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Bhagavad Gita

Long live the Caste System!


DATE: Day 13: Sep 3rd 2011

Today I will share some of the deeper insights on community system; 1st chapter 41st verse Arjuna vishada yoga.

When non righteous practices become common oh Krishna, the women of the family become corrupt and with the degradation of womanhood oh descendant of Vrishni ensures inter mixture of castes.

Whether you accept or not whether you understand or not this is the oldest living civilization. How much ever the… someone, some section of the western, perverted historians try to suppress the fact, the fact remains as fact and truth. We are the oldest living, continuously living civilization with 1000s of invaders. They come like a Dravidian movements sometime from outside sometime from inside. They come like a wave but they disappear. We have seen so many foolish movements but the civilization… the Indus civilization, the Saraswati civilization still stands.

There is a beautiful description in the….. some of the Sanskrit literature… when few kings attacked the Saraswati civilization in a very organized way with some extraordinary powers to drive the whole Saraswati so that the whole civilization dies, the story says Saraswati entered inside the earth and started appearing in different places and wherever she wanted the Saraswati civilization to be, she appeared in all those places

Understand, wherever you get bore well water it is Saraswati. All the civilizations which happened based on underground water are Saraswati civilization. It is a very symbolic saying means she has spread her civilization so wide, vast that she can’t be destroyed anymore.