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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just yesterday somebody gave me the tourist guide of Tamil Nadu. Literally I had tears for at least 10 minutes.  I  am not a guy who will cry. I am very strong. I melt only with devotees suffering. I tell you the secular government that published the tourist guide in that more 99% is temples! Means what nobody can destroy the spiritual strength. The whole country is built on it. this country is for spiritual tourism. Such huge temples in every village. Still in Tamil nadu there is a habit you cannot build anything taller than a temple. Means temple is the tallest building in the town..

India is not geography, it is philosophy. Let this country fulfill its commitment to the world by creating strong spiritual teachers. O India! Let you continuously produce Jagath Gurus to the world. Let the world learn spiritual strenthg from this great country. Let this country fulfill its spiritual purpose. Aurobindo says very cleary India is not just a land, it is a collective energy, solidified energy which will respond to you, which will relate to you, which will answer your queries, answer your questions, respond to your feelings. It is Aurobindo who gave life to the whole concept of Bharath Maata. Let Aurobindo’s Bharath Maata be awakened. Let the spiritual purpose of India be fulfilled. I feel sad India needs to prove its strength its greatness showing its weapons to the world. No. India should show its parade by having parade of Jagath Gurus. Let their be parade on day showing the thousands of Siddhas and Yogis awakening the spiritual strength and exhibiting all the miracles. I really feel in our Sampradayas we will produce Yogis who have spicy enlightenment not curd rice enlightenment. There is a enlightenment of Ramana Maharshi – have enlightenment and lying down on the couch. No. The gongura enlightenment where you will have the extraordinary….spreading strong peace waves towards all over the world

I was doing some research on Arunachala and I got few letters written between members in the Nagarattar community. Even in the legal documents they sign, protected by Arunachala. …

The area under the control of the temple is too much, more record needs to be maintained, 1000 pillared halls were maintained. Krishna Deva Raya built 1000 pillared temples to maintain the records and grainary. I am talking about South because I am from South india,…

Our dance, music, writing, singing, our architecture everything is temple based! Let this country fulfill its commitment towards the humanity by offering more & more & more stable continuous enlightened beings, spiritual leaders and spiritual support to the universe.  We are Jagath Gurus of the world! I have one more good news for your guys, I closed the plan and sanctioned and began the process of building a stone temple and palace for Nithyanandeshwara in Bidadi! J  the final plan has frozen, the work has started. The temple will be built just next to Raja Sabha. I moved the place from Banyan tree to near Raja Sabha because that area is not sufficient. Till the Vaidya Sarovar the whole thing will be temple 212 feet Rajagopuram. Other gopurams will be 98 feet tall. The Eastern side will be the 212 feet Rajagopuram. As on now, the project costs 70 crore. I t will happen. So I was waiting for so many reasons and right time. Just few days before I felt it is the right time and yesterday evening we signed the contract. By divine grace, we expect the whole thing to be completed within 5 years. Whole thing is going to be stone structure. Of course the temple towers will be stone up to the 25 feet. after that it will be the traditional RCC structure done with wood and brick and all that. The whole thing will be done completely in traditional Aagamic way. It will be blend of Tiruvannamalai and Madhurai. You can expect the whole thing to be in 3D in the website. Above all I am going to have entertainment for 5 years because I always visualized myself as standing, putting my hand on my hip and looking up at tall towers. Pl und whenever a temple gets built, in the process a spiritual community is built. All temples were built to build spiritual communities. So much planning, execution, working is required. Don’t think after temple is built spiritual community evolves. No. when temple is getting constructed spiritual community evolves. After temple is done, from this forms the base for a beautiful community to happen around the temple. Basically I am a temple based personality. So that small place will not be enough around the Banyan tree. So we will have a meditation hall there. And both the Swayambhu linga and Anandewshwar will be moved to this Garbha mandir. Yesterday the moment I closed my eyes and saw, I could see tremendous creativity and the inclusiveness. Means every being who is going to be part of the temple is going to be part of this huge spiritual awakening. …we are collecting many pillars from the old dilapated Garbha mandirs and houses. Our 1000 pillar hall will be the first 1000 pillar hall after Krishnadevaraya. After him nobody built 1000 pillars. Next six months to one year, we will be having one. The first one after the past 600 years. I wanted the 1000 pillared hall to have our mission office. I want the tradition back. I want the grainary, the administrative office. All 1000 pillared halls are called Raja Sabha where we will have administrative office. This is how I want Dhayanapeetam to be – complete traditional at least it is thousand years old and the gadgets they use should be today’s gadgets. So the ancient civilization with complete modern equipment should be revived that is the vision of Dhyanapeetam.


Bhagavad Gita, 3rd chapter, Karma Yoga, 42nd verse –

“indriyani parany ahur indriyebhyah param manah manasas tu para buddhir yo buddheh paratas tu sah ||”

Translation “ it is said that good mental pattern is superior but the intention is higher than the pattern , the discrimination is more distinguished than the intention, but the consciousness is pre-eminent of even the discrimination.

Bhagavan is leading us from …reconciling with inner world and outer world settling down. 2nd being conflict free – working on the conflicts and becoming stable. 3rd morality – evolving to the higher side of morality. See morality is like a scale you can be either 0 or 12. Then after that the true spirituality starts when you enter into the mystical plane. few days before when I was talking to a group of ashramites I was telling to the outer world to the society only we generate mental health, wealth, success leadership and all that. but ashramites are not supposed to stop there. If you are physically healthy and metnall healty and being a successful leader, that is not the place to stop for an Ashramite. Mysticall fulfillment, fulfillment in spiritual plane is a basic requirement. You need to complete your spiritual personality. You need to fulfill the spiritual dimension of you. see just giving the physical, mental health is only initial effects of spirituality. I have one more news to share with all of you. just a month before, some of our IA researches how every participant what is the mental health benefits every participant go through. Some of the doctors in Tamil Nadu went through the whole thing. We follow very strict protocol. The results all the top ten mental disorders are totally cured. They came forward and told me Swamiji please start a mental care unit with these techniques. The whole India has only 3000 psychiatrics and have thousands of …..unfortunately in our psychological pattern we have already invited FDI. Actually all Gurus, sanyasis, rishis should have stood on the streets and stopped the Foreign Direct Investment ….because FDI has happened in the last 60 years, drastically the psychological diseases and disorders are increasing. Doctors are saying we have only 3000 doctors and patients are growing in rocket speed. Please start a mental care unit immediately. Somehow that is a big stigma in India. He said everybody is ready to build college and engineering college. Engineering colleges are more than the number of rats and cats in Tamil Nadu. Every street corner has a temple and a engineering college. Every body does that but nobody starts a mental care unit. So I declare in 2 ashrams – Salem and Rajapalayam we will start mental care center with these spiritual techniques. Both put together, we will be handling 600 beds. We are already getting the mental care, health care specialists, psychiatrists in this IA. And we will have our sanyasis giving them spiritual support. When we can an Ashram, why not a mental care unit. What is wrong in mental hospital? Nothing seems to be wrong. And we have so much of experience and expertise now. Why to waste all our experience and expertise handling so many specimens. So I decided don’t bother we will not be shocked and surprised by any type of specimen. Only the patient has to be surprised how we are handling him. he can do anything he wants. Our BCs will tell like you we have seen 200 people. Even if they stand upside down on the kalasam they can tell already 10 people went there get down. Anyhow just giving mental and physical health  is not the ..

Till last verse he was talking about how to be a good leader, how to be …all this basic decency. For the first time, Bhagavan is leading us from the physical plane to the mystical plane. First time he is entering, he is looking into the mystical realms where he is leading you step by step. Leading all of us step by step to the enlightened space where he is giving us the input for enlightened living. See I can tell you something. Whenever I open my mouth, somehow directly or indirectly, Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi come out of my mouth because I am full of their teachings and them. same way, every 2 or 3 slokas are directly repeated. Actually this sloka is directly repeated fromt eh Katopanishad.

Katha Upanishad ,1.3 (10-11) verse -

The sense objects are higher than the senses, and the mind is

This shows Bhagavan’s inner space was filled by the Upanishads. That is why they say Bhagavan is a milk man who got the milk from the Upanishads and gave the nectar in the form of Gita. It is true. Please understand good mental pattern is good in your life. But your intention to change from any pattern to another is more good and discrimination capacity is more good. Finally consciousness is the highest. It means what? If you are making decisions in your life everyday from good mental pattern, you are conflict free person, you don’t have conflicts. If you are making your decisions out of will, you are powerful person. if you are making decisions out of discrimination, you are on higher side and higher scale of morality. But if you are making decisions out of consciousness, you are Jeevan Mukta. Understand Bhagavan is teaching you the science of making decisions in your life.

Look into how you make decisions in your life… it out of my mental pattern or will power or discrimination. Ask yourself am I doing honest truthful right space or am I taking decisions out of consciousness the spiritual strength. Come what may I am going to stand with the spiritual integrity. I tell you all decisions related to sangha, me or teachings, all decisions in my life I take from my consciousness the spiritual strength. That is why nobody can even shake us because every decision whether it is the decision of where to build temple or whether which scripture I will speak on or what words I utter or the decision this person will be inside the ashram or not, including posting each person in diff depts.. I make from pure consciousness and not from good pattern or will or discrimination. That is why so many fellows with media power, money power tried to shake us. But they are not able to do it. Because every statement is made out of spiritual statement because it is Meenakshi’s samrajya. Meenakshi is the only being who took all decisions out of spiritual strength. Actually now to create the rules and regulations of our organizations I was studying how Meenakshi was ruling the kingdom. She did not have any law. All the cases and crimes that were brought to her, she did not have any law she will straight away look in and take decisions. There were simple regulations but for everything, she will look in and take decision. There was no good pattern, intention, discrimination, there was just consciousness. Many criminals she admitted in the hospital. Many patients she put them in prison! Many fellows who would say are sick, she will put them in prison. In two months they will be fine. She knows this fellow is not really sick. It is just that in that moment some hormones took over them. she will address that.

Bhagavan is introducing you to the science of taking decisions. This should become one more subject  in our Gurukul. They should create one crisis and then see how they are making decision. Ask them are you making decision out of pattern, out of intention, out of discrimination or out of consciousness. You look in. don’t tell 0others, if you tell others, you will tell a lie. You look in. At least move from one step to other. if you are taking decision out of mental pattern, move to intention, move to discrimination. Then I will move you to consciousness. When your spouse investigates you when you are outside, when you are in a mall in Chennai and your wife calls and asks you where are you and you say you are in Madhurai and she says look back. In this situation are you going to make decision out of mental pattern, or intention or discrimination or consciousness. It should at least be out of discrimination. For kids if they have stolen something ….how do we know we are making decision out of discrimination. It means you will be completely honest and integrated to the highest truths of life in that situation. For example some one has stolen something. If he is trying to hide even after being caught. He is not only trying to hide but is strengthening that pattern also. but if he says now I am caught, now if I agree and be honest it is not that I am not going to be punished, I am going to be punished. But at least I will be out of this pattern and escape from it happening again anda gain. Once I will be punished but it will not be the case janma after janma. seeing the larger truths of life and making decisions is making decisions out of discrimination. …till I exhaust all the patterns I am going to be continuously taking birth. so let me decide what I want. Shall I get out of it now and next janma be balanced and exhausting the patterns and say no, no now if I save it is enough. Teaching the art of decision making should be one of the important powerful lessons to all our Gurukul kids. What Gurukul kids even this grown up mentally retarded kids. Decision making in life should be …

Yesterday I gave one homework. Pen down the vision and mission of your life. The whole group is expected to listen to others with friendliness and constantly support the other. Please understand you are nobody to judge whether the other’s mission is right or wrong. Even if somebody says they want to drink and go around with 20,000 women, you have no right to judge. You can only say you will not be able to support it. everybody’s life mission should be supported. All our temples, branches should sit and discuss. By discussing when people who support each other’s mission form as group, I tell you that is heaven. I want the sangha to form as group sympathizing, helping each others mission and vision of life. Of course naturally inside the sangha if somebody says we want to womanize and drink we will not support. They can go elsewhere. But if you have a vision I want to become enlightened, I want to have at least 10 others enlightened, then this organization is for that only. Then we can create the next steps. First thing you should be very clear about your mission statement of your life and you should find a community whose mission statement supports your mission statement. Here let everybody make their vision and mission statement and share with each other and support each other to fulfill it. See when

Exploding in enlightenment - Raising the consciousness of the individual and raising the consciousness of the whole world – that’s all is our mission statement. For that whatever is necessary we will do. We are nobody to judge your mission statement. But sharing and making it clear to one and other will make your life much easier. So today I want all our satsang centers, ashrams, temples, samajis, satsangis to sit and make your mission and vision statement of your life. You can make even a ten page statement – my money, my job, my back pain, my boy friend…no problem after that you will be clear, sangha will be clear whether you will be associated with each other or not. So I want all our Satsang centers, temples, ashrams to do this today.

1)    I wanted you to understand like Brahma is talking, Vishnu is talking is supposed to be personal experience. Unless that does not become 100% sure reality then you should be telling others. If something within immediately becomes reality, only then it can be shared with others. Maybe somebody is calling from local and telling they are calling from Vaikunta. Local call is your ego and telling it is calling from Vaikunta. So it may not be your Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. So understand first let