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Bhagavad Gita

Krishna: The Ultimate Friend


DATE: Day 2: Aug 23rd 2011


When a disciple experiences he has a right to update, amend, alter, his Guru’s statements; his own Gurus statements. When Sureshwaracharya became enlightened, naturally he added, commented, contributed his original research and development by writing vartikas on Shankara’s bashyas. Whatever commentary Shankara wrote on Upanishads, Gita, Brahma sutra, many books many of them Sureshwara wrote vartika, means commentary on commentary to express his own R&D.

We allow updation and we encourage updation. We don’t have a problem. But when the transfer of knowledge is happening, when the transmission of lamp is happening, when the initiation is happening, when you are ripening to a self realization enlightenment experience, not only you need to catch the conclusion of the Guru you need to catch the very logical steps of the Guru to reach those conclusions. So personal research and development can be shared only to a friend; only with tremendous friendliness you can share your struggles.

I tell you if I don’t share my struggles I will not be contributing to all of you my original inventions. Whatever I achieved without struggle are all somebody else’s inventions, somebody else’s R&D. When I read Upanishads I did not have complication, conflict with many of the concepts. It means what…. all those concepts are their R&D, not my R&D. So if I share those things I will be giving you only shastra pramana, the truths revealed by the ancient Masters; sometimes which may not be practical for you. You may not be able to directly apply it in your life.

But only when I explain my struggles, only when I explain my conflicts, the concepts with which I had conflict, the concepts with which I fought, the concepts with which I need to work to convince myself to awaken my bio memory to experience those truths, only those incidents those conflicts those contradictions those struggles are my original contribution. Only they are my research and development. Understand they will be directly practical to you in your life because I am carrying a body in the same spectrum you are carrying your body; in the same time frame.

When Krishna says sambhavami yuge yuge he only bothers about the time. He does not say I will happen in same place again and again. He says I will happen again and again based on time. You see, he is only saying at different times I will happen again and again. He is not saying I will happen in different places again and again because he is more bothered about the change of time than the change of geography. He knows the future is going to run based on the time not on geography. The moment the communication revolution has happened geography has lost value, borders have lost value. Still some perverted politicians go on hold the concept of borders.

I have a vision - a borderless planet earth where the whole administration should be with Universities, not eighth grade fail politicians. Most of them can’t even think to run their family. Just because they learnt few ideas, tricks of the trade from somebody, unfortunately they get to rule. All intelligent people move out of this dirty fight. That’s the worst thing happened to politics. All intelligent people doesn’t want to fight and the fellows who wants to fight naturally will not be intelligent. That’s one of the worst thing happened.

Even if you see Gita, Arjuna’s logic seems to be very intelligent. He does not want to fight. But Krishna emphasizes intelligent people need to enter into the fight. Only to a close friend with whom you can open your heart, your struggles can be opened only when you are able to respect somebody more and more by knowing his struggles, the conflicts he went through, success he achieved, you became friend to him. By knowing somebody’s struggles and conflicts if you start judging him there is no friendliness. It is relationship waiting to vomit enmity. It’s a seed sown with poison.

Here Krishna shares Gita to his close friend Arjuna to whom he can really show Vishwaroopa, with whom he has a freedom to say ‘Do it Kaunteya’ son of kunti do it. Finally he goes to the extreme of saying sarva dharman parityajya maam egam sharanam vraja. Give up all your concepts and ideas about right and wrong. Just surrender to me. I will lead you. To say these words what an intimate understanding and feeling connection should have been there between Krishna and Arjuna. He says drop your life at my feet. I will not cheat you, I will think for you. I will see to it you achieve the ultimate; moksha ikshyami masuchaha... I will liberate you.