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Bhagavad Gita

Expand beyond Pain


DATE: Day 16: Sep 6th 2011

Today I will expand on Arjuna vishada yoga some more truths because the Arjuna’s depression is not just an ordinary individual’s depression. It’s almost like black box of an accident. See when an aircraft gets into an accident they retrieve the black box and study why, so that they can avoid future accidents, future mistakes. They can at least stop doing the same mistakes. Same way exactly I am doing black box analysis on Arjuna so that you don’t get into the same moods, same depression, same sufferings.

See Arjuna first expresses his engrams in a very serial way, very clear defined way. Sometime you may-may not catch it. But an intelligent person can exactly understand and identify at least one engram of Arjuna. If you read Arjuna vishada yoga, at least in one place you will feel ‘wow I am exactly in this position in this engram’. This is where I am caught. You can see very clearly first the engram of swajana. You need to understand the idea of swajana, my people.

Please understand life is too complicated. You are not even able to possess your own body. That is the reason different parts of your body is functioning in a different way and it is either leading you to some desires which you are not able to control or leading you to some disease which you are not able to handle. See if you want to restrict your diet and you are not able to, you are addicted to some thing; means you are not even able to possess your own body, control your own body. Same way you don’t want some disease but your body is attracting that disease again and again and making it express in means what??? You are not even having control over your body. You are not even able to possess your body. It’s happening. If you can’t even possess your own body why do you try to possess your son, your brother, your father, your mother; it is life. Each one tries to decide, tries to do something on their own.

See now what Arjuna’s relationships… relations are doing, what Arjuna’s swajana are doing, is not under Arjuna’s control. Whom he feel as his own people are coming directly to wage war on him. But this foolish guy still caught with the idea swajana and he constantly tries, tries, tries, no, no, no…. no, no, no…. my people…. my people. Understand falling for any weakness is sin. I tell you falling for any weakness is sin.

Life is expansion; whether it is societal conditioning or societal commitment or emotional imbalance or the strong engram; whatever may be the reason, falling for weakness is sin. Arjuna does not even know who is his swajana. He is just looking at the people who are standing opposite side of his army to fight with him, to kill him, who have taken the vow to kill him; and he says my brother in laws, father in laws, parents, grandparents!! If you see the funny description, he does not even know who is his swajana.

First thing, even if you know somebody is your swajana, your relation, you can’t possess. Life is too complicated. The moment child comes out of mother’s womb he declares his independence. He declares his freedom. The moment child stands on his own feet he doesn’t accept any economical or social support. He declares his freedom from the parents. Same way...... See that is the source of all relationships. Even in that relationship you can’t possess, you can’t do anything; then what about all other relationships. NO. You need to understand who is your relationship…. who is your relatives.

People who directly or indirectly contribute, encourage, help you to fulfill your life’s mission are your relatives. People who make you complete your life’s mission are your parents. People who carry on the mission you fulfilled in their life further even after you leave the body are your kids. Here Arjuna do not even know who is his relatives.