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Bhagavad Gita

Science to Decode Pain and Pleasure


DATE: Day 26: Sep 17th 2011

Today I will start with the 14th verse 2nd chapter of Bhagavad Gita.

maatraa-sparshaastu kounteya sheetoshna-sukha-duhkhadaah |
aagamaa-paayino’nityaah tans-titikshasva bhaaratha II 2.14

maatra sparshaha tu kaunteya sheeta ushna sukha dukhadaha agama apaayinaha anithyaha taan titikshasva bharata

‘Oh son of Kunti through the contact of the senses with the objects there results heat and cold which in turn give rise to pleasure and pain and these have a beginning and an end. Oh descendent of Bharata understand discrimination that they are impermanent and ignore them’…’Oh descendant of Bharata understand with discrimination that they are impermanent and ignore them.’

Verse after verse Krishna is throwing atomic bombs; the inner atomic bombs. If the samskaras are to be destroyed, the engrams have to be destroyed; these verses are the best inner atomic bombs. See it’s not a moral teaching; understand that is the main thing. And a person like Krishna does not believe in morality, understand that… He does not believe in the so called social moralities. And he has done everything antisocial and illegal. I am telling you everything which is antisocial when he existed illegal when he existed. When he was in the body whatever was antisocial and illegal he has done everything.

A girl asks... a small story... a girl asks a man will you love me after marriage also. The boy says that depends on your husband if he allows me. You are laughing. This is what Krishna has done. Radha is married. Do you know? Radha is married to somebody else. She was already married when these two fellows were having affair. Whatever is considered as immoral, antisocial, illegal, he has done everything. Man like him, if he speaks, understand it is a straight truth; not tainted or painted or coated or mixed with any of the social norms and rules and regulations.

Please understand just like immorality morality also equally contaminates spirituality. The mystery of the cosmos is equally contaminated by morality also just like immorality. Don’t think only an immoral person does not understand the mysteries of the universe, only he does not understand the truth of the cosmos. I tell you, many time the habitual morality also makes you miss the mysteries of the cosmos - the habitual morality. Just two days before I was explaining the habitual sacrifice. Habitual sacrifice is not sacrifice even though society praises it, enshrines it. It may be enshined sorry it may be enshrined but never gets enshined. All the things enshrined are not enshined.

When a person like Krishna, when a personality like Krishna speaks, he doesn’t care about any of the conditionings you imbibe in the being in the name of morality in your young age. In the name of morality what you imbibe, maybe it can be a good base for you to pull your life till you are in the body but that does not make you understand the mysteries of the cosmos, the higher spectrums of the consciousness. Don’t take this as moral teachings. Krishna is not Drona. Krishna is not even Bheeshma. Whatever is said and done till the end Bheeshma never became enlightened, never experienced the mystery of the cosmos. Only in the end he is liberated by Krishna. So a personality like Krishna does not get tainted by the conditioning of the society in the name of morality.

The biggest problem I have is the moment I repeat these words…. Krishna says ‘All the pain and pleasure are the objects coming in contact with the senses which results in heat and cold. All these have a beginning and end; oh Arjuna understand and ignore them’; immediately you will make a frame. Yes now I will not eat; I will renounce my gongura chutney. I will renounce my pleasure of touch. I will renounce my pleasure of seeing. Immediately you form some moral codes and make decisions. That is what neither Krishna wanted nor I wanted.

I want you to understand; please understand I want you to understand these words so deeply, it becomes your bio memory, so your cognizance is taken based on this understanding. That’s all I wanted. I am not asking you please stop your gongura chutney or stop your ice cream or drop your physical enjoyments or drop your desire to see something, drop your anxiety to taste something, drop your anxiety to hear something. No! I want you to understand the science of senses, science of getting embodied and disbodied. In this sutra Krishna is not telling how to live, he is telling how to be.

You see when some surgery need to be done for you, first your body is put on operation table and wherever you need to go through surgery, that part is opened. After opening, the doctors see what needs to be done and they alter, clear it, put inside; if you are fortunate they don’t put their scissors also inside and finally stitching is done. Same way; in the meditation process, just sit and open yourself completely.

See this whole NSP is just for you sitting and opening yourself. Come on let me see where all I have pus, where all I have blockage. What do I really feel about me? Where am I heading? Is my understanding about me and my life is growing or is this go on shrinking? If there is so much of corruption is going on in the accounts what naturally a CEO will do? He will stop all the transactions get everything, open, tear them to pieces and evolve the system, process. Same way, stop all the transaction for two three days, stop all the process inside you and relax and look in. Something seriously wrong….. Where am I heading? How am I going to survive?

Do not tolerate even one inch suffering, I tell you. Life is not for it. Have the attitude of constantly doing open heart surgery for yourself. Every manana session you go through is open heart surgery for you. Every time when you sit with some great truth…. analyze, work out. It is open heart surgery for you. If you are not ready to do that then get ready for post mortem. No other way, then post mortem is the only solution; postmortem maybe useful for the next generation. It will not be useful for you.

So don’t make any frame, rule, the moment you hear Krishna’s words. No. Sit and see; what is the root mental pattern for all my actions? Touch that root mental pattern. You may be having the mental pattern - whenever certain pleasure arises that is going to be eternal or whenever certain pain arises, suffering comes, depression comes, you feel it is going to be there forever. That is what is the wrong cognizance. Take Krishna’s words as a writ petition. Analyze, take the right cognizance, then start living. Krishna’s words are not law. If you take them as a law you will have a intrinsic hatred towards it.

Please understand Krishna is not giving any commandment. See ‘when the senses come in contact with the objects the heat and cold is experienced in a subtle way in the senses which in turn gives rise to the pleasure and pain. These have a beginning and an end.’ So today try to experiment. Completely become aware of your tongue. Take a piece of chocolate or candy - some sweet. Take a green chilly…. one side of the tongue touch the sweet, other side of the tongue touch the green chilly and see what is happening exactly; how the heat and cold is getting raised. Please understand don’t name them as pain and pleasure. See how the heat and cold is happening. What kind of change.

I am giving you one example. You can do it with anything; with anything. You can do with anything. Experiment with your body - how the heat and cold raises pleasure and pain, how when the heat turns into cold pleasure turns into pain or pain turns into pleasure when the cold turns into heat, how the pain turns into pleasure and pleasure turns to pain.

Understand unless you experiment on you, unless you experiment on you, you will not go to the depths of right understanding about pain and pleasure. Krishna is not giving these words for social morality. He is giving these words as a part of the teachings of mystery school, part of the teachings to the spiritual research; he is giving this as a hypothesis for the science of enlightenment. Life in every step should make human beings understand the mysteries of the cosmos.

Please understand your education should guide you to explore the mysteries of the universe not just the universe which you are seeing with your eyes; the source of the universe which you can only perceive by your sixth sense called intelligence. Your society, entertainment, law, education; everything should guide your life to explore and experience the universe and the consciousness.