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Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Bhagavad Gita, 4th chapter, Jnana Karma Sanyasa yoga –

“Paritraanaaya sadhoonaam vinaashaaya cha dushkrutaam | Dharma samsthaa panaarthaaya Sambhavaami yuge yuge ||”

Dushkrutaam – today I will try to define Dushkrutaam. Dushkrutaam means a person who does not bother to destroy anybody for his vested interest. There are people who don’t hurt others even for their own good. There are some people who will hurt others if it is good for them, to save themselves. There are some people who hurt others even if it is not good for them. Even if I lose one eye, let them lose one eye. 2nd level even if you hurt others for your own good it is Dushkrutaam. And the third level hurting others knowing it is not even good for you. That is demonic Dushkrutaam. I have to find out only a new word for it.

“Paritraanaaya sadhoonaam vinaashaaya cha dushkrutaam | Dharma samsthaa panaarthaaya Sambhavaami yuge yuge ||”

“For the up-liftment and propagation of the saintly and for the removal of the criminal and for the criminal powers, for the establishment of justice I come into existence, I happen in every age!”

It is actually a standard vision statement for all the incarnations for Hinduism. Krishna has defined the vision statement for all incarnations. If you are an incarnation, only this can be your vision statement. Nothing else can be your vision statement.

Paritraanaaya sadhunaam –

For the protection of the people who live in restful awareness. There are ppl who live in restlessness live in pain body and cannot leave others to live peacefully. These demonic pain body people always run to catch ……unfortunately the restfully aware people by the time they come, the seat is already taken by the restless rowdy fellows. It is an incarnations job to again & again set an example by building the people with restful awareness to the lime light, by raising the people with restful awareness as a role models. Vinaashaaya cha dushkrutaam – and destroying the rowdy elements unfortunately which occupies the power centers, which uses power centers for their own good, their vested interests. I can say almost all the masters incarnations happened, they lived keeping this verse as the base. Whoever has to happen, they have to live keeping this verse as the base. This sutra is the basis for all the Hindu incarnations happened, and al the incarnations who will happen. When I say Hindu incarnations, I mean very clearly incarnations as per Hindu tradition. Because there are so many traditions which emphasize God does not come in human form. So in your religion he does come in human form, in our religion he comes in human form J that is why again and again they come in human form only in our tradition. Only Hinduism allows the possibility of incarnation. Come on, you cannot make Dosa in chicken hotel. You cannot expect non-veg in veg restaurant. Whatever the purpose of a place that only gets fulfilled. The very philosophical physiology, the philosophy with which Hinduism is build is constituted for incarnations to land in human body. Believing incarnations cannot land in human body is the most inhuman thing. then you disconnect human beings from God. That is the original sin. Not Adam eating the apple. No. Original sin is Adam not able to swallow the atom. Means you not able to swallow the truth. The very philosophical physiology of Hindu tradition proves God lands in human body.

See these three things are unique to Hindu tradition. One – feminine worship – means worshipping the ultimate in the form of mother. 2nd – divine descending in the human form. 3rd – the truth of re-birth. these 3 are unique to the hindu tradition. Of course there are many more things like sacred places kshetras. Means once you install a deity, it is divine, it is sacred. It the place is big or small, you can move. But in Hindu tradition, onc eth deity is installed you cannot move it. it is called Praana Pratishta – sanctifying the very space. There are so many other things. But this three I can say very unique to Hindu tradition.

“Paritraanaaya sadhoonaam vinaashaaya cha dushkrutaam | Dharma samsthaa panaarthaaya Sambhavaami yuge yuge ||”

Bhagavan is very beautifully putting his priorities. First he want to protect the spiritually elevated people. 2nd he want to destroy the wicked fellows who live in the pain body and spread the pain body in others. 3rd – only 3rd he says dharma samsthaapanaarthaya – he will establish the science of inner awakening, the science of enlightenment.

I think the first phase we have already done – means raising and protecting the spiritual people. We identified a group which is now protected. The Vinaashaya cha dushkrutaam – the destroying the evil is happening. And only now dharma samsthapanaarthaya has to happen – means establishing living enlightenment. Establishing the science of living enlightenment, of jeevan mukti. I translated this word Dharma samsthaapanaarthaya as establishing righteousness. No that is a very poor translation. It means establishing the science of enlightenment….

Even the English dictionaries have to be re-created. this Max muller’s words have created such poison…I will create a dictionary. the comprehensive meanings and definitions of spiritual terms. Dharma samsthaapanaarthaya..establishing the science of living enlightenmnet, Sambhavaami – I happen, Yuge yuge – age after age.

I can say 500 years before age means 200 years because 200 years does not have much change in life. But now, the age has become just 25 days. When a way of living becomes new, new age happens. The new age concept has already become old age. Constantly this concept of new age is getting updated. I will continue to expand on this verse for few more days. In Houston, Padmini is explaining what I was wearing. You cannot explain you can only show. So show the photograph. J