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Saturday, December 10, 2011




Today we are starting the Healing Tower service training. Please understand, as I said it is giving your very tongue to the cosmos.. When I say give your tongue to me, I say do the work that I am doing. The purpose for which I use my tongue to spread the healing and sharing the knowledge and enlightenment with the world. so decide consciously when your tongue roll, look each time. Consciously growing that is the purpose. Every action see with awareness am I consciously growing. Every act you do, complete the loop and connect with it. It is a tremendous powerful awareness program, awareness exercise and literally Saraswathi will live in his tongue. You will have vaak shudhi. When you do pancha tapas sitting in fire and ….when your kundalini gets awakened, huge flood of heavy electric signal will happen. Something like 10,000 volt current will happen through your nervous system. You should be able to hold it. Your nervous system needs to prepare to hold and handle that energy.


Same way, if you practice this, this will create the strength in your tongue so that the vaak siddhi can happen in you. the vaak siddhi will be radiating in you.


Bhagavat Gita, chapter 3, verse 14 –


“annad bhavanti bhutani parjanyad anna-sambhavah yajnad bhavati parjanyo yajnah karma-samudbhavah |”


All life forms come into being by the power of the nourisher (the Sun, food) which becomes possible by the shower (of grace) from sharing (sacrifice) the shower happens, the sharing (sacrifice) is possible only through performance (action).


The word anna I am not translating as food or grain. I am translating as nourisher. Because many of the senses they don’t need food to thrive. Your mind you don’t need grains, your thoughts are enough, ears sound, nose smell, tongue taste is enough. Only for the body where all these senses stay, you need food. Grains are required only for the house – the body. For the tenants eyes, earls, nose they are all the tenants. They can thrive even without food . They can thrive 2wtih the Vishayin – food of the senses. That is why I am translating the word annam not just as grains but nourishments..


Negative memories gets nourished by agitation, mind by dilemma, eyes by the scenes, ears by the sound, nose by the smells, tongue by the taste…please understand each word you utter has a taste. Not just the food you eat has a taste, each word you utter has a taste. Just sit and utter the word sugar, sugar for five minutes you will feel the tongue experiences the taste. Same way you utter chili pickle…because each word brings the visualization to your tongue….even if you don’t believe, sit outside your house and bless people walking through your street. Whoever is passing by, you don’t need to call and tell them, just tell by yourself – you live long, you have wealth, you have all auspicious things go on telling this just from sun rise to sun set, your tongue will have such joy! Anybody has any problem related to tongue like stammering, bad smell, communication problem. Just to do this as a technique for one day. Of course in the US you will not have people in the street. Sit outside a mall. Go on saying let you live long, let you be blissful, let good things happen in your life. Nobody is going to disturb you for this. I tell you the power of this. You do not know the power of your vaak. When I only can bless you, you have no right to judge anybody. If I start judging, you are the last person to receive any good things. Be very clear, when you have good things in your life, the divine has not judged you. Don’t analyze how this can happen. Whether others get good or not, you will get good. Just sit and go on telling to people, you will be happy, you …so much of good will happen from your navel to the throat. See this zone is the zone the prana travels and gets molded by our inner space and comes out of words. When from the navel to the other side how the air gets polluted by the smell, same way the words that come from navel and above gets polluted by your mind. Just one day do this – be blissful, let all the auspicious things happen with you, don’t tell I will be with you – you can’t be with them. leave that to me J but other things go on telling – let you have wealth, health, all good things. Suddenly you will see that you have raised to the level of God. The most simple way to be God is to behave like God. Don’t claim. Just live like God! Don’t sit and analyze how to make it true. Just sit and do. You will understand how much of joy…


Even if you take time to make it an organized effort, you can just sit out and that does not need any time, method or technique. Or you are travelling in the public bus, train, even there go on blessing every individual. Let you be blissful, let you be successful, let only good things happen to you, let auspicious things happen to you. go on blessings. You will see the power of it! Today I will reveal one of the important meditation technique. This will be the annam, nourisher to your being. This action will be a great Yajna, great sacrifice through which your God consciousness will grow. You will start having Vaak siddhi. If anybody believes I have vaak siddhi and believes you also want to have the vaak siddhi I have, take this as a technique. Try one day like giving a chance. Whole day whoever you see, go on blessing. Go on blessing. I tell you within a day you will catch the joy in it. You will see you are raising your consciousness. Even if you feel shy to do it aloud, mentally you do it and you can’t say today I bless all the people I meet. No, that is cheating. Whenever you see any individual, for every individual do it. You can do it mentally. But for every individual without forgetting, without missing you have to do. Take this as a conscious practice. I tell you. (BIOGRAPHY) I still remember when Kupammal trained my tongue, actually she did a unique process. She heated a small thin gold needle and inserted in my inner tongue like a center line for the tongue. It did not hurt my tongue. It created a kind of electricity. She heated the gold wire and energized it through some mantra process. By holding wire outside, she chanted some verses. Then she said go and sit under the Banyan tree. I had a Banyan tree in the Arunachala temple. All of you must know that Banyan tree and this Banyan tree are from the same root. I had a vision that I planted both of them in my previous advent. Anyhow, I sat under that tree and I started blessing birds, dogs, people who go around the temple, I was continuously blessing people. My first Kalpataru darshan! It created such a powerful effect on me, impact on me. May be after that only the vaak siddhi has started expressing. Even people who are against me are afraid of my tongue! The vaak siddhi because anything comes out of my tongue really happens. I tell you I promise on that same vaak suddhi, do this, you will have vaak sudhi. Go on blessing people. But don’t stop with one day. In one day you will learn it. but after that few days make it as a habit consciously for one month go on blessing people. After that one month, you don’t need to do it anymore. You will carry an aura that will automatically radiate blessings to people. Blessed are those who carry the blessing aura.


This blessings becomes nourisher of the blessed in you. blessed are those who nourish the blesser inside them by the action of blessing continuously. All life forms come into being ….which becomes possible….from sharing means by sacrifice by the sharing, the shower of grace happens. the sharing sacrifice is possible only through action. Means the moment I give this technique, go out and do it! don’t stop listening to it. do it!


I tell you. if thousand people who are trained with this process for at least a month and they walk inside a city with this same consciousness of blessing and just mentally go on blessing all the people, I can promise the whole city will become healthy, prosperous and auspicious, joyful.