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Bhagavad Gita

Drop everything but Your Self!


DATE: Day 28: Sep 19th 2011

Experience that by which this whole is pervaded is indestructible. Nothing whatsoever can bring about the ruin of that which is imperishable. Please understand teacher is the one who adds more words to the scriptures and makes you understand. Master is a person who adds intense experience to those words and makes you experience.

I am not interested in adding any words to this Gita, this verse. See I don’t want to just pick up the word. Ahhh here is the word avinaashi and go on talking about that word avinaashi for ten hours. No. I am not interested in it. That is a teacher’s job. The real Master’s job is, in what context in what situation this word has become reality for Arjuna, I want you to experience that same situation and these words should become experience to you.

I tell you the real non violence happens only when you lose all your personal ambition. All your personal ambitions you should either understand it is futility or realize the fulfillment. Only when your personal ambitions are nullified, only when you feel you have nothing more to achieve, nothing further to move, you are in complete restful awareness. Even your bio memory does not get kindled by anything. Anything seen heard imagined, seen heard and imagined; when all these three does not agitate perturb awaken your bio memory the space you rest only that space can teach you what is non violence.

As I said only a man whose ambitions are fulfilled will be in astheya - non stealing; only he can understand non possessiveness - aparigraha; only he can understand non violence -ahimsa. All of you need to understand this great truth. Never, never you can achieve non violence unless you experience the overflowing of your being. See the overflowing of your being can be done by many ways.  One realizing the futility of your ambitions which makes you more and more empty, realization of futility of your ambitions; another one way realizing the fulfillment of all your ambitions.

When you feel fulfilled, when you feel….. experience of feeling that life is too much for you…. not in a wrong sense like a load. No. Experiencing so much is in front of you and you don’t know what to do with it; with that experience with that mood anything you do is seva. I am trying my best to describe this in words because I went through this. When I first realized I am imperishable, you see please understand usually first time when your bio memory realizes it is imperishable it’s almost like a fluke only it happens.

It’s like little gold but lot of waste is all mixed and boiling is happening. So first the gold part will melt but still all the unnecessary things dust and dirt will be there. But this melted gold will take care and burn all the other dust material. I am telling you exactly as it happened in me. At the age of 12 when this concept I am indestructible and imperishable, when it clicked with me, it happened like a accident only. To tell you honestly like a fluke only it happened. And it’s not that 100% of me is established in that. See 100% of me is convinced about it but not established in that. When my bio memory was convinced about that truth then I started ironing out my life, thinking, action, based on the truth I realized.

Please understand one part of me experienced this truth like a click, a fluke; that I am indestructible, all pervading, imperishable. You see that all pervading brings all the other two understanding. When I had this understanding one part of me it became experience; that’s what I call gold part of me. But there was other parts for which this truth has become a conviction. I got convinced but still all those bio memory was getting boiled, getting cleansed. I tell you even that cleaning time is such a sweet experience.

In Shiva purana there is a beautiful story called Udal. Udal means the Devi know her whole life is Shiva’s but even then she tries to get the attention of Shiva by small, small fights. She just tries to fight with Shiva to get his attention. At least with Krishna I can imagine he will give you attention if you fight in a small, small way and he is that kind of a guy who is interested in keeping all the relationships alive. So he will bend for you; even if you fight he will say ok, ok. Don’t worry no, no, no, no, no. I did not mean that I meant this. He will give different interpretation for his words and all these things, pacifying everything and go on. Shivaaaaa - ’eh get lost!’ Either you are here or you are not here get out; that’s it. She tries to have this small, small fight.

I can describe exactly the same way - I felt my individual identity has already realized it lost its base. It can no more claim any insecurity arguments it presents in front of me for any of my actions. It cannot present any argument about greed or fear to me and justify its independent existence. Please understand your individual consciousness, what you think as you, it gives all types of justification for its individual existence. If you remove all those justifications it loses its base and simply dissolves into the cosmos.

My individual identity has already realized it has no argument to justify its independent existence. So the basic connection has happened. But still it wants to get little.... it’s like you know you have to do this work but you just want to get attention from Swamiji.... ‘ehhhhh can you tell me how to do?’ This all with work with Krishna not with Shiva; he just says get out and get lost. Either you do it on your own or nothing can be done. I tell you if you want the further purification of your bio memory, these great clicks to settle down in you, the only way is living/leaving it.

Actually Krishna gives a solid truth and experience in Saankhya yoga itself. After this it took at least few hours for Arjuna to completely get convinced and start fighting. I can say this Saankhya yoga is like a first experience. If Krishna kept quiet, in half an hour Arjuna would have burnt all his bio memory and stood up and fought. After this Saankhya yoga Krishna did not speak at all. But Krishna is a type of guy who will always try to no no no, no no no, no no no. That is why he is attending all the attention need questions of Arjuna.

I tell you honestly, after Saankhya yoga - this second chapter, nothing to speak. If I have to describe the scene, Arjuna was in terrible depression. He is not even able to raise his head and Krishna putting his hand on the Arjuna’s shoulders, lifting his chin with the other hand teaches Saankhya yoga. The moment Saankhya yoga is over Arjuna, wow! The extraordinary light has happened in his eyes and he is ready. But he just does not want to accept the victory of Krishna.

See if Arjuna come out just like that in depression…from depression and says ‘wow come on lets fight’, now its victory for Krishna. That is too much. He heard everything and whole thing is clear. But now he just covers the light in his eyes; takes the edge of Krishna’s cloth…. ‘No Krishna whatever you are saying seems right but you are telling something about bhakti na what is that? When you spoke about yoga you said yogi is the best guy and you say do bhakti to me. What is all about this?’

Fool! Here we are talking about fight. It is all about waging war. After the Saankhya yoga it is all about the melted golden part of you; means the…. It’s like you have your individual identity standing with 100 logic away from the cosmic truth and almost 80 logic has lost its base and you have fallen into the cosmic truth; but that remaining 20 legs it can’t help you to stand but it can help you to fight. The whole problem for a spiritual seeker is that 20 legs. Now anyhow it’s like a…..

Visualize this. There is a huge pot where gold is getting melted. There is another one small pot in which the gold is there. Because of this heat that pot gold also is getting melted. That pot has a 100 leg. When this gold has melted 80 legs have fallen and that pot has fallen into this means that gold has become part of this partially. But that gold is trying to use that remaining 20 legs as the hands to swim and jump… go out. This 20% is the real suffering. But I can tell you from my experience that 20% has its own sweetness also. It’s like love fights. And you simply know nothing can be done. You are already done but you have the small fight. You always love to have that small fight. Overflowing…. feeling life is a too big blessing is what Krishna is trying to make Arjuna understand.

See I tell you one more thing; even if you don’t realize that consciousness is imperishable, you are imperishable. I wanted to break an important truth. Even if you don’t become enlightened, if you don’t realize you are imperishable, you are going to dissolve into that only. It is like…. gold when it is put into mercury it will melt. There is a huge mercury pot which is a cosmic intelligence, cosmos. Two gold coins are there. One gold coin feels it knows the truth - the moment it falls into the mercury it will dissolve into the mercury it will become one with the mercury. This coin only is enlightened gold. And this other gold it does not understand any of this and it feels deeply insecured…. ‘If I fall into this mercury what will happen? I will disappear into this. I will die and my identity will be lost.’ This is unenlightened gold coin.

Whether enlightened gold coin or unenlightened gold coin both are going to disappear into mercury. I tell you then only one utility value for enlightenment is when you are away from mercury you can be with joy or suffering; that’s all.