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Bhagavad Gita

Drop your Baggage and be Free


DATE: Day 11: Sep1st 2011

Beautiful story in Bhagavatam; One rich man who does the ekadasi vrata, means he will fast on ekadasi and dwadasi he will call all the devotees and give them all good food and it’s a great, good act, punya. So Krishna appears one day in front of him and asks ‘My son, what do you want? You are doing so many wonderful work.’ Then that guy says ‘If you give me more and more wealth I will be happy to do this service in a big scale.’ Krishna blesses him and lot of diamonds, everything showers. And now you guys don’t even need to visualize how the gems shower and how the treasure showers!!

Anyhow, he showered. And next day another one devotee, one old lady who used to do small prayers but 24 hours she will be thinking and meditating on Krishna; living with Krishna practically. She had only one cow. So one day…. she will finishes her ekadasi vrata and whatever milk she gets she will make butter and call few devotees, Krishna’s devotees and share little, little with all of them and she will also eat. Krishna appears next day in front of her and does not even ask what do you want. He just eats the butter then disappears. That day the only cow she had died; the only cow which she had died.

Then naturally all the gopikas living around Krishna they asked ‘What is this? That guy is already rich and you went and showered more wealth on him and this lady has only one cow and you went and killed that cow and came back. What is this?’ Then he says ‘See that guy wants to live and he is ready to live with lot of engrams. No problem. So he asked for wealth I gave wealth and let him do good work and enjoy and finally exhaust all the engram; when he comes let him come to me for enlightenment. But this lady except this cow she doesn’t have any other engram. This cow is the only engram stopping her becoming enlightened, reaching me completely. So when I went and saw, I saw this is the only engram. So I took away that engram. Now she will reach me completely. She will achieve the parama pada the moksha or jivan mukti; the eternal abode of my feet. So sometime he gives, sometime he takes it away; but you can’t judge it from outside.

Arjuna goes on to teach right and wrong to Krishna. See if you see from outside you will feel what is this? For somebody he is showering for somebody he killed the cow, the only cow which she was having. So different reason; Krishna puts exactly his hand on the engram. You see this guy did not ask for enlightenment. But she is waiting for that only. So whatever you ask, for that he works. Here Arjuna naturally asks for enlightenment. So whatever engram he is having Krishna is first studying so that he can start working on it, removing it.

Yadyapi yete na pashyanti lopo pahata chetasaha kulakshaya krutam dosham mitra drohe cha patakam.

He is almost like child. Arjuna is behaving like a child. How can he talk about right and wrong to Krishna? And he says ‘Oh, oh, oh how can this be done? It is such a sin? Let us see now how he continues on the next verse expressing his depression and engrams. Let us do deeper psycho analysis on Arjuna.