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Thursday, December 1, 2011


In Bg, 3re chapter, 8th verse


“niyatam kuru karma tvam karma jyayo hy akarmanah sarira-yatrapi ca te na


prasiddhyed akarmanah |”


You constantly keep performing – I am not telling, Bhagavan is telling




“You constantly keep performing, for, execution is far greater than being unproductive. If


you remain idle, even the maintenance of the body cannot be accomplished!”


I can say this is one of the most intimate instruction. See unless you give the freedom for the


master to look in completely and give you the straight instruction, he will not enter into this


depth. See it is almost like entering into the personal life of Arjuna. Krishna is directly


entering into the bedroom of Arjuna and correcting it.


“niyatam kuru karma tvam karma jyayo hy akarmanah sarira-yatrapi ca te na


prasiddhyed akarmanah |”


“You constantly keep performing, for, execution is far greater than being unproductive. If


you remain idle, even the maintenance of the body cannot be accomplished!”


Niyatam – prescribed, Kuru Karma – Do work, Tvam Karma – your work. I can tell you


when the action is constantly performed, your frequency raises to next level. of course that is


not ultimate from there also you go to the next level action without a pattern. See there are 3


frequencies in human beings. First lowest frequency is no actions, only patterns, second is


actions and patterns, 3rd and highest frequency is actions without mental patterns. Here


Bhagavan is saying first get out the of the lowest frequency. First get into actions. Then you


can grow into the level of actions without patterns. Constantly keep performing for execution


is far greater than being unproductive, being idle. If you remain idle, even the maintenance


of the body cannot be accomplished!


In Zen traditions I have seen monks becoming enlightened. Sadhus becoming enlightened


just by the work, work, work. I tell you work makes you humble, it makes you courteous.


Why do you think so many seekers especially so called this Sanyas traditions, monastic


traditions suffer without humbles-ness. Pl und monastic traditions suffer without humbleness.


Because they don’t work. Why do you think I constantly ask people to work? I have seen


even in our Sampradaya all the devotees, ashramites who work, work, work, they radiate so


much of humbleness, courtesy, love. But the fellows who never work there very body


language radiates arrogance. The way they walk, look at people, handle people, the way they


feel people. And the way you feel people in your presence, the way people feel in your


presence also matters. Go on and on and on performing. I have seen how these vana lingams


and salagramas are created. the stones we worship as Shiva and Vishnu’s murthis. Actually


ordinary stones only fall into the river and hit each other and they nicely fall on the bank.


Same way roll, drop yourself in the flood of karma – actions. Let you be a stone lost in the


flood of action. You will see by rolling, rolling, you will be moulded as stone representing


God. Not even a stone, you will be God and you will be worshipped. This time in Kailash we


went to Kantaki river to pick up Salagramas. On the way we stopped in the Krishna temple to


have lunch. That temple lady elderly lady who was maintaining the temple had a Darshan the


day before that Krishna would appear physically. She worshipped Krishna for years! The


moment I entered, she realized and was crying. She gave aarthi to the deity and to me also.


the moment she touched my feet I blessed her!


A simple person but continuously working as she understands the Karma Yoga. She


maintains the temple, cooks and feeds the people who come there for the pilgrimage, takes


care of them, constantly works, all she knows is Krishna. I can say she has also become


Saligrama by that constant work. All the traditions which emphasizes on work, which works


produces more humble people, enlightened beings than the traidtions which promotes eating,


chewing beetle leaf and stretching your leg claiming yourself as a great Vedantis. Laziness is


the Janma Sani that caught Vedantic tradition. I tell you if you see that intellectual depth,


depth of the wisdom, the product quality, Vedanta is far more higher than any other spiritual


or esoteric tradition. But the product has never been useful, never become the life style of the


people just because of the laziness of the Vedantis. Just imagine a person like a Shankara just


32 years, no infrastructure. He did not have roads, cars, buses, internet, telephone. But he has


done so much work of establishing 5 major organizations. Kanchi mutt also he established. 5


major organizations he established. It is not a joke! 32 years then amount of work he would


have done understand. Amount of work he has done unimaginable! Work! I tell you, after


Shankara Vedanta Sampradaya did not see workers. Very few like Vivekananda happened. I


tell you keep performing, keep performing, keep on performing! Create chaos by work.


Work so much that always there is chaos around you. continusouly work, you will see not


only you become humble, you will be molded, polished like Salagrama stone or Bana linga.


Bana linga happens in Narmada river, saligrama happens in Kantaki river. Both are powerful


rivers. Go on performing, go on performing, go on performing! It is performing that makes


you more & more & more alive and raises your frequency to the next level whether you are


in the field of medicine, or law or engineering or architecture or spiritual field or any field


go on performing. Whenever you have dilemma or confusion between working and nonworking,


always choose working. Every moment choose working, choose performing. You


will see the power, the joy, the way you expand. The way you radiate. The way you live, the


way you accomplish. And if the non-performing laziness becomes pattern in you even


maintenance of the body cannot be accomplished. You can’t maintain even your body.


performing, performing, performing I can say that is life.


There was a Yogi in North India who made a lion vegetarian. That lion will drink


only milk and eat only vegetables. It is recorded in Paramahamsa Yogananda’s




Even Ramakrishna made many animals vegetarian. Even Ramana Maharshi had tiger


which will have banana and Cheetah will have peanuts and go. She only has dogs


and cats I can make them vegetarian. From today you will have kumkum and


vibhooti continuously from their paadukas.