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Bhagavad Gita

So why are you suffering?


DATE: Day 21: Sep 12th 2011

Let’s enter into today’s subject 8th verse in 2nd chapter of Bhagavad Gita - saankhya yoga

Na hi prapashyaamimamaa-panudyaad Yach-choka-mucchoshana-mindriyaanaam|

Even if I gain a thriving kingdom that has no rival on this earth and even lordship over the Gods I surely do not see how that can destroy this deep anguish that is parching my sense organs.

Wow! First time Arjuna is talking intelligently. Understand, the moment you surrender the first thing happens to you, the moment you become disciple you find the right problem. Understand till now Arjuna was talking different, different problems. All are his engrams not real problems. The moment he said I am your disciple he is talking about real problem. I think the power of the engram over the Arjuna has mellowed down.

Please understand all these verses he uttered earlier, all these verses, in that he was talking ‘Oh how can kill my father, how can I kill my mother, how can I….. swajanam swajanam swajanam and what will happen to the pitroos, what will happen to the communities, what will happen to the rajyam, what will happen to the society, what will happen to humanity; all kinds of engram based ideas. The engrams which was put inside he is talking out of that, talking about that.

Please understand till you have, till you are experiencing the sufferings because of engram, you will not find the original suffering. I tell you original suffering is what is described very beautifully in some o the Christian saint’s life as dark night of the soul. The first step is finding the right problem. Here Arjuna finds right problem. He is not stuck with engram based problems. He is coming to the true problem. As long as you are suffering with engram based problems you cannot experience, catch the real problem. Understanding the real problem is what is described in Christian theology as dark night of the soul.

See there are some people, if they are in depression I won’t even care; because it is not real problem, it is engram based problem. If I care they will start building one more engram; ‘Oh if we suffer Swamiji will give attention’. It will become one more engram. No! I won’t even bother. But there are some problem, even if it is a… there is a small depression I will directly attend… if the depression is due to real problem what Arjuna is now going through. He is suddenly looking beyond.

‘Even if I gain this whole kingdom and lord of the Gods, Krishna, I don’t see the anguish parching my sense organs’. He realized the suffering has no reason. As long as you associate some reason for your suffering you are misguided; you are running in the wrong direction. You have not diagnosed yourself properly. When you understand there is no reason for suffering, suffering IS. Your existence is suffering; your Existence is suffering to express your existence to your Existence.

It is like you are suppressed inside you and the suppressed you is trying his best to break free from that suppression and express itself to you. Suffering is not due to some reason. All your effort to find some reasons for suffering is only you yourself trying to miss the real life. Suddenly Arjuna is realizing his sufferings are not due to any reason. Whether he wins or loses, even if he wins and gets control over all the worlds and Gods he feels, how is the anguish that is parching my sense organs are going to be healed. He realizes the original suffering.

When you start suffering and trying to identify some engrams, some reason for the suffering, if you did not find the reason you are blessed. Then you will realize suffering has no reason. It has no reason. It has no reason. Your existence is suffering. The cosmic Existence is suffering to express its existence through your existence. It’s like a child trying to come out of mother’s womb. The enlightenment is trying to come out of you.

When a mother who is delivering a baby tries to find any reason for her pain or suffering, if she feels ‘oh maybe I hit my hand yesterday that is why I am having suffering’.

Ok that can be reason for the pain you feel in your fingers. What about the reason for the pain you feel in your leg? Because when you are delivering a baby your whole body is going to experience that agony that anguish.

What about the pain you feel in your head?

Maybe you can say ‘No I was hitting my head so hard on the bed that is why I am feeling’.

Ok what about the pain you are feeling in your stomach?

Pain is reasonless, all over your existence, just like mother who is delivering, trying to diagnose her pain as a pain in the little finger or pain in the back or pain in the head or pain in the feet. Any reason she discovers for her pain any diagnosis she makes for her pain will be wrong diagnosis and misleading. Same way any reason you find for your anguish for your suffering will be misleading because just like baby is trying to deliver itself, come out of you, the cosmos is trying to deliver itself through you. Till you let that happen you are going to carry that anguish. That suffering is going to be there.

If you try to find any reason for your suffering you will take revenge on that reason. Taking revenge on the wrong reasons continuously is what I call punarapi maranam punarapi jananam; Birth and death and Birth and death and Birth and death. If you wrongly identify your husband as a reason for your anguish you will start taking revenge on him.

Somebody asked me ‘Swamiji why do so many women want same husband for next life also’.

I said ‘Maybe they don’t want to waste the time they took for training him’. The time they spent training him in one life why waste training period. 

If you find your boss as a reason for your suffering, again and again you will take birth to take revenge on him. If you find your relationships as a reason for your suffering you will again and again take birth to take revenge on them. If you find human society as the reason for your suffering you will again and again take birth and become a terrorist to take revenge on them.

Incarnation is almost like a 10000 year soul; the soul which has an intelligence of 10000 year old. Please understand I’ll call a soul as a soul when it has become an independent awakening energy like a pratyagatma chaitanya jagrata. Now any incident happens in front of his life he collects only the lesson from that. When your experiences become reality, emotions become reality, without you taking wrong cognizance and wrong actions due to the wrong cognizance, you are already having pratyagatma chaitanya jagrata; the individual soul awakening; the inner awakening has happened.

I can tell you the whole Bhagavad Gita, Krishna does just this one job - removing the idea somebody is responsible for Arjuna’s sufferng from Arjuna and making Arjuna take right cognizance, stopping him taking the wrong cognizance. You see if Arjuna takes cognizance that somebody is responsible for his suffering like all the people - friends who are standing in front of him or the Krishna who is asking him to wage the war or blaming himself who has taken all the foolish vows in front of public - ‘I will kill all these fellows’ ‘I will kill Karna’ ‘I will do this’ ‘I will do that’. These are the vows Arjuna took in front of public. So either he has to keep up that vow or live in a defamed way. So naturally he will try to blame himself.

Please understand even blaming yourself is wrong cognizance. The whole Gita Krishna does only one job; telling Arjuna not to take wrong cognizance and letting Arjuna’s suffering remain as original suffering and evolve itself to its ananda gandha so that just action happens; it becomes reality without Arjuna taking wrong cognizance. When you stop taking cognizance of any particular reason for your suffering the maturity of the soul starts; the dark night of the soul starts.

The dark night of the soul should not be understood in a wrong way. Please understand it’s a tremendous depression filling your whole being but should not be taken in the wrong sense. It is like a delivery pain. Delivery pain should not be taken as inauspicious. It’s an auspicious experience; to bring one more life to planet earth. Same way the dark night of the soul is the auspicious expression to bring one more enlightened being to the planet earth. I can say the day you experience the dark night of the soul the maturity of the soul starts. The counter starts. Yes one day your soul is matured, two day your soul is matured; then you only receive lessons.

And I wanted to leave you all with this one truth today - stop taking wrong cognizance for your sufferings. Your existence is suffering till enlightenment; because the cosmic Existence is struggling through your existence to express its existence. So don’t take wrong cognizance. Your family is not responsible for your suffering; your friends are not responsible for your suffering; your enemies are not responsible for your suffering. Not even human society is responsible for your suffering. You are suffering because YOU ARE suffering. Cosmos is trying to express its existence through your existence. You are going through a delivery pain. Don’t curse the nurse, don’t curse your husband who made you pregnant, don’t curse the bed, don’t curse the hospital who is taking care of you and don’t take wrong cognizance.