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Bhagavad Gita

Depression: Your key to Enlightenment


DATE: Day 9: Aug 30th 2011


Arjuna is depressed. Please understand all the souls, individual souls, are depressed. You can’t be anything other than being depressed till you achieve enlightenment. There are only two kinds of people on the planet earth; one enlightened second depressed; that’s all. There is no middle way, there is no in between.

So Arjuna is also depressed. Duryodhana also depressed. But see the beautiful difference. In Duryodhana’s depression - he feels inability, blames everybody. In Arjuna’s depression, even in his depression he doesn’t have any doubt about his efficiency and he does not blame anybody. He is only in need of little more clarity. Please understand Duryodhana’s depression is depression out of inertness and supported by ego. Arjuna’s depression is a depression from restlessness; needs only clarity and intelligence. Arjuna’s depression leads the individual soul towards the fulfillment. Duryodhana’s depression leads the individual soul into more and more, deeper and deeper bondages. That is why even though both of them are depressed, each one of them are given different solutions or each one of them go towards different solutions. There is no Duryodhana vishada yoga. No! There is only Arjuna vishada yoga.

I tell you if you are depressed it is not sin. Don’t worry. But analyze your depression; is it out of inertness or restlessness. Is the depression asking only clarity and intelligence or your very life? Arjuna’s depression is only hungry for clarity, knowledge, truth. Duryodhana’s depression is hungry for life. Duryodhana’s depression swallowed Duryodhana’s life itself. But Arjuna’s depression asked only just little clarity and intelligence and understanding.

If you just study the symptoms of Arjuna’s depression - limbs giving way, mouth parched, skin burning, hair standing on end, the bow and arrow slipping from the hands, unable to stand - these are the descriptions, clear descriptions of the Arjuna’s depression. If you see all the symptoms of Arjuna, medically if you analyze them – denial, fatigue and lack of energy, feeling isolated, these are the some of the medical symptoms. But I will give you the deeper study about depression.

Basically depression is conflict between your social conditioning and brain. Please understand your brain because it happened from the nature, the body it has its own rhythm, flow, life. But when your social conditioning opposes the flow of your nature beyond certain limit, the conflict which starts results in guilt and which leads to frustration and finally depression. Please understand if the social conditioning and your brain flow has only a small conflicts there won’t be much problem. If both of them literally fight, wage war, encounter each other, then starts the depression.

If you look, Arjuna’s depression and Duryodhana’s depression, both of them are confused. Both of them are not able to handle the naked reality. Both of them are not able to handle the side effect and after effect of the decisions they made. When they made the decision they made it only logically means thinking one dimension of it. But they did not make it based on the whole visualization. He is not able to hold the responsibility.

Let me give you one example how people make decisions, very logical decision. But when the reality happens, it happens something which was not imagined by their logic. Please understand when you make decision, when things happen, they are different.