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Bhagavad Gita

Secret of Stable Family


DATE: Day 12: Sep 2nd 2011

Let’s enter into today’s satsang Bhagavad Gita 1st chapter 40th verse Arjuna vishada yoga. Kulakshaye pranashyanti kuladharma hasanatanaha dharme nashte kulam krutsnam adharmo apibavyuta.

With the destruction of dynasty the age old family traditions die and the virtue having been lost vice overtakes the entire race.

Arjuna is giving his predictions. Arjuna is giving his predictions to whom…. Krishna!!! That is the most funny thing. See if he is talking all this to anybody else, all of them will make meaning and Arjuna would have become author of Gita. Only thing, unfortunately Arjuna is talking all these things to Krishna. See all these things are amazing dharma. The logic with which he is putting the words with which he is putting…. unimaginable.

With the destruction of the dynasty the age old family traditions die and virtue having been lost vice overtakes the entire race.

Yes everybody will agree. Even I will agree completely with this as a promoter of stable family and joint family concept. I always feel with the stable family and joint families you have less suffering, less depression, more energy. But to be a stable family and a joint family you need so much of understanding and intelligence. Oh God! It’s almost like you need a group of enlightened beings. It’s a huge effort; especially joint family. It does so much for the inner growth.

I checked, tested, scanned all types of life styles. So from my research for a common man the best lifestyle will be joint families. Either blood related joint families like all brothers living together…… like India we had this system. If the father has five sons… all the five sons even after the marriage will live as a large joint family; so this one type…. or ideological joint families. All of you feel connected vibrant with certain ideology certain concept and all of you gather and live together.