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Bhagavad Gita

Freedom and Relationships


DATE: Day 10: Aug 31st 2011


Now I will enter into the 36th verse; 1st chapter verse 36:

nihatya dartharashtrannaha kaa pritisyath janardhana papamevaashrayeth asman hadvaitana palayinaha.

nihatya dartharashtrannaha kaa pritisyath janardhana papamevaashrayeth asman hadvaa yetaan aatatayinaha

The translation says ‘What pleasure will we get by destroying the sons of Dhritarashtra Janardhana? Only sin will overcome us if we slay these wrongdoers.’

I am seeing the black box of Arjuna; layer by layer how the engrams are there in Arjuna and how he is suffering with those engrams. Please understand, when I read this Arjuna vishada yoga I am 100% sure Bhagavad Gita is the book for enlightenment because whatever he is talking, the Arjuna’s problem, each verse is one strong engram. Arjuna is caught with so many of these engrams. Krishna is here to destroy those engrams and liberate him and make him express the life in a liberated way.

See I am seeing very clearly. First he says swajanam swajanam swajanam... my people my people my people! Almost see this old widows sitting in village and crying ‘ohhh my son! My daughter! My father! My brother!’ The same mood Arjuna is saying swajanam swajanam means the parental conditioning, the first layer of engram. Then he comes…. all the teachings he learnt from the Drona, the conditioning of the acharya - means ordinary dos and don’ts. Please understand sometime ordinary dos and don’ts create  so much of conditionings.

When you see the layer by layer conditioning of Arjuna coming out in this first chapter, I can tell you very clearly this book is book for enlightenment. It is not written just to make Arjuna fight or just for Krishna to fulfill his goal of removing the load on the planet earth Bhoobhara. No. It is straight technique, process, method for enlightenment. First layer of conditioning – swajanam; and the most funny thing is, that conditioning ... see all these relatives, relationship, everything is created for you to live happily. But see the funny thing! Those people are actually going to kill him even then the conditioning has become so strong it is ready to go against the purpose for which it is created.