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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Bhagavat Gita, Jnana-Karma-sanyasa yoga, 8th verse –

“paritraanaaya sadhoonaam vinaashaaya cha dushkrutaam | dharma samsthaa panaarthaaya sambhavi yuge yuge ||”

Still there is so much that needs to be told about this verse J In every one of you incarnation of innermost intelligence happens. See your inner awakening is the incarnation happening in you. When the inner awakening happens in you, spiritual cognition is protected and promoted. That is what is Sadhu. Mood swings and dilemma is destroyed. Please understand, mood swings and dilemma is destroyed. That is the dushkrutaam. Spiritual cognition is protected and encouraged. Mood swing and dilemma is destroyed. Dharma samsthaapanaarthaya is establishment of the body language of the Living Enlightenment. When the Jeevanmukti, Living Enlightenment is expressed physically, whatever the body does is Dharma. The Living Enlightenment is expressed physically in you. that is the dharma samsthaapanaartham sambhavami yuge yuge – age after age, incarnation will happen in you. This sutra will suit the individual you and the cosmic you. Sadhoonam the spiritual cognition. I tell you the greatest wealth in life is spiritual cognition. When you are cornered, suffering, don’t think money is security. Making decisions out of spiritual understanding is the ultimate security. Don’t try to catch money thinking that is security. Try to catch spiritual cognition means taking decisions with spiritual base….if you cannot, at least surrender….pl und if you are cornered, if you run and hide and try to find solution in spiritual cognition you are a Brahmana, if you try to find solution in money you are a Vysya, if you try to find solution in power you are Kshatriya, if you run without direction like how a wild elephant runs when you burst the crackers, the fire works and fall into a ditch, if you are running like that you are a shudra. Understand, when you are cornered, suddenly when major support in your life is taken away, how you behave is your original face! If you take all the decisions based on tremendous spiritual understanding, you are a Brahmana. Spiritual understanding is the sadhu in you. Awaken the sadhu in you! I tell you real freedom is not having suffocation inside. Till your cognizance is completely soaked in Spirituality, till all your understanding about you, life everything is not based on Spiritual cognition, there will be suffocation. Real freedom Is from Spiritual cognition….more than wild elephant one more example I can give you – the donkey’s tails which is tied with crackers, fire works and when fire is put, poor fellow, he does not know from where everything is happening! I tell you ignorance is a 1000-wala fire works tied in your tail! If you are not from Indian village, you cannot understand this. Because in Indian village they will catch 2, 3 donkeys and tie the 1000 wala crackers. And the poor fellow will not know from where it is coming! Sometime he turns and puts it in mouth, only when the mouth bursts will he know!

Ignorance is 1000 wala fire work tied in your tail!

Anyhow, taking Spiritual decisions, taking Spiritual cognizance I tell you is the ultimate wealth you can accumulate. Spiritual freedom is the ultimate wealth, ultimate understanding other than that anything you call it as wealth, destroys your life. I am trying to define and create Spiritual freedom in every human being. I have picked up 108 major truths. If you understand this 108 and start making all the decisions based on any one or few of this truths in this life you have a Spiritual cognition, you have a Spiritual freedom. The first one is already visually discussed through unclutching. The others are being presented by our Vision dept. once the 108 are over, more precisely I can explain to all of you what is Spiritual cognition, what is Living Enlightenment? Living Enlightenment is nothing but living with Spiritual understanding, making all your decisions with the Spiritual understanding. That is the meaning of Sadhu. See if you make any decision, it should be liberating you from your suffocation and your suffocation from you. it is not that your suffocation enjoys you. it is both of you holding each other. Your suffocation tortures you and you torture it…sadhu means not getting tortured nor being tortured by others. Neither you torture others or others torture you. Paritraanaaya sadhoonaam – protection of the integrated honest ones. Integrated and honest ones always need to be protected, promoted, projected. Wicked ones always need to be taught a lesson.

Paritraanaaya sadhoonaam, vinaashaya cha dushkrutam, dharma samsthaapanaarthaya, sambhavami, yuge, yuge!

There is so much to tell about this one verse. Still I am stuck I am not able to complete. The Spiritual cognition in you is Sadhu, confusion and dilemma and suffocation is dushkruta. Dharma samstyapanaarthaya – means establishing yourself in Living Enlightenment. To do this let the incarnation happen in all of you again & again & again!