I am not talking to you; if it clicks with you your devotion can never be shaken. None of my action can be understood by you because I am not acting. I have no action.

See action needs certain components - will, ambition, energy and execution. Whatever you see as action in me, 99% of those components are missing. Then how will you call this as an action? All the components for action is missing. It is so unfortunate that people impose their ambition and reason and logic behind their actions to my actions which does not have all that. Only when you click with the Master beyond His actions you are safe forever. Fortunately that click has happened for Arjuna. I tell you to live with a disciple with whom that click has happened is a heaven for an incarnation.

Incarnation decide to live on planet earth for a longer period when they see at least few disciples for whom the click has happened beyond the action of an incarnation. Understand if you realize, if you understand my actions do not have the ambition, reason, logic which you usually have it when you do the same action is not there in my action, when this clicks with you, your devotion becomes unshakable.