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Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that it is even today used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 31, Paramahamsa Nithyananda illustrates the necessity of maintaining an uninterrupted spiritual practice. He points out that none of us ever feel tired of breathing and wish we could take a holiday from our breath: the process continues seamlessly from birth to death. Likewise, our spiritual practice should be an unbroken thread extending through our entire existence. No fatigue, social activity or work obligation ever interferes with our breathing: just so, daily prayer and worship should not be put aside for any reason.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

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 All the participants who will participate will be gifted with Jeevan Mukti m ala to be worn on Vishuddhi

The place where the air is getting converted into sound means vaak, in that place if you put rudraksha which is energized, constantly eveyr word coming out will have the coat of that mantra. It becomes like the Ajapajapa. Rudraksha should be exactly on the Vishuddhi area. And when you chant the Ishta mantra is the Ishta Devata mantra – Oh hreem Nithaynandeshwaraya namaha or Guru mantra – Om hreem Nithyanandaya namaha. But you should chant it by visualizing it is rotating around the throat where the air is becoming words. Not in the linear vertical way, the mantra should be in a circulating rotating way. See normally you utter in linear way this is japa. Ajapa means the sound and mantra should be moving in cicurlar way. You will when you visualize that your mouth is locked and the mild vibration of that manta you will feel immd. Actually when this mild vibration happens, you will see this rudraksha and the mild vibration meeting, the kund in you will be awakened. Constantly keep the Kundalini in high energy. And moreover, all the upper chakras and the Ananda Gandha should be activated. This mala takes care of activating Vishuddhi, Mala activates Ananda Gandha and Kumkum activates Ajna. That is why in the Tibetian tradition they have the prayer wheel, the mantra when they chant – om mani padmehan – they have a wheel to visualize the circular movement of the wheel. That is why even the japa mala is circular. So the mantra should be circulating in the throat that is why it is called ajapa japa. ASnything linear – japa, circular – ajapa. It is like a steam cooker. If you put water and put on fire, it will not be useful. It becomes steam. But whne you cover it, it becomes pressure and the food can be cooked. Same way, when it is linear, instead of having inner chatter, like I will fight this fellow, I will bite that fellow, you will have the mantra happening in you. It will be a good diversion from your inner chatter. But when you make it circular, it does not divert alone, leads you to enlightenment. It is like a steam cooker. Actually when the mantra happens in circular method, your rudraksha will be vibtrating. When you practice this circular menthod, the throat part is vibrating and the whole tongue is locked. If tongue is moving you are linear. But when the whole tongue is locked and the mantra alone vibrates in circular way, it will be like a heart beat on the throat. WHne you put the Kumkum intense vibration should be felt on the tip of the nose. Then Ajna is alive. And when you chant the mantra, the movement of the mantra should be felt only in the throat. Not in the tongue. If it is on the tongue, still it is japa. Only if it is in center of throat, it is ajapa japa…

In the initial level if you want you can have the Tibetan prayer wheel. If you want to train your tongue, train your vaak, you can have a prayer wheel. Maybe ½ hr, or one hour have that prayer wheel and chant the mantra inside visualizing circular motion, then you will see the tongue will not move and the throat will vibrate. The linear way of chanting will be only an entertainment. Osho says very beaurtifyl the whole Asian pscyhe is suffering with mantras! It is true, when it is linear, it can only be a good entertainment, not enlightenment. But if you can make it happen as circular, without movement of the tongue. If you can train the mind, it can become a powerful enlightenment process. It can raise the awareness. The right mantra japa can become such a constant technique. See how much ever you practice, you forget to uncluth continuously. But when you are chanting the mantra, it is action based. As you are programmed for action inaction based restful awareness is contantly forgotten and missed by you. but the action based awareness can be a permanent and eternal enlightenment in you.

So constantly try this circular japa. It is called ajapa japa – non chanting chanting. Maybe we can give a new name eNchanting. The ajapa japa with this single rudraksha on your throat, do this ajapa japa. It will keep the Kundalini energy in you very high. The problem with me is I tell too many things, eveyr day I tell one one new thing. You may say , oh God, how many to do? Pick up any one that can lead you to the ultimate. See I am giving so many varities and choices for all types of people and all types of problemS. You GUYS DON’T know in the next 10 dyas what I am going to reveal to humanity. Yesterday I did not do these sessions on Kriyas due to various other meetings. Today I will continue. For every thought pattern I am going to give you a Kriya to break. For ex, thought pattern of always coming late, thought pattern of avoiding confrontation. Every thought pattern I will give a Kriya. Now I am going to give the 2nd and 3rd volume of LE. The 2nd volume will be on Yogic physiology and the 3rd on Yogic psychology. So all the krisyas, techniques related to physiological patterns is going to be the 2nd volume and all kriyas techniques related to the psychological patterns is going to be the 3rd volume of LE. I am literally sitting like a doctor – one model skeleton, brain, liver, intestines – and how ….you guys can expect great revelations. Now the humanity is going to be more confused. Oh God! How much more to practice? You don’t need to practice everything. Pick up whatever you need. I am like a super market, mall. In Sanskrit mall means Venkateshwara, Vishnu. So I am like a spiritual mall. You take whatever you want. That’s it!

Let us enter into today’s Satsang. In BG, 3rd chapter, Karma Yoga, 31st verse –

“ye me matam idam nityam anutisthanti manavah sraddhavanto 'nasuyanto 
mucyante te 'pi karmabhih |”

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Translation – Those human beings who are filled with faith, who are devoid of calumny, who practice in an uninterrupted manner, my purpose, they even get liberated from all duties, all actions.

Bhagavan is saying very beautifully –

Those human beings who are filled with faith, who are devoid of calumny – it means slandering. Not to slander others Bhagavan is giving one of the highest spiritual virtue. Poor fellow Bhagavan must have suffered so much like me for not reason. See if somebody is violent with you, that is one thing. But if you slander with someone who does not do anything to you, that is a serious problem. Humanity is jealous of happy people. They think how can you be happy? So many people come around you and they are also happy. I TELL YOU when two people are happy, they are moral. When two unhappy fellows are living together, too much of sexual activity goes around. When two unhappy fellows live together, there will be too much of sexual activity. So for all the sisupalas even though they have too many women, they don’t feel fulfilled in sex. But Krishna is so fulfilled with all the people around him also fulfilled. But Sisupala thinks, I think ….fulfillment does nto come by any physical activity or sexual activity. It comes in the tremendous restful awareness.. from the restful awareness it comes. Then naturally you attract all the people who want the restful awareness and raise them to that awareness with restfulnees. Basically humanity is unconscious and it cannot tolerate the happy people. No really. So slandering. And one thing I want to tell you once you slander happy people, you will never experience that quality in your life. Once you slander an enlight being, you will never exp that quality in your life. The moment you slander, your unconscious records it and you will never every have that spiritual quality in your life. Over. It is an end point of your spiritual growth. That is why Bhagavan gives an important place for this one spiritual value – devoid of calumny not to slander. You slander sometime while you take wrong decisions it is like you are supposed to be Sanyasi, but you get married. Naturally you feel suffocated with life and you slander the wife. That is not right. It is yoru time. Somehow, see there are people who have many patterns encouraging Sanyas. But somehow one or two patterns which are not for Sanyas. Because of those one or two patterns they decide to get married. Then you should be clear because of those one or two patterns you got married and not slander the other person. so you should work out and know that it is you who is responsible. You should not make her suffocate. No. many of these patterns are Sanyas patterns. Some times in the life that is what happens. when you make the decision, you should not slander the other person. Same way I have seen many of these fellows they make the decision to be a devotee or disciple or volunteer or ashramite. They should wait till their patterns which are not cooperating with the decision disappear. See in 100 patterns, 40 agree and 60 are not ready.they need to wait till the 60 turn around and support you. But now after coming, 40 becomes 60 and 40 more need to turn around, they need to wait. They are not ready. They go out and start slandering me. The problem is when they go out, they take every single thing, for each separate rule they will slander me. Fool, when you came in you know these are the rules here. This is the way we live.This is the psychology of slandering. When they are here, wow, what a great opporutunity, I am not eating onion, garlic chili I am feeling light, my cancer cells are not growing because I don’t eat sugar. But when they go out they say 2 years of my life, I missed sugar, 2 years I missed my early morning sleep and went to that Akhada. Many people think as a human being I am destined to sleep till 8 o clock. One thing I tell you guys, even if you are enlightened, you should not miss your routine. In this one week, in Pondicherry, I missed the Satsang. I woke up, brushed my teeth, came out and chit chatting with these volunteers, but after that putting myself back to the routine took me 2 full days. I tell you putting yourself back to the routine is much more difficult than enlightenment itself! See if I am here I have to get up at least 5:30 am. Because 2 times taking enema, that takes time, then washing myself, some 7-8 buckets water I need to take bath like an elephant. Unless I take large quantity of water with my eyes, I don’t feel I am taking abth. That too not one after the other, in the beginning I should see 8 buckets full of water, int eh end again I have to see the empty buckets. Wilth all this it will take 20 – 30 minutes to take bath. I have another one funny habit. I brush my teeth before the bath and after the bath. This is all Manu smrithi, he says you have to clean the m outh with the sand before bath and after bath also you have to clean. Manu says 7 hands of sand you have to use to clean your hands after 1, 2, 3. Of course I don’t use sand. But I wash with soap. Now I am going to reveal some parts of Manu smrithi – all these things are called saucha-  I will reveal them in the LE. Anyhow this will all take 1 to 2 hours. Last 2 years I did not miss one single day. Just one week I missed. See this 2 year habit is stronger than the one week habit. But this one week is stronger even in me. Just this one week I missed the routine. I will sit and slowly get up and do bath at 9:30 am or 10:00 am only. I will also not do the ritualistic bath because there excuse of no water. Finally I will come and eat in my own way. After 8th Jan I started. But 2, 3 days was difficult for me. It was not like a smooth flow. See waking up is not a difficult thing. 5.30 am I will just jump out of my bed and call my attendant. But that 2, 3 days I will say it is okay. Let me lie down for 10 minutes.

Like the story – mother says – get up you have to go to school. Son….1 you are 54, 2nd you are head master and 3rd if you don’t go, the school cannot run. If student does not go to shcoll that is okay, but if HM does not want to go, it is something seriously wrong.

That is why Bhagavan is using the word to practice in an uninterrupted word. Nithyam anutishanti maanavaaha – don’t miss a sinlge day of your routine. Bhagavan says devod of calumny, don’t slander, and next instruction he gives practice in uninterrupted manner. Don’t miss the routine even one day. The spiritual routine should be treated like a life breath. Morning 7 o clock, unless you are dead already, you should be sitting in morning Satsang. If you are already dead, you will be sitting in Akshardham. Don’t die between 7 and 9 make this as a rule! Dso that the next day satsang you don’t miss J See it takes 45minutes from manushya sareera to Bhoota sareera and another 45 minutes to Deva sareera. If you have less samskaras which you will have when you sit in morn satsang everyday. You have to cross the boota sareera and only th en you can move to deva sareera means the eternal body. so make it as a rule you don’t die between 7 and 9. If yama comes tell him come after 9:30. Then next day satsang you don’t miss. So don’t miss spirutal practice. Or tell Yama come before 5:30, so that in 1 ½ hrs I will be ready to attend the morn Satsang that day. Whether you are in human body or bhoota sareera or deva sareera you have to be attending the satsang. That’s it. in Vaishnavism they have the tradition, when you are in the body do all the rituals, the moment you leave, do all the rituals there. That’s it. don’t interrupt your daily routine. Do you feel oh everyday I am breathing, why cant I rest for few minutes? Then why will you feel about routine:? First 3 days after waking up, I lie down for 10 MINUTES. I thought oh God! Oh you fellow laziness, you entered even into my body. 2nd day, I said nothing doing andjumped out of bed. Then it was back to track. Just one week not following can make even me lazy for 10 minutes then for you guys it is equal to 10 years. Because my body is suddha satva sareera – pure satva body. Prana was not there, BSP was there and I told him come after 5 minutes. He was shocked. First word I will say is get the enema. First word I used instead is put the suprabhatam after 10 minutes. No I am telling you how interrupting the spiritual practice can destroy the whole inner space you built for years! See more than 7 years I had the habit of no routine. See till enlightenment and realizing my mission 2000, I had a strict routine. Then after 2000, that no verbalization, the body was completely shattered by that enlightenment exp. Then for 9 months I never used to eat and then where is the question of going to 1, 2,3. I remember for weeks I woiuld not go for 1, 2,3 then after that also, I will go like small small goats. In that 9 months maybe only 10 or 15 times I brushed my teeth. Because no food no water, mouth never smells, no need to brush. I was staying in TN forest at that time. There they use Gopal teeth powder. One devotee gave a small pack of Gopal toothpowder and used that for 9 months. Means max 15 times I used that 9 months. So routine was off in that 9 months. So all the manu smirith all that went out of the air. But before I take bath, I will ensure that water body which is 100 times more is there. I…..

Anyhow this 9 months the routine got broken. Then after that, I never came back to routine. Even after starting the mission in 2003 till the arrest, no routine. But in the jail no other work na, so I started following the routine. So in the jail in that 52 days I decided to put myself in the routine. From the day I came out from the prison never missed the daily routine. Started morning satsang. Only this 7 days I missed the routine. This 2 year routine just went off.

Nithyaym anutishtanti maanavaaha – uninterrupted manner of practice. Bhagavan gives whole instruction in this sutra. Filled with faith and trust, devoid of slandering, practice in uninterrupted way, be in tune with my purpose, you are liberated from all purpose. If all these four are there you will automatically be liberated from all actions. It is like telling a godown full of sugar to store sugar. If you have all these, you will be liberated from action. Be filled with faith and turst. Be devoid of slandering. See when you slander you poison other people. Never do that. When you slander, you poison others. Now I feel so happy. I feel like living in my Ashram. Slandering has completely stopped. The fear of Kaalabhairava. I enquired if it is happening behind me. But I saw ashramites no slandering is happening. Slandering is like putting green chili in the wrong hole! Then you will start itching and it will burn more. Not only for person who does the slandering, the person who is listening also, it is like that. ..I went to this Madhurai. They gave me food with green chili. After maybe 25 years without knowing I took the green chili, 2 days it was buring. Whether I am sitting or …it was burning all over. From mouth to….i was thinking how these fellows are eating green chili everyday and living. Because my system is satvic and soft I am living. Because I know these guys eat left and right green chili. Anyhow, slandering is like putting green chili in wrong hole for you and for all the persons with whom you are talking. This should be the cartoon for slandering. A person who is having 2 green chili in both hands one for himself and one for other. I am so happy in Ashram it is not happening openly. Inside mind I don’t know. Understand Kaala Bhairava is sitting and watching. If you have problem, go to the person directly and complete it, fight it. Don’t go to anybody else, no question of going to others who will scratch your back and you will scratch their back and while scratching you will put the chili in the wrong palce J interrupting the spiritual routine and slandering are the worst things that can happen to a spiritual seeker. Don’t allow that to happen. Till your death tell yourself you will follow it. My mother’s father only taught me this spiritual routine. My father’s side nothing to do with spirituality. My mother’s side they are so highly cultured. My mother’s father is such a spiritual man. Not a single day he missed his puja. Even on the day he died, he was 90 he did his puja, went to hospital and died. You guys also do this. When you are 90 or after 90, do morning routine, go to hospital and die! I have never seen him miss it – cold, cough, family reasons, nothing will make him miss it.

Like Bhagawan says nityam anutishtanti a fanatic he will do. Even when he has to go to some program at 5 o clock. He will get up at 3, he will finish up everything before that. and he will do long rituals – long pranayamas, super brain yoga for Ganesha, 11 times he will do for Ganesha, 11 times for Shiva. All these deities will be there. When he finishes, I will move the deity from this side to the other for accounts purpose that is done with that deity. I tell you uninterrupted spiritual routine I learnt from him. I am so happy, he did it till the day he died. The day he died, he did puja, went to hospital and passed away by afternoon. So uninterrupted spiritual routine and non-slandering naturally liberates you from all actions. Here the word Karmabhi should be translated as unfulfilled and incomplete patterns not as just duties and actions. Alright let us go to the next section – Dial the Avatar.

Actually once I created the ambience of non-slandering, I think everybody is happy. Every body has lost the fear. Now everybody knows if there is aproblem someone who has with you, it will come to you directly or go to Swamiji. Now the whole thing, the whole place has become liveable. Now we can go to the creation part. The slandering makes it a complete non-trusting ambience. Every body is a politician waiting to pull you down. It is like 30 lion and 40 tiger hungry and waiting to pounce on you. then how will be able sit and unclutch?

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