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Thursday, February 16, 2012

We will enter into today’s verse –

“Janma karma cha me divyam evam yaha vetti tattvataha | tyaktvaa deham punaha janma na ethi maam ethi saha Arjuna ||”

Translation – “ The one who truly experiences the divine energy in my existence and execution, having surrendered his body does not return to the human form but attains my state!

Existence and execution. If you can understand your existence should not be altered, only be experienced, your execution will become perfection. Unfullfilment, incompletion, yet to be achieved feeling should not be cherished in your existence because in your existence nothing more needs to be added, but in your action there should be so much of patience as if only that action will save your life. It is like running in desert…..i tell you execution with patience postpones even your death. In modern day many of the researches are proving people who don’t retire live long. I used to think how come one side all of them live long other side people just go off! My mother’s side all of them live long and father’s father side all will go off! Then I realized that my mother’s side and …never retire. But the other side their work itself is retirement. I tell you do not retire. Constantly go on doing something. The patience to execute makes you live. Live, live & live! Even if you feel all doors are closed for you, don’t keep quiet. Live, live, live! The moment you start feeling there is something wrong in your existence, whether you act or not, you will only be suffering, torturing others. The moment you feel your existence is more complete than any completion possible, then not it radiates not only your fulfillment but others too.

Execution with right understanding of the existence is romance with life. Every breath is romance. Every step is a romance. It is romancing with the whole life! The day I realized nothing can be done in the inner space I became enlightened. Understand your inner space is like a huge globe. What you perceive as your inner space is like …..just because this land is registered in your name, don’t think Yama will come and take it away. ….

Same way the space in your perception is in your control. Because that is chaos. It is chaos of the chaos – chaotic chaos. Realize in the inner space nothing needs to be done. In the inner space you don’t even need any sadhana or method just understanding of truths and contemplating of truths. That’s all. Blessed are those who listen to these truths from the beloved master not from the respected master. When you listen from the respected master only the fear related ideas goes inside you, with revered master –guilt related. Only with beloved everything goes inside you. Beloved won’t cheat you. th`at is why the emphasis on love and trust between Guru and disciple before the lessons start. That is why the Vedic Tradition says –

“Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Sahaveeryam Karavavahai”

. See all these people it has crossed the respect reverence line and become if he says it is my life. That “Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Sahaveeryam Karavavahai”  has happened. Means both of them are praying to the ultimate – let both of us stay together, let both of us stay with each other till the ultimate happens. let both of us get fulfilled. Actually there is nothing for the master to get fulfilled but he enjoys the disciple’s presence he is not insensitive to it. See if none of you are here, I am not going to miss anything.  I am full! But that does not mean I do not reciprocate your love. I do feel overflowing. I can give this example when you bring certain food, I may not eat that food but I enjoy your love and sincerity with which you made it. I can say it is like secret romance the corner guys. And some people bring cards, flowers as gifts. The object itself I may not be using. …but I enjoy your love and devotion.

Understand I officially declare no festivals, religious rights will be celebrated other than the rites related to Vedic tradition will be celebrated. I am going back to 60,000 year old with modern gadgets. Existence should be 60k old and execution should be as if updated yesterday. I do enjoy in the corner of my eyes. Even though there is nothing to be fulfilled for the guru, he enjoys the disciple’s presence. When the “Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Sahaveeryam Karavavahai” happens Guru can reveal all the great sacred secret of our existence. The greatness of our sacred secret of existence is just by knowing, you realize it. Nothing more is required. (BIPGRAPHY) Once when I was young, some kind of ghost and ghost fear was put inside my head by this low level beggar sadhus. They said don’t go to cremation ground and sit with Ram Surat kumar. I thought maybe it is true. But I ran to Ram Surat kumar and asked. He said ghosts are projection of your mind. Why do you want to project and suffer. It is like you beating yourself with your hands. That’s it. that was such  a strong click. After that I saw so my ghosts. Nothing happened because the “Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Sahaveeryam Karavavahai”  the feeling connection and respect that he will tell only the truth. When that was there his words became such powerful experience.

“Janma karma cha me divyam – your existence and execution. Your existence should know that you are deathless nothing more needs to be added, you are joy personified. You are more than as you are required to be for your so called fulfillment. Whatever you call as fulfillment, you are more than what you are required to be. Your feeling you are ready should not make you lazy. Your feeling you need to work constantly should not make you incomplete. That is the paradox. If you feel complete, you stop working. If you are working, you feel incomplete. You are neither incomplete, nor you should keep quiet. When you understand and click with the truth how I fell complete and go on executing. Still go on working. When you understand this, you will also achieve my state. What  a straightforward instruction!.....

Life is not functioning by the ordinary logic. Ordinary logic does not will not & should not give you the restful feeling. When you start becoming honest towards your understandings about you, and towards your understandings about your life, this unique logic which is beyond logic starts developing in you. the intelligence starts developing in you. I tell you honesty is romancing with life. Honesty is nothing but romance with life, existence! The moment you understand this great truth, just your body gets surrendered and you never ever assume your body again even if it is functioning. See at the age of 22 I realized my avataric mission, I never returned to my body even though it is functioning – I assumed my state.