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Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that it is even today used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 6, Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues yesterday’s explanation of reincarnation. Each time we uproot an old mental pattern, we take a new birth. This is the death of the previous “life” – the previous way of being. The process of “dying the mind” – assisting it toward death – should gain momentum as we repeat it, the same way most skills move more swiftly with practice. Ultimately we reach our natural state, which is to die every time we fall asleep, and awaken to a new life.
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In Bhagavad Gita, 4th chapter, Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga, 6th verse

Ajaha api sann-avyaya-atmaa bhootaanaam-ishvaraha-api san | prakritim svaam-adhishtaaya


Translation – “Though eternal with the character of immutability and though the Master of

all life forms, taking control of my inherent source, with the peculiar power of illusion I

come into existence with form.

Let me enter into today’s verse –

“Though eternal with the character of immutability and though the Master of all life forms,

taking control of my inherent source, with the peculiar power of illusion I come into

existence with form.

It is so beautiful. The unique concept of Hinduism is explained in this truth. In this verse

Bhagavan describes the principle of incarnation. See yesterday Krishna described what is reincarnation.

Please understand, the principle of birth and death. As I said every time you start

responding in a new way to a problem or situation or crisis, you take new birth. you live

many time in one body many minds, in one mind many bodies. Sometime you are stuck with

one mental pattern. Without coming out of it you spend janmas after janmas after janmas –

lives after lives after lives. Same way, sometime within one body, you go through so many

minds. I tell you best use of time is within one body, go through all types of minds. That is

best use of time. Don’t waste cosmic time. People ask me Swamiji how do I know I am

growing spiritually? Understand once in a while when you look back you feel God! Six

years before how I was, how I respond to every situation, how my mental patterns were, now

see how I am! when you look back in your life, God! Six years before how I used to

respond. Some people why six years, 3 years before how I used to respond, now how I am,

some 1 year before. If the period within which you feel then I was different and now I am

different if that period is coming down, then you are spiritually growing. That is the measure

of your spiritual growth. For some period it is 5 years, for some people it may be one janma.

He is fanning me (Swamiji refers to Meenakshi the parrot sitting next to him) See the period

of transformation is what I call one birth. Today sit and do this like a homework. When you

look back what was the time you will honestly feel as your old personality’s death and the

new personality’s expression. If you look back – is it 3 year or 4 year or 1 year or 8 months.

Look back. See the transformation period. That is what I call as time of one birth of your

mind. One life of your mind. If all your patterns you are responding in a new way, then the

old mind is dead – it is one life of your mind. Actually one life of your mind when it

reduces, your spiritual growth intensely increases. See average one life of your body you

know 80 to 90 years. Your average one life of your mind now you should know by doing

this exercise. By digging it out you should know. Is it 5 year, 4 year, 3 year. Understand I

am giving you the principle. Look in properly. Not even one pattern you should be given

the old response. See the old response date when you used to respond in the old unconscious

way. Now all patterns you should be responding in new way. If you have not yet started

responding to all patterns, still your mind has not yet dead. Major 10 or 15 patterns only you

use everyday in your life. Please understand, you may be thinking no Swamiji I use 2000

patterns per day, no. you are not that intelligent. If you are really demonic and criminal, you

can be having 15 patterns. So maximum 15 patterns only all of you use per day. If that 15

patterns are transformed and you are responding to them in a new way. When I say mental

pattern I mean when your irritation, anger comes up that is one mental pattern, tiredness, lust

– that is mental patterns. Sometime people are so unconscious. When lust comes they respond

with anger. When lust comes if you respond with romance you are atleast in your natural

state, but if you respond in a anger way you are perverted. But you respond to your anger in

a romantic way. You sing and celebrate it. When your confusion come you respond with

active analysis. Actually when a confusion and chaos comes you should respond with

tiredness or unclutching. But when it comes, you are active. I have seen in Indian villages,

the chicken they will run around in the garbage cans and dust bins. They will pick all the

dust, they will be very active. Your chaos and confusion is like a garbage. You will become

like a chicken very active. Not even ordinary chicken, headless chicken. Whenever your

confusion, chaos comes up respond with tiredness and unclutched mood. Whenever the

peace and restful awareness comes up, respond with activeness and life. See how you

respond. When there is confusion and chaos, you sit and think, think, analyze and make

everybody in the world except you. when there is confusion and chaos, every other person

in the world becomes a criminal. How you actively respond to your chaos and confusion.

But when you feel peaceful and restful awareness you lie down. You never allow that

celebrate in you rlife. Basically only 10 to 15 patterns per day you respond. If that 10 to 15

patterns, mental patterns if you have started giving complete new response, your old mind is

dead. Death of the mind has happened. now the new mind is created. life span of your mind

if it reduces, your spiritual growth increases. First time when your mind completely dies and

new mind is created, the life style of that mind is 20 or 30 years till you see the master. When

you see the master, within one year the old mind should die. Only then you can live around

the master. If that much is not happening, then you have to be in another place. First life

span may be 20 years. When the second mind is born, that is why you are called Dwija – rebirth.

The life span of the second mind should not be more than 2 years. Then 3rd mind

should not be more than 2,3months. 4th, 5th mind should not be more than few weeks.

Ultimate spiritual living is every night your mind should die. Along with every sleep your

mind should die. The life span of your mind should be only one day. Then you are a Jeevan

mukta. LE person. see God has made a natural process of killing your mind eveyr night.

Why do you get it back. He has given you natural divorce. But you take it on saying no,

known devil is beter than unknown angel. The life span of your mind should be only one

day. Every time when you wake up it should be new mind, new pattern, new way of

responding. Every night you fall asleep, mind should die. See the deep sleep state, when you

go in and come out, you should not be responding int eh same old pattern, with the same old

responses. Living in one body but had many minds is what I call soul getting matured. This

is what is maturity of the soul. We all know body getting matured, body getting old. But only

very few soul getting matured. Sometime you can see people who have young body,

sometime very young age, but matured soul will be inside that young body. you will listen to

very matured things. Sometime the body will be very old, but still mind is not matured.

The concept of re-birth should be understood. Concept of re-incarnation should be

understood. The unique truth revealed in Hindu tradition, in the hindu philosophy is the

concept of re-birth and concept of pure consciousness taking birth. the concept of re-birth is

like a soul getting more and more matured and assuming diff diff bodies and even in one

body assuming diff diff minds. This is the soul getting matured. The next concept pure

conscious energy means highly matured soul assuming human body. we call them as

incarnations. In Sanskrit we call them as Avataras – Avatar means coming down. Krishna is

explaining the concept of birth and re-birth and concept of incarnation, avatarhood in this

verse. He starts explaining in this verse. I will expand whatever Krishna says about re-birth

and the concept of incarnation in my next Satsangs.

2) Is your position handed down to your son as families retain titles?

No. our tradition is given from Guru to disciple. I am not married and don’t have kids. This

spiritual state is given to me by my Spritual predecessor and intiated me into this. Now I have

find out my disciples and after me I will be handing over to them this position. So it is not by

biological relationship …

3) How long have you been studying Hinduism and can you ever learn everything?

I can say I have been studying Hinduism from when I was 3 years old. But still I learnt only

introduction to Hinduism. No one can learn completely everything about the Hindu tradition.

We can only learn how much is needed to fulfill our life. I have only learnt how much is

need for my fulfillment and to people who come to me.

5) So if Hinduism believes in reincarnation, what happens when food runs out?

Our life style is never based on resources which run out. All our life style is based on

resources which never run out like sun, water. Somebody asked me if Hindu enlightened

masters knew everything, why did they not run aeroplanes and …we did have them but ran

them with renewable resoureces. Because Hinduism never runs on anthing which is nonrenewable.

If petrol can run one day we never use it. which never runs out we call it natural

resources, natural energies – vayu – wind, varuna – water, surya –s un, Indra – intelligence

God. We use this renewable energy resources. So there is no such thing as food running out.

6) are there people that believe in Hinduism and another religion? Is it allowed?

In Hinduism we have not such bondage. Hinduism accepts many Gods and all Gods. We

have no problem. We say every religion….We have 6 branches in Hinduism. i tell you

between these two branches there are more differences thatn Hinduism and Islam…between

Yoga and Vedanta more differences are there. You can look around the temple. Each person,

each deity you see has created their own religion. So Hinduism is not one religion, but group

of religions. Group of religions existing and enriching each other is Hinduism

7) If a child dies from illness is it becaue they were a bad person in a previous life? Ar ehey

to blame?

No, some children choose not to live. Hinduis believes in karma. I want to translate karma

not as good or bad but as your wish. It is neither good nor bad, nobody needs to be blamed

8) What is the successful practice when a person is constantly doing mean or hurtful things to


First explaint o him that he is doing hurtful things to you. if he understands and moves away

from you great. If not, take actions like legally protecting yourself and socially protecting

yourself. hinduims gives a clear method – sama-veda-dana-danda. Means frist trying to settle

through peaceful method. If not next give him understanding of fear, 3rd if he comes to

peace, he is going to be at peace, show the greed part, if all three are not working, go for

action to protect yourself. 4 step – first just peaceful action, 2nd fear side if you are hurting,

it will hurt you, 3rd greed side both of us can grow toghere. 4th if all 3 do not work, going

for action that will protect yourself.

9) How do you retain good karma?

Creating good mental patterns. Right way of responding to every situation, crisis which

happens in yoru life. So expanding in right direction and responding with restful awareness

to every problem is the best way to retain good karma.

10) What was the name of the book again – Bhagavad Gita – song of god. In Hinduism we

believe Krishna as incarnation of God. You can see the Krishna’s deity standing in yoru right

side with his beloved. His is the God who is standing with the flute in his hand is Krishna. He

was delivering teaching to his close friend Arjuna in a battle field

11) how is the way we can come in touch with the divine

Hinduism very strongly believes and I have experienced it personally – divine is inside you.

when there are not thoughts, you will shine with the divine presence in you. so if you can

complete relax from your thoughts at least for a few seconds in your inner space you can get

in touch with the divine.

12) ARE ANIMALS consiceredour equals, and if so can they also change forms in death and

become more divine.

Yes. The possibility for becoming divine is open and available completely to all beings. Not

only for animals, even for trees, stones, rocks everything has possibility to transform intot he

divine. Hinduism is the most democratice religion all the thourhgts, turths, sacred belief,

sacred experiences are open to all human beings and all animals, all plants, all trees and all

extra territorial beings. Even the aliens are not aliens for us. Even the life in the other planet

is included. Even for them Hinduism open sthe possibility fo divine achievement.

I have conflict between being materialistic and spiritual - Materialism itself is not something

wrong. Your ambition to have yoru life comfortable, to have money and materialistic things

is not wrong. The problem is with the conflict that exists in you for this. so I will ask you to

work more trying to resolve conflicts. How you generate conflicts is sometime you feel you

have earn wealth, sometime you feel you should just run away. Conflict is when you execute

your desires, you are not able to stand and cope with the problems that arise. So you should

only strengthen your inner space to deal with them and not work on reducing the desires.

There was a time when all looks good all is wonderful and there is no wrong.and you cannto

imagine nothing is wrong with the world. then one day you wake up and find everything is


Two thing – you feeling everything is great is also dependent on your inner space.

Same way you feeling everything is wrong, is also your inner space. Really the

ultimate truth is life is neither good nor bad. It is as it is. How you want to perceive it.

If you want life to be good then decide to perceive that it is good. Life is neither

good nor bad. Life is like a river. In a river you can enter clean yourself and come

out, dirty the river and come out. Same way, life is river. When you feel life is good

or life is bad when you feel how you feel that. look into that. when you feel life is

good maybe you have acceptance, celebration, intense energy, curioiusity to

live, ..these are the qualities which make you feel life is good. Awaken, support,

encourage the qualities more and more in you. that is what we call buidlign good

karma. Life is like a sky. You building a telescope is building life…build the right

telescope to look at life and life will always be food for you.

How can you live life full of happiness?

The very idea you carry about happiness is too small. the joy ro happiness for you is the

small gap you give for you after continuously torturing yourself. all humans docnstantly

toruture themesleves with wrong ideas when you give a small break that is what you call

as joy. Change of suffering you call as happiness. Really understanding the root why you

constantly torture you with wrong ideas and how you can come out of it. that is the base.

Mayb eunderstainding that and spending little time for meditation. The question is too

big. I am able to give only the initial introductory answer wthorugh this question thru

phone. For more detailed answers, please go to youtube and more than 2000 hours of

insights are available to make your life full of happiness.