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Friday, December, 2, 2011


“sanjaya uvaca evam uktva hrsikesam gudakesah parantapah na yotsya iti


govindam uktva tusnim babhuva ha |”


Let us enter into today’s verse. In BG, 3rd verse 9th verse


“yajnarthat karmano 'nyatra loko 'yam karma-bandhanah tad-artham karma


kaunteya mukta-sangah samacara |”


“ Action has to be performed as a sacrifice (to a higher purpose, to God or Guru), otherwise


in this life actions make one bound. Therefore O son of Kunthi! Do action being liberated


from association with lower purpose.


Keyword in this whole verse is higher purpose. Please understand that word. What is exactly


meant by the word higher purpose? Higher purpose of the country is GDP, higher purpose


of the cosmos is every individual’s fulfillment and joy. Please understand the GDP of the


cosmos falls under your center finally. It is finally your joy, your bliss. The higher purpose


of the cosmos is your bliss, your joy. Higher purpose of the country is GDP – gross domestic


production. But cosmos has no GDP. Universe does not function towards your GDP. No. the


highest purpose of the cosmos is your deep fulfillment. Not the fulfillment that you receive


once in two days and lose. That is screw loose joy, fulfillment. No!


The word higher purpose is the sacred secret in this verse. Catch that truth. Look in, analyze.


What are the joys, blissful experiences, stays with you, can stay with you forever. For


example, if joy happens in you by understanding some of the truths of life by the cognitive


shift means the way we take the cognizance of the world, of you, of the society…if joy is


happening in you because of all these reasons it will never leave you, because these are the


eternal bliss, these all just settles with you. Please understand, if suddenly you realize your


expanded identity means you are not just limited to the wrong patterns and conditionings


you accumulated from your birth, from your childhood. Yesterday all these IA participants


were having Ishwaratva the program on Leadership qualities. The Sanskrit word ISHWARA


exactly means the person who is filling it and who is filled by it. If you use the word


Yogeshwara he is filling the Yoga and is filled by Yoga. Jagadeeshwara filling the Jagath and


filled by Jagath…yesterday all the IA participants were having the program for being a


leader, Ishwara consciousness. I asked them what all qualities you think are the qualities of


Ishwaratva, leadership consciousness. This batch is too much filled with fantasy. They have


filled two boards. They said honesty, communication, etc. finally I said with all this I am


clear I cannot be a leader. And who came, who are, who will no one will be a leader. Then


step by step when we analyzed …finally one board we finished! One full board we finished.


The next board we will finish in the next session. Understand, to be a leader you don’t need


any quality, just be – available. Please understand, you are able. You just need to be available


to the part of you which is able then naturally you will be stable. You are, your being is


leader, just be. Just be available to a situation you will be a leader of that. Just be available to


your body, you will be leader of it. Just be available to your biz you will be leader of it. Just


be available to your family realtionships, you will be leader of it. Available for the part of


you which is able! ….


Understand all actions has to be associated with the higher purpose. Rama’s higher purpose


was going to Lanka and killing the Ravana, destroying evil. So for his higher purpose, he


experienced his higher purpose and installed a Shiva Linga as Rameshwara…..each one of


you should identify your Ishvara – higher purpose which makes you experience the


leadership consciousness. It is such a subtle point. Only when you do the home work you


will catch it. This truth has to be only taught in the classes. But I am opening up this truth in


morning Satsang. First step by step understand – all those ideas what all you think as


leadership qualities, drop those, 2nd the highest prupose of your life is the deep fulfillment


beyond your imagination…3rd your availability…makes you able and stable. You


experiencing the leadership consciousness is Ishwartva. You experiencing the leadership


consciousness is the higher purpose of you and the cosmos. When you experience the


leadership consciousness you get fulfilled. When the cosmos experiences, the whole is


fulfilled. Whenever you experience leadership consciousness, one part of the cosmos is




Almost I am trying to put the whole spirituality in one Satsang, one capsule, one nutshell.


With this one word Higher purpose….


Each word I uttered, you can create one tradition out of that word. I am getting the essence


of all spiritual traditions and putting together with this one word.


When your brain vibrates in highest coherence, what you feel as you is leadership


consciousness. When your kundalini is awakened, what you feel as you is leadership


consciousness. Anything other than this higher purpose is waste of life. Let all your actions,


speech, thinking, feeling, being everything be integrated towards the higher purpose. This is


the sacred secret I want you to learn from this verse. This is the sacred secret Bhagavan Sri


Krishna is trying to explain and express through this verse – higher purpose of your life


should become the inspiration for your every action, every step, every bit, every breath and


every moment.


Let me enter into the next segment of the morning Satsang – Dial the Avatar.


Joy takes you beyond mind, same way sometimes …


People many time ask me


Chinni – Mississippi, USA – HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]"


[email protected]



– I am a graduate student doing my PhD in study of natural


products. I wanted to know how can I improve my life style…..what practices you do can


you tell me? I used to do Nithya Yoga earlier. I am not yet initiated into it…..pyschologically


how I have to be and integrate…now I understand your whole position and mental set up.


See what practice you do is your choice no problem. Put your energy on your cognition –


how you feel about you. Work on that. For that you don’t need separate time. It is a whole


day thinking purpose. If your whole day thinking can be aligned….this is like a Sahaja


meditation is my this thought aligned with that purpose, is my this action aligned with that


purpose…aligning with your higher purpose is like bringing honesty to you….


You see I always tell people Knowledge tools. When you listen to the great truths – this


knowledge tools …actually when you accept your depression it will just melt down.,,


Blessings! I am with you.