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Bhagavad Gita

Dharma is not Enlightenment


DATE: Day 15: Sep 5th 2011

Story for you guys - a small story.

When NASA first started sending up astronauts they quickly discovered that ball point pens would not work in the zero gravity. To combat the problem NASA scientists spent a decade and 12 billion to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, under water, on almost any surface including glass and the temperatures ranging from below freezing - 300 degree Celsius. The Russians faced the same problem and they used pencil to write.

Your great grand parents would have discovered pencil who knows…. but if it is not handed over to you in a proper way as an understanding, as a rule, you may be spending again 12 billion and reinventing. To avoid reinvention all the understandings and discoveries of the inner world and a smooth life in the society is compiled and put together as Dharma. Please understand but sometime Dharma can be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused, maybe out dated also.

Some of the rules which you think, gets outdated like train time table. You take the train time table of 2009 and go and stand in the platform waiting for the train. Somebody says no this train won’t come today. It is only scheduled for tomorrow. You say no, no, no in the time table it says; but you forget its last year’s time table. Of course in India even if you have this year’s time may not get the train!! That is different… ok.

Sometime Dharma becomes old time table, old schedule, old understanding. That is the reason incarnations land to upgrade the time table newly, to write new updated principles, to remove the interpolation and remove unnecessary things from whatever you understand as Dharma. Krishna is a smritikara, incarnation came down to create new smriti, new way of living. He came down to create new understanding about Dharma, new energy and new experience.

Life is for eternal expansion. That is why you are programmed with a basic instinct of expansion. The basic instinct you carry is of expansion. But in course of time in the understandings of Dharma, means making you live more happily, productively, joyfully, creatively in the society, some sadist fellows enter to manipulate and exploit. They insert some rules, some vidhi nisheda, dos and don’ts; just to keep human beings in suffering, sadness. Their sadism is sometime becoming part of so called Dharma. Again and again incarnations land on planet earth to remove these sadistic interpolations in dharmic way of living.

Small story; One guy goes to the doctor ‘have you taken my advice and slept with the window open?’

Patient says ‘yes’.

Doctor says ‘so your asthma disappeared completely?’

Patient says ‘No…. but my watch, TV, iPod and laptop have disappeared; not asthma.’

Understand sometime some rules do completely opposite of what is expected to happen. Dharma - the so called rules and regulations of society, when they get outdated, somebody need to happen to update them….. upgrade them. Please understand incarnation is a new edition of consciousness. Every time when an incarnation happens, the fight between Dharma and Moksha happens visibly. See the whole fight between Arjuna and Krishna is the fight between Dharma and Moksha. Whatever Arjuna says will almost sound like truth but not truth; understand something which sounds like truth, not truth.