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Bhagavad Gita

Death can never Touch You


DATE: Day 25: Sep 16th 2011

I will continue on the same verse which I was expanding yesterday’s satsang; 13th verse 2nd chapter.

dehino’smin yathaa dehe kaumaaram yauvanam jaraa |
tathaa dehaantara-praptihi dheeras- tatra na muhyathi II 2.13

This verse is the foundation of the thought trend evolved as Vedic tradition. Please understand maybe this Gita is uttered long after Vedic tradition evolved. But I tell you this truth is the basis for the whole Vedic tradition. Maybe all my words are uttered after the Vedic tradition is evolved but many of the words I am uttering forms the basis of the Vedic tradition. This statement of Bhagavan ‘just as the embodied one goes through tenderness of boyhood, bloom of youthfulness and infirmity of old age in this body, in the same manner he takes on another body’. The awakened one who knows this does not get perplexed.

All of you everyday becoming old; nobody wants to listen to this word. But the truth is truth. Every day you are aging. Even biology says everyday some parts of your body is disappearing and new parts are getting created. Once in 365 days your whole body is completely replaced every cell is replaced. Not even one cell remains as same after 365 days. But you don’t feel the suffering of discontinuity from childhood to youth and youth to old age.

Understand it is not only in the physical level, even in the psychological level you are not the same person who you were at the age of 25. You are not the same person who you were at the age of 7. Child is not youth, youth is not old man. Old man is not…. old man was not youth and youth was not a child. But you don’t feel the suffering of discontinuity. You don’t get perplexed by this change. Why…. because the percentage of change is negligible than the percentage of continuity.

What you feel as you, with what you identify as you, in that the percentage of change is lot less than the percentage of continuity. You feel you are body and mind. So in that the percentage of continuity is more stronger, the percentage of change very negligible. As I gave you the calculation yesterday it is only .0027%. If I take human life as 100 years, at least supposed to be, if I take as 100 years .0027% is the change you go through every day.

You need to know one important fact, even after your so called death for three months your hair and nail continues to grow. Your hair and nail continues to grow even after your so called death. That is why whenever the jeeva samadhis are created they have the habit till three months they will open again and again and shave it and cut the nail. When the masters leave the body, in jeeva Samadhi, means they just keep the body and the Samadhi is built all around, they don’t fill the Samadhi with any other material. Just body is kept; so the Samadhi is opened and cleaning the hair and cutting the nail is done for next three months.

Body is constantly changing mind is constantly changing. But you don’t get perplexed by the change because what you feel as you in that only .0027% change is happening. If you feel one hand is broken or one leg is broken you get perplexed because the change is too much now. It can be even 3% to 4%. See when you are having bigger changes you do get perplexed. So now the formula, the sutra, the truth, sacred secret you need to understand from this verse is - if you awaken your inner self, means if you understand with a simple understanding you are not just body mind, you are body mind and spirit also.

Many translators go on translating you are not the body you are the soul. I tell them no…. don’t do that mistake. You are body also… you are mind also. But when you realize you are consciousness also, you are atman also; the percentage of the body and the percentage of the mind becomes negligible.

It is like you have a vast space, when you shift your cognizance about yourself when you shift your understanding about yourself, when you perceive your higher existence, I tell you even the death and birth is like everyday night falling asleep, morning waking up. Even the birth and death is like sleeping in the night and morning waking up. Unfortunately human beings were so deluded, human beings are so ignorant and deluded now, even every night sleeping and morning waking up has become almost like a death and birth.

Gita is saying let your death itself become like a sleep and waking up. But ordinary ignorant mind is gone to the level even the everyday sleeping has become like a death. There are so many people who can’t even sleep. Understand; the cognizance you take about yourself is the root cause of all the joy and suffering you go through. Understand life is imprisonment you are caught nothing can be done about it. I am telling you the straight truth. The only thing we can do about it is unclutch and understand you are consciousness. You are trying for freedom with wrong understanding; change of place does not lead to freedom. Change of inner space leads to freedom.

Continuity is the law even if you die. There can be 1000s of realizations, freedom from 1000s of problems, the moment you understand the truth of continuity - nothing is going to discontinue everything continues to exist. To the detail of your experience if you have felt money plays a major role in your life - that will continue after your death. If you feel your spiritual struggle plays the major role in your life - that will continue after your death. If you feel your relationships are important experiences in your life - that will continue even after your death. You will be associated with the same group of people again in some way.

Till you realize the truth, till you experience the ultimate, till you liberate yourself continuity happens in all plains. Only when you have Inner Awakening, when your kundalini is awakened, when you realize, when you take the right cognizance about yourself, I tell you, if you…. the moment you take the right cognizance about yourself that you are body mind and spirit also immediately kundalini awakens in you and body starts levitating. Just this understanding is enough.

You can try; just try to remember in your inner space I am body mind and something more, maybe conscious or spirit or the energy which makes me function, suddenly the rush of energy. Even the understanding can give you the experience of levitation. Nothing else is required; just the understanding.