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Bhagavad Gita

Logic is not Truth


DATE: Day 23: Sep 14th 2011

Today we will enter into the 12th verse of 2nd chapter Sannkhya yoga.

na tvevaaham jaatu naasam na tvam neme janaadhipaah |
na caiva na bhavishyaamah sarve vayamatah param II 2.12

“The translation says there was not a time when in the past I did not exist nor was there a time when you and these kings did not exist. There will neither be a time when all of us would cease to exist after this war.”

Krishna is straight away giving the truth. Please understand; you need to understand the context of this verse uttered. Blessed are those who listen to the great words intimately. Please understand this is not an intellectual statement. Here the close friend with whom Krishna grew together, the close friend is standing in depression and ready to do whatever you say, putting his whole life at risk. It is such an intimate moment. Understand even ordinary man will not tell a lie in this situation…..Person like Krishna!

This is not a statement uttered by somebody sitting in a stage to somebody who may, may not listen. Gita loses its grace when you speak from the stage to unknown people. Blessed are those who sit with the intimacy of Arjuna with me now, sit with the feeling connection of Arjuna. You see Arjuna is, he is practically grew up together; both of them have grew up together, both of them are from the same Gurukul Santibani. Both of them are from same Gurukul; they grew up together.

I can say that it is an intimate moment; a situation of life and death. Not only Arjuna knows Krishna thoroughly they were classmates and glassmates both. They were doing all good things together and naughty things together; too close…. that kind of a intimacy, personal connection. And he is in depression and he says you are my…. I am your disciple I will listen to you. Please instruct me. I am taken over by the suffering and confusion. Even ordinary people…. I can say even worst people will not talk…. not only they will not talk anything wrong; they will not waste time beating around the bush. They will not waste time beating around the bush at these kinds of moments.

I tell you unless I make you understand the context, the power of these words, you won’t understand. It’s like… somebody who lives with me for 50 years and takes care of me from morning till night, giving me food and taking care of my clothes and serving me. He knows my whole life. I don’t need to prove to him I am God. Naturally he also won’t serve me if he is not convinced; that kind of person…. is so close. You see unless you feel a strong feeling connection, unless that person also reciprocates that strong feeling connection, you can’t live with somebody for 50 years and all; after all its not a marriage. It’s a guru disciple relationship. There is no compulsion to live.

But somebody who lived like that with me, at the moment of death he holds my hand and asks…..when he is about to leave the body he is asking me ‘Swamiji give me one word which I can hold on and reach your feet when I leave the body’ will I have time to talk all nuisansical philosophy there? Will I have time to talk all nonsensical words there? It is such an intimate situation where I need to tell the truth exactly as it is.

When a truth gets marketed it becomes religion. When commercials are created and spread naturally it becomes religion. Sometime the worst part is when fanaticism is added it become even terrorism! I wanted all of you to know the truth as it is, is too simple. But to listen to that, to imbibe that, you need simple feeling connection. Arjuna is going to take whatever Krishna says in face value. Arjuna is trusting Krishna’s intelligence more than his logic. He just… he is desperate. He just wants the truth. Here Arjuna does not even want a logical support of all the statements Krishna is making. He just wants straight guidance…. instruction.

That is why Krishna beautifully opens up and says…. I tell you this statement can never be logically proved. This can only be realized in intimacy. This can never become realization in any of you by logical conviction. No. It can only become realization in all of you by the personal intimate feeling connection. Feeling connection is the ground where the seed becomes the tree; not the logic. Feeling connection is the ground where if the seeds are sown, seeds of the truth, it becomes the reality of experience, the tree of experience. Here Arjuna is having the tremendous feeling connection.

There were two enlightened masters in a small village. One achieved enlightenment through Advaita the monistic philosophy non dualistic philosophy. Other one achieved enlightenment through the Bhakti; so both of them were staying in the same village. Of course they did not have any big conflict but both of them will always be playing with each other trying to prove the greatness of the path they travelled.

So one day this first guy, the advaiti, he went and wrote in the temple wall in a big way SOHAM means I am that. This bhakta who is a….who achieved enlightenment through the dualistic path, he went and just added just one letter DA. It became DASOHAM. I am your servant. But these advaitis are always clever. Next day he went again and put the word SA in front of that SADA SOHAM; always I am that. Dvaitis may not be clever but they will always have that fanatic perseverance. They will not give up. They will have that tremendous patience. Again this fellow went and put one more DASADASOHAM. He put the word…he put the letter DA. Then it became DASADASOHAM. But naturally advaiti is not going to keep quiet. He went and put one more SA; SADA SADA SOHAM. It goes on and on and on.

But I tell you as knower of both joys, please understand I am not the knower of the both joys only in the ultimate space. See in the ultimate space both are one and the same; that is different. I am knower of both the joys from the A to Zee. Understand when you start as an advaiti and travel as an advaiti end as an advaiti, all the joys and sufferings you face; when you start as a dvaiti bhakta devotee, travel as  a devotee and achieve the ultimate; in that journey also all the joys and pains you face, I have seen both completely from A to Zee. Understand from my experience I tell you nothing like the taste of DASOHAM. The receptive, being a receiver; nothing compared to the taste of that. See ultimately it is one. But when you are travelling the journey is so sweet with the mood of receiver.

In the tremendous feeling connection Krishna is uttering there was not a time when in the past I did not exist.